Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birth And Renewal

Octavia bore down and pushed. Pain sliced through her as her daughter struggled to work her way into the world. Her brother minutes older than she already lay in his bassinet howling and complaining his departure from his warm nest. Soon his companion of the last nine months would be at his side. Yet, Tavia sensed and felt an additional life stirring deep in her soul. Triplets? How could this be?

She'd calculated the date she'd gotten pregnant close to when she and Spirit Bear had reunited. Their night of hot passion and renewal had led to their commitment to each other in ways neither had understood before. How rich her life had become with both Tomas and Tongson by her side. Both men were devoted to the children and now their family. Even Micky and Night Hawk were parts of the growing clan. Micky's sweet daughter lay in the other delivery room bassinet. Sharing their pregnancies together had allowed the two women to become closer than if they'd share sisterhood or a common parent.

"One last push love," Tongson urged from behind Tavia. "Night Hawk is taking care of Micky. They will not move her until you are done delivering."

Tongson slipped his hands down Tavia's back rubbing and echoing warm pulses of love to his daughter. Come out and join your brother. You are loved. Know the world is a beautiful place.

Tongson glanced to where Tomas stood watching. He nodded as Tongson lifted his shoulders and arched his neck. Tomas deserved to be in the middle of the process not some by-stander watching and waiting. He would be a parent to the twins as surely as any of them. Already, Micky and Night Hawk referred to him as the co-father of their child.

"Come, Tomas and help our daughter into the world. You are not outside. You are in and richly loved. Come within the circle and love our wife as she brings forth our child." Tongson moved sideways making room for Tomas.

Tomas hesitated. He'd joined the group as a reinforcement. Someone who hadn't belonged before or fit in comfortably. Tongson still sneezed and sneered at him from time to time. He laughed as Tavia took pleasure in shaving him from stem to stern in his werecat shape. Still, they'd formed a family. A cohesive unit that meshed and thrived together. Even when Micky and Night Hawk voiced their request to combine their families together, Tomas had been prepared to leave and assume his role in Talbot's Peak under cover network. Now he stood with his co-husband and wife witnessing the birth of their children.

"Please Tomas." Tavia reached toward him, her eyes beseeching him to come to her. "I sense another life. I need your help to coax them out."

Tomas couldn't resist Tavia's plea or her eyes full of love. Kazim and Stanislus would handle things in Talbot's Peak. Kazim had found his potential mate in a woman named Macy. Stanislus was keeping an eye on Frank and his group as they maneuvered toward penetrating Shere Kahn's intricate network. No, time had come for Tomas to accept his full role and place within this family. Especially with triplets if this were true. He hoped the other life Tavia sensed was not still born.

"I'm here my love." Tomas gripped Tavia's hand and moved to her side.

One more push brought their daughter into the world. As Tavia inhaled, another deep pain sliced into her urging her to push hard and not stop. With Tongson and Tomas supporting her, she grunted and groaned as the pain swelled and ripped through her. Her eyes slammed shut as a tsunami side wave tore through her psyche and into her womb.

A small mew broke the silence filling the room. And then another louder lustier cry began. Tavia opened her eyes and smiled. On her belly lay the smallest of the triplets. Her and Tomas's gift to the world another daughter.

Tongson's happy laughter joined Tomas's. "May we know joy today and always. Our children and our futures are forever more entwined."

Four new souls had joined the ranks of the were community. The circle of life continued. None knew what the future held for sure. They did now have love, much love and joy would ease the pain and sorrow. Birth brought renewal. The circle flowed on.


Savanna Kougar said...

"The circle flowed on." Beautiful presentation of family and love. Shifty style, of course.

Solara said...

Thank you Savanna. Inspired by my own new relationship polyamory style.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh lord, that was supposed to be 'shifter style'. That's what happens when I've just woken up from a nap. Brain and fingers do not connect.

Love is love is love... and all is good.

Serena Shay said...

Beautiful Solara! What a complete circle this family makes and a wonderful strength they give each other. :)

Pat C. said...

Makes me wonder what the children's animal forms will be. Winged bears?