Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Change of Plans, part 2

Late post again, but not because I couldn't think of anything. I woke up this morning with the absolute best plot idea for Rex and Babbs. I'm late posting because I scrapped what I had written for this instead. Here's part two of "Change of Plans!"


Sweat streamed down her neck and back as she ran. She stifled the urge to giggle. This was no joke, though it had started off as one. A loud crash to her left had her jumping to the right on reflex. She was stifling squeals of fright now. At the last second, she spotted an ancient fallen tree, mostly rotted with a huge bowl in the earth where it’s roots had torn free. It was—maybe—just barely big enough for her to hide in but not big enough for her pursuer to follow. Not taking time to think about that last though, she dashed under it, the feel of hot wolf breath on her neck making sure she knew just how close of a call that had been.

It had honestly started out so very innocent. Her friend Darla had wanted to hook-up with the new werewolf at the personals desk at the G&BG. Darla was too timid to actually approach him herself, so she’d come to Babbs. Babbs didn’t have a shy or timid bone in her five-foot-nuthin’ body. Babbs also owned Darla a big favor. So Babbs had set up opportunity after opportunity for Darla to hook up with the sexy wolf. Heck, she’d even made a point of making sure he’d be in the right kind of mood, teasing him to a sexual frenzy so high he’d do Darla even if he didn’t like girls.

No joy. Darla was just too damn timid to take any of the shots at him. Unfortunately, carefully prepping Rex for what was to have been Darla’s one reckless dip into fang-banging had left Babbs wanting a little taste of wolf, too. More unfortunately, two solid weeks of teasing had left Rex completely unwilling to fall in line for one more blind date. Babbs had had to be creative. Yeah, maybe she’d been a little too creative, but hay. She’d gotten Rex to follow her. Or chase her, rather. And it wasn’t hot sex with a total stranger that got him to follow her, either. Shit.

It had sounded like a great plan. Go to his house, wait until just before he usually got home, then sneak in and leave her scent and a few suggestive items to make him curious and horny. At the back yard shower, she took a quick shower and left her undies—the sexiest ones she owned—for him to find. When she had everything all staged and figured Rex was close to home, she texted him from her “special” cell phone. The one that wasn’t tied to her and that she’d been using to call Rex all this time. She let him know that she was waiting for him in his house.

Visions of him starting out cranky but becoming more and more interested had filled her head as she waited. So when he stormed out of his back door, she hadn’t noticed it wasn’t lust making his sexy chest heave. A bunny would have absolutely been in thrall with any she who’d made that kind of come-on. Rex? He was seeing red. And when she stepped out completely naked and spun a pirouette for him, it wasn’t lust that made him charge. Her first quick shift into her rabbit form had been the only thing that saved her. Since then, she had been shifting back and forth, running and hiding like the hounds of hell were after her. Let’s face it, she actually had something worse than a hell hound after her. And she was naked. And still turned on by the idea of him catching her then making love to her all night long to punish her for being a bad bunny. Her rational mind didn’t think that was going to happen, though…


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh gosh, Babs. Yeah, run like the hounds of hell are after you. Any wolf repellant around? Anything? How about a horny wolf potion guaranteed to turn all that rage into lust?

Maybe she could make a dash for the Pleasure Club, if it's anywhere close. At least, they'd let her in and protect her.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Gotta wait till next week to find out what happens!

Serena Shay said...

Oh bibbidy-babs, run bunny, run! LOL

Great chase scene, Rebecca! I hope Babs can convince Rex not to eat her, but rather to eat her. ~wink~

Can't wait to see what happens next!!

Pat C. said...

Note to Babs: be careful what you wish for.

I wish next week was here already. You're going to give Serena a run for her Cliffhanger Queen crown. Cliffhanger Princess?

Rebecca said...

Na, Serena out-does me on cliff hangers every time.

Savanna Kougar said...

"but rather to eat her. ~wink~"

Babs is a clever bunny girl... sex is a stronger drive than hunger.