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Tigress Shapeshifter... Death is my business, my only business...

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Shapeshifter lovers, ever wish you could take on the evil bad guys and gals? Put a stop to their hideous unspeakable crimes, the ones they too often get away with in our current world?
Warning ~~~ X-rated language, gratuitous violence ~~~

Kytaira ~ Death is My Business

Once I enter the dungeon-like tunnel, the odor of frightened human children overwhelms my nose. I pause to steady myself, to halt my too-quick breaths. I must focus.

“Kytaira, love, are you okay?” He whispers in my ear as his strong beautiful hands take hold of my shoulders.

I won’t say it, but I need his presence on this mission. Zurroc is my perfect counter-part. His instincts remain impeccable and, so far, he always knows how to back me up, to rescue me if I need it.

“Yes. Their innocence rips at me, terrible claws I can’t fight.”

“Let’s go save them. The teams are in position.”

He tells me what I know. It’s still good to hear. I nod slightly, then prowl forward on silent feet. He follows like a shadow. I hear his heartbeat, the even strength of his breathing. Then, I hear some of the children mewing whimpers. Mostly, I hear their resigned silence, their terror, a living thing inside them that never leaves.

As we near the first cell filled with twenty little ones, I paste a friendly smile on my face. It won’t do to scare them even more.

“Hi,” I say in English, although there are many who speak other languages. I kneel down and slowly slip my hand behind the lock, releasing the mechanism.

A few of the braver children venture close. “Who are you?” a girl asks. I know she is the oldest by her scent.

“I am a real friend.” I meet the little blonde girl’s gaze fully. If I can gain her trust, the others will follow. “There isn’t much time,” I say in a hushed tone. “What I need all of you to do is follow my friend out of the tunnel. There are good people waiting to take care of you, to rescue you.”

“Food, is there food? I’m hungry,” a little boy pipes up.

“Lots of food. I promise.” There is food ready for them. I’m not lying.

“Anything is better than this,” the blonde girl mutters. A speck of her natural spirit surfaces.

“I’m opening the door now.” Slowly I swing it outward and stand up at the same time. “Remember, follow my friend. He will make certain you reach safety.”

Zurroc smiles and gestures as if they are all going on a fun day trip. Striding slowly, his posture indicates he simply expects them to follow and one-by-one the children leave their cage walking behind him.

I expel a relieved breath and move to the next cell. “We want out...we want out.” The little ones’ whispered chant allows me to work faster. And, in no time, they are filing outward, joining the group ahead of them.

By the time I reach the fourth and last cage, the children are almost clamoring to be set free. “Shhhh...” I put my fingers to my lips. “Not too loud. Not until you reach those waiting to care for you.”

Obediently, they nod, and rush out as I swing open the door. For just an instant I watch them join the pathetic, but wonderful parade. It took Zurroc and me months to set up this rescue. Now, I savor our success for precious seconds.

Hearing the low whir of the surveillance system we disabled, engage once again, I whirl and charge toward the tunnel that leads to my prey. As I run I rip off my paper-fabric garments...yeah, yeah, I’m a paper tigress.

Shifting to full raging tigress, I sprint for the door sliding shut like a guillotine. I whip my tail against my side, slow my pace, then scrunch beneath the heavy steel. On the other side I roll. Immediately, I smell the guards’ approach. Ten, by the sound of their running steps.

Gaining my paws, I stalk toward them. Menace on my furry mug, I display my fangs and smartly raise my force field. Stunned by seeing a tiger in their rarified, over-opulent world, the guards hesitate.

Still, they’re highly trained and they aim their x-file classified weapons. I snarl ferociously for affect...for tigress grins. They fire their gleaming guns, their execution perfect. However, the killer pulses skid like a flurry of sparks along the outline of my force field.

As the pulses fly off, they strike and destroy many of the ancient art pieces their masters have hoarded. I grin in gruesome tiger fashion. Once I’m close enough, I launch like the beast I am, taking down the lead guard.

Clamping my jaws around his neck, I crunch brutally. It takes mere moments to tear his head off, to taste his spurting blood. Purring inside with satisfaction, I stand over his body and lick my chops with exaggerated pleasure. I catch the horrified stares of the other guards before they back away and run like scared hares.

Knowing time is short to complete my mission, I gallop toward the door that looks like it belongs in an emperor’s palace. I leap toward it, phasing through. Simultaneously, I transform to woman. Bloody and naked, I stand inside the pedophile’s incense-laden domain. Around me, is every mark and corruption of wealth.

“I’ve been expecting you.” The white-haired decrepit old man sits in a king’s gold-gilt chair. His gaze razors over me before he stands and changes into what he truly is, a damn good-looking, golden-haired, human-shaped demon. A demon who feeds on innocence.

“Is that so?” I stroll toward him. “Then, you know why I’m here.”

“You have freed my sustenance.” He smiles engagingly while perching on the corner of his Italian-renaissance desk.

“You won’t be needing any ‘sustenance’.”

I give him one chance to go poof, to descend! Vanish in a sulphurous haze back to his realm. Instead, his eyes supernaturally glow, the red of his true pedigree emerging as he prepares to attack.

“You have no power over my kind." I watch his lips twist into a sneer.

“True.” Why argue with a demon? It’s a pure waste of time, unless it’s for enjoyment, a mind-fuck game that gets your mental rocks off.

“I’m curious, shapeshifter. Why is your kind here? Why interfere in the supernatural affairs of Earth?”

“Why?” I blink like an innocent at him, even as I inch closer. “Why not interfere with evil?”

Here’s some info, humans. Never tell a demon anything that can be held against you in their courts. Yes, they do have courts of law. Once in a while a human actually prevails, if they can prove their case...that said demon failed to follow hell’s strict rules.

“Why interfere and earn your death at my scorching hands, tigress?”

He smiles with a wicked charm that should have had me begging to be his next fuck. That is, before he kills me. In my mind’s eyes I witness his plan for me. He laughs as he tortures every last breath from my severely mangled body.

I smile, then pretend I’m succumbing to his fatal charm. “Tell me,” I breathlessly croon. “How delicious was the fear of that last innocent? How succulent was he as you violated his small helpless body...as you choked the life out of him?”

The demon’s memory of his insatiable pleasure surfaces faster than he can stop it. To his horror, he reverts back to the flaccid old man. Trapped by the shell of flesh he inhabits, he turns to escape.

My front claws tunnel into his soft shoulder muscles before I fully shift to tigress. With the frenzy of pure enjoyment I shred his lavish cardinal-red robe. His life blood seeps and sprays out of him as I fillet his flesh, an art I would perfect.

Fresh red blood soaks into the red fabric of his robe. As I back away from my kill, I notice the splatter of his blood can hardly be seen on the expensive wool carpet, the color of bright crimson. Yes, as tigress I see colors.

Seconds later, I observe the smoky spiraling demise of the demon. Until death finally claims him, I hear his faint screams of agony as he is censured for his failure by his over-masters.

Satisfied with the hamburger-meat mess I’ve made, I morph to woman and smile...not nicely. I am not nice. I am a tigress.

“Why am I here, demon?” I answer his question as I am obligated to do by the codes of my world. Okay, he’s dead. His demon kind can’t hear me since they’ve sealed their portal to prevent my use of it. Still, I answer.

“Death is my business, my only business...here, on Earth.”

On cue, Zurroc appears behind me. He wraps my black trenchcoat around my shoulders. “A most excellent kill, my love.”



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls ~ In Print
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ In Print
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ In Print
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ In Print
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Serena Shay said...

Oooh, go Kytaira! Too bad you can't kill that demon several more times!

Paris said...

I think this is what I find so fascinating with the paranormal element of our writing. You would actually get to meet out justice, immediately. Of course, you know the villain is guilty so you circumvent the lynch mob mentality that many times accompanies swift justice and would give most of us pause.

Excellent post, as usual:-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ several more times... lol... oh, well, there's lots of evil villains out there.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Paris, yeah, that's the thing... only justice for the truly guilty and circumventing the lynch mob mentality, as you say.
That's the balance point as I see it.

Pat C. said...

More! I want more of this character!

I knew she'd have a cool name. All your characters have cool names.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, blowing a tigress kiss your way!

ladybirdrobi said...

I swear I remember a similar scene with a tigress calling herself Death in an office building. Kytaira is an unusual name. Where might it have come from? Also does she have a book with other adventures(kills) that need to be excised?


Savanna Kougar said...

Hi, Robin, I'm certain with all the great shapeshifter books out there, there probably are similar scenes.

Kytaira is a name I made up, or that my Muse kindly inspired. Actually, I waited for my Tigress to let me know her name.

I wish she did have a book with more kill adventures. Right now, I'm finishing my witch/hellhounds erotic romance.