Friday, August 26, 2011

A Home and Protection...A Shelter in the Storm

Sakina flapped her wings in double time, knowing she had mere minutes before Ceallach was on her tail.  Rooftop swoops allowed for the mixing of her scent with several other shifters in the hopes of throwing the single-minded raven off her trail.

How could he have found her?  She’d used every technique for evasion in her very long memory.  She’d done everything from changing the name she gave to other people to dying both her human hair as well as her feathers.  And still he’d caught up with her.

Exhaustion weighed heavy on her delicate wings, pulling her down to perch in the privacy of an arborvitae.  Had she been a finch or a chickadee this would have been the perfect hiding place, but the weight of her dove body dragged the limbs of the ornamental tree down towards the ground.

It’s not that she hadn’t wanted to do as Ceallach had instructed those long ago nights, she had.  She’d followed every order, every instruction and every movement his hands had made of her body, but still he wanted more.

The chips and chirps of the small birds broke through her reverie. They were both scolding and warning of the danger that approached.  On the ground below the what-to-be tree, five little dachshunds barked and yapped, hoping she’d fall and become a tug toy and meal.

Sakina took flight, scrapping the underside of her wing on the poky branches, leaving blood on the wood and droplets staining her pure white feather.  She was compromised now, putting off a blood scent that would attract all manner of shifter.  She needed to fly through to her tree, her protection and care for her injury before leaving town again in search of a new, safer home. 
It was heartbreaking to leave, for Talbot's Peak had potential as a sanctuary to the group of traumatized individuals she’d left hidden across the Canadian border.  Her group of hunted shifters needed a home and protection.  After days of study, it appeared as though this town could have been a shelter in their storm.

Darn the Raven of Pain!  Darn her deeply intimate need of him.


Ceallach waited quietly for his prey to return, sure in his knowledge and total dominance.  She would be his once more.


Pat C. said...

Yeah, here on the East Coast we could all use some shelter from the storm this weekend.

Now I'm going to be wondering about Sakina all week. Why is she running from Ceallach? What happened between them? Is he going to help her and her refugees, or is he a jerk and a stalker? (Of course he's not; this is romance. Anyway, there are plenty of other characters around to put him in his place if need be. Nick with a ruler is legendary.)

Savanna Kougar said...

Ditto what Pat said...

Oh, Sakina, someone in Talbot's Peak will help you and your shifters, if Caellach is a jerk bully.

Since Dante has returned and become an alpha force, Kitty [almost roadkill] has been helping some shifters come to Talbot's Peak via the Supernatural underground.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, take care! We luvs ya.

Pat C. said...

I think I'm far enough inland that I should be okay. Our section of PA is supposed to get heavy rain and high winds. It depends on how far west the storm tracks. However, I have relatives at the Jersey shore who'll have to evacuate. They'll probably go to my cousin's place in Chester.

Serena Shay said...

No doubt, take care Pat! Thank goodness your relatives have somewhere to go. :)

Sakina has been playing things very close to her chest, but I just can't believe Ceallach is a jerk, maybe just a bit on the naughty side.

Heck, I can definitely see Nick pulling out the ruler, but it might be to give ol' Ceallach pointers. LOL ~wink~

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Dante is definitely the go to shifter if a gals in need of protection for herself of others. He has a good handle on keeping things on the DL. I suspect Sakina may just need his help for her traumatized shifters. ~smile~

Savanna Kougar said...

All the more reason to keep Talbot's Peak safe and secure from all the Badsters out there.

Pat, good. Wow, they want to evacuate the low lying areas of New York City... gosh, those poor folks, how are a lot them going to get out?