Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Redhead Shapeshifters

“Redheads have a fiery temperament. I love that sense of danger, not knowing whether the woman is going to smash a vase in a fit of wild anger or tear my clothes off in a fit of animal lust. That fire and passion will hold my interest over the long haul, no question.”

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http://billwatters.com ~

Yes, I am a redhead and I love redheads. Since I’m a sun-sign Aries that should probably be no big surprise.

Actually, I’m in love with all colors, or I’m a confessed color-aholic, but that’s a blog for another time.

There’s always been this extra zing of excitement over the color red, though, as in tresses, and the coat color of animals... every shade and hue! Wahoo! I adore looking at them all, admiring their gorgeous redness.

Just a few hours ago, as I write this post, I saw one of our male cardinals, a deep bright red, swoop and alight next to a purple verbena. May I assume synchronicity since I’d been researching ‘long red hair’ pics and found this amazing site ~
http://redheads.web-log.nl/redheads/english/index.html ~ a true wealth of information and, also, a fabulous inspiration for all of us redheads, or as we’re called by some, gingers. Personally, I grew up with Red and Carrot Top. Since my own shade is not what was considered to be carrot top, I got called ‘red’ at times.

Okay, I spent way too much time doing ‘redhead’ research. Still, it was there for the taking and will find its way into my future stories.

Referring back to the opening quote, it strikes me as perfect for a shapeshifter heroine. Of course, my heroines, Sun Rocket and Sable, are redheads. Sun Rocket has a flame-red human mane of hair and her fur is the same shade. Sable has dark auburn waves of hair that cascade past her derriere.

Yes, I can’t leave my heroes out. Nope, they don’t escape my passion for red. Prince Zio has a dark mahogany mane of hair and as a stallion he is a deep chestnut color. While Trail has dark almost black hair with traces of red, and as his stallion self he is on the edge of black with that burnt shading that’s seen especially in the bright sunlight.

Now, Duke, my black wolf shifter, in my current WIP ~ THE BLACK WOLF’S PROPHETESS ~ yes, I had to sneak a bit of paprika red in his coloring. Even my hellhound twins, Zol and Zin, besides having red glowing demonic eyes the size of car headlights ~ as humans they retain some hellfire hues in their hair.

So, what color(s) are your shapeshifters? And why? Any redheads? What about your favorite shapeshifters?



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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ladybirdrobi said...

I love redheads. Carrot Tops are just too bright for me as far as red shades go. Any shapeshifter of mine will have deeper shades without turning to brown. Myself I have dark brown hair with red highlights and used to dye my hair red using redblonde to lighten my hair. I'd love to get your book, it sounds like a fine read.

Robin S.

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, I love redheads as well. My favorite is the dark auburn. Mari, from my fist book is an auburn beauty with the temprament to match. No coat for her, yet, but I'm guessing when she does shift it will be to a reddish brown with some light blondish red mixed in. ;)

I'm not a redhead, but have tried many times to get the lovely red locked look...the dye never takes. :( Someday I'll have to go with my back up color...purple, or at least purple highlites! How fun would that be!

Savanna Kougar said...

Robin, brown with red highlights, that's like my mom.

There are so many gorgeous shades of the red/brown/gold combination... cinnamon, auburn, chestnut... to name a few.

Your shapeshifter is welcome here, if you ever want to blog with us.

Red Lioness Tamed is available at Liquid Silver Books, if you are interested in a e-copy.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Mari's coat sounds beautiful to me!

Have you ever tried to Henna dyes?

Actually, I've seen a deep auburn magenta shade on a gal I knew. It looked good on her. Purple highlights... can't beat that!

Pat C. said...

Darinda from London Werewolf is a redheaded witch. What better mate for an arrogant alpha? Maybe their children will be red wolves.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, no better mate than a red-headed witch! Maybe they will be red wolves, or shades of red in color.