Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankfulness and Gratitude

Angel looked out the window.  Pristine white snow fell in large flakes.  Outside several landed on the windowsill, melted and as water trickled down the side of the pane until they disappeared from sight. 

Two months had come and gone, and still no word from Randall.  His family reached out to her covertly through short phone calls and anonymous emails.  All they wanted to know she couldn’t answer.  No one knew where he was.  His eldest brother demanded responses threatening to expose her whereabouts if she didn’t answer him.  

Angel sighed, wiped her eyes, and hunched closer to the window.  Her cell phone lay next to her, battery dead, and her minutes run out.  She knew what Tongson said was true.  Her safety and the lives of the kits she carried hinged on her remaining silent and hidden.  At least with the snow she could run and find tranquility for a moment in forgetfulness as she exercised. 

Out by the large grove of trees marking the border of the property a flash of black appeared.  Angel blinked and squinted.  Had her mind bent in half and began playing tricks on her?  The black splash appeared again. Appeared and weaved itself back into the dark trunks of the trees.  

A mournful howl split the air and three others followed.  Three dark inky dots appeared closer to the edge of the snowline separating the grove from the shoveled path leading to the house.  Angel gasped as the dots began racing toward the path.  One then another became clearer.  Three large black wolves came into view.

One leaped and spun in circles.  First, to the left.  Then to the right.  Another copied his moves and added his own as if trying to get the other to follow suite.  The third hung back, sitting on his haunches watching the others.  The first two laid their ears back and bared their teeth.  The third trotted up behind the others.  Crouched, and waited until the two raised their asses up, tails raised, as they lowered their fronts snapping and snarling between yips. 

Two loud barks echoed off the hills.  Howl after howl mixed with the echoes.  The largest of the three black wolves sat on his haunches, his tongue lolling out as if he laughed at the other two caught off guard by his cold nose goose their exposed asses more than once.   The other two circled him.  He snarled and trotted toward the house.

Laughter sounded behind Angel.  She turned.  Tongson and Octavia stood arms around each other smiling and pointing toward the trio approaching.  “Looks like Anthony’s relatives arrived.”

Angel blinked and scratched her head.  “This is the triad made up of a husky and two wolves.”

“Not them.  Relatives of theirs that are joining us for Thanksgiving and Solstice.  Anthony, Tory, and Josh are arriving later.  They’re bringing humans with them.  Also the baby.”  Tongson sat next to Angel.  “Why the puzzled look?”

“There are species mixing that shouldn’t.  At least that is what Sheer Khan says.”  Angel wrapped her arms tight around herself.

Octavia slipped her arm around Angel’s taunt shoulders.  “Khan wishes to rule a world where his orders and whims are supreme.  He seeks to let terror reign in his stead and allow control to be his to grab.”

Tongson nodded. “Here we live by our own rules.  We mix, pleasure and do as our agreements and experiences teach us.  There are good and bad in everything the world produces.  Knowing which is which is which is key to understanding what makes and keeps the peace and balance.”

Octavia smiled.  “There is much to be thankful for and gratitude to give as well as share.  Come let’s find out who joins us for the celebration.”

Happy Weekend Gang!

I hope you like this week's post as we learn more about Angel and her love.  As well as more on the world outside of Talbot's Peak.  Poor Gil now as mayor.  That is going to be a new adventure in squirrelish antics.  

I'm off to work on edits for my new release due out in January.  I'll post more and a tidbit when I've got an excerpt or two to share.   Remember to take time out to enjoy the fall colors and share a good book with your spice and loves.  I know I will!




Pat C. said...

Tongson's way is so much better. Boo, Shere Khan.

Have fun with the edits!

Savanna Kougar said...

Boo, Shere Khan! Ah, well, he has his own huge problems to deal with...

Loved your wolves antics in the snow, what a wonderful scene.

Tidbits from your upcoming release would be great.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, and yours.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! I enjoyed writing this piece.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Boo to Shere Khan AND to Anthony for the cold-nose-up-the-butt trick!