Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New Path Dawns

Jackson looked at the footprints left in the sand hours later.  The golden light of dawn illuminated the path many had trod the night before.  Remo and his wife decided to renew their wedding vows as part of their twenty-fifth anniversary.  Sandy and her hubby followed suite and renewed theirs as well.  As did many of Remoor Beach’s older couples. 

 As the line formed at the pier with each couple taking their turn walking down the makeshift aisle, Jackson found himself next to Abebi.  They kept moving forward until they found themselves at the head of the line.  Jackson tried to edge his way out of the next couple’s path. Instead, he found himself bordered by several of the pack’s males.  Two eyed him as though he’d done something wrong.  He couldn't see Abebi.  He heard her voice from time to time.  Her sharp no and I’ll decide when pulled at his attempts to stay calm.  The crowd of males surrounding him parted.  Remo stepped in and the crowd enclosed them both.  

Remo cleared his throat.  “Son, no one is pushing you to jump the broom or stroll down the pier.  You’ve been here six months now.  Either you are courting our Miss Abebi or you are pissing in your own hat trying to convince yourself you want something you don’t.  Which is it?”

Jackson pushed his Stetson back and squinted.  Back in the Peak, no one questioned a couple about their relationship or intentions.  Of course back in the Peak, a lot happened below the radar.  Until Ziva found out and published her gossip column.  “If it’s my business, why you butting in Remo?”

“”Cuz son the good of the pack is at stake.  We got pups coming.  It’s time to declare your intentions.”  Remo stepped closer, his teeth bared.

“I’m not having a pack forced wedding,” Abebi cried out.  She pushed and shoved her way through the throng of women surrounding her.  “Jackson and I will decide what we want.  Not what the pack wants.”

Elder Muson held up his hand as he yelled out.  “Stop this nonsense.”  He tossed backed his head and howled.  A loud pitiful mournful howl echoed off the nearby buildings.  Many clapped their hands over their ears to keep from going deaf.  

The swarm parted.  Elder Munson walked forward.  “Pack law is founded on choice.  Choice is key to our co-existence with our human counter parts.  It’s also one of the reasons we get along with each other as well as we do.  Sharing and caring makes sense.  If Jackson and Abebi haven’t made their choice or choices yet, not one of us has the right to decide for them.”

Elder Munson folded his arms across his chest and scanned the crowd.  “I’ll snap a piece out of anyone’s wolfish arse that tries to force these youngsters to do otherwise.”

Remo chuckled, walked over to Munson, and slapped him on the back.  “Rev, you give a good sermon with or without the pulpit.”

Munson nodded and slid his arm around Remo’s shoulders.  “Right, but are any of you listening?”

A chorus of yeses sounded.  Two women moved up next to Abebi.  “Our mutual spice want to be sure sharing is a free choice.  Jackson, are you willing to share Abebi?”

Jackson looked at the faces intently watching him.  Hell, was Abebi willing to share him?  It took two to make that decision.  They had barely talked since they agreed to court and discussed what they wanted as a foundation for that.  Jackson took Abebi’s hand and dropped to one knee.  “Abebi, will you share me?”

Abebi inhaled, cleared her throat, and spoke.  “Well, I. . .”
Happy Weekend Gang!

Wow talk about cliff hanger!  What is Abebi's response? Her mind is made up?  Blast my muse is refusing to let me in on what is coming next.  I'm sure it will be right for Abebi.

Meanwhile I'm busy finishing up edits on Hot for Torrey.   As soon as I have a release date and excerpts to share, I''ll post them.  Until then, share a good book or two with your spice and loves.  Keep warm and don't over spend on holiday gifts.




Pat C. said...

Whoa. Talk about a shotgun wedding. Without benefit of shotguns, even.

This former Jersey girl loves the idea of a "stroll down the pier." Renewing vows as the breakers crash against the shore ... that's lovely.

Not the cliffhanger, though. That's GAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Those muses are so tricky sometimes. They know just how to hook you.

That would be a lovely wedding or renewing of vows -- as the breakers crash against the shore.

I have to concur, don't overspend, just really care about each other this holiday season.