Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Songstress at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub

Artist pic ~ Born to Ride by Ray McCarty 

Tuesday yowls and howls, shapeshifter lovers.

Sheesh, can you believe it? Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. Whatever time warp I'm living in, it's going way too fast.

The flash scene for today is based on this snippet from my about to be finished WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~

Aware Dante continued his announcement, Sherilyn heard, "The Midnight Stardust is proud to present King Wolfman and his Romantic Swing Band, featuring the songstress, Selene Katz."

As part of the New Year's Eve supperclub scene I found myself creating these characters. Today I heard my songstress speaking about this 'other side' of herself. Okay, it intrigued me, and I hope it will be enjoyable to you... as far as I've gotten, anyway.


Songstress at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub

Selene Katz suppressed a yawn, and shook back her long braid. One cup of coffee at Java Joe's hadn't woken her up entirely -- the price she more than happily paid for being a songstress with King Wolfman's Romantic Swing Band at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

Given it was closing in on noon, the sun glared down at her as she strode toward her favorite store, Mountain Outfitters. The large rustic building sat between Talbot's Peak and Duff's tavern, on the edge of a high plains ranch.

The ranching family, because of their own needs, had brought together several crafts people specializing in old west replica garments and gear. With the growth of The Peak, their business had taken off.

A sharp cold wind struck Selene's face, but couldn't penetrate her sheepskin jacket or her buckskin leggings, crafted for her by Mr. Mountain Man himself, Jedidiah.

Jed for short when he got to know you -- he was a huggable bear shifter of a man, and Selene had come to adore him.

"Winter's on the way," she greeted Misty, who sat at the counter working on her latest Indian bead design.

Selene rarely left without one of her pieces, they were so exquisite. And, even though, she couldn't wear them with her supperclub gowns, she always wore the necklaces and earrings for other social outings.

"Sure is on the way." Misty welcomed her with an easy smile. "The men have been stocking up on wood for the stove. Hey, girl, what do you think of the new mayor?"

Selene chuckled, tickled at the thought of the were-squirrel assuming mayoral duties. "Gil is going to be a big change. I hear he's already receiving baskets of nuts. Someone said at the coffee shop his office was so full, deliveries were now lining the hall."

Misty laughed, tossing her sleek brown hair. "I have to admit we sent Gil a congratulatory basket of black walnuts and pine nuts...just for grins."

"Well, if Mr. Mayor ever graces the supperclub, I'll croon a 'nut' song just for him...if I can find one."  Selene let her gaze wander as she always did, the displays of clothing, boots, blankets, saddlery, and survival gear totally irresistible to her.

She inhaled, smelling the leather crafts, thick wool blankets, the freshly made pemmican, and pinon smoke from the wood stove. Plus several domestic cats, who were pets, and kept the store free of mice.

"One of these days we'll make it to the supperclub. The hubbie keeps promising me."  Misty placed her partly finished necklace on the counter.

"There's going to be a before-Thanksgiving evening based on an old-fashioned ball. Like at a frontier cavalry fort. Fans, dance cards, and all."

At Misty's dreamy expression, Selene continued, "I'll get you tickets, if you like."

"Oh, would you? I have the perfect gown." Misty paused, pure excitement oozing from her. "I'll convince --"

"Convince who?" her husband, Bryce, asked, indulgence in his tone.

After Misty quickly explained, Bryce wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her close. "It's past time for an evening out. So, yes, especially since I'll be able to don my cavalry dress uniform."

Selene smiled to herself. "Then, I'll bring tickets, or send them. Is Jed here? Coming soon? I'm not scenting him."

"You're going to be disappointed," Misty began. "Jed had to tend to a family matter...last minute."

"He's okay, right?" Concern swamped Selene.

"Right as rain," Bryce assured.

"Dagnabbit," Selene affected simply because she liked it, "My Annie Oakley side was craving fur-lined winter boots, and a shoulder holster."

"Jed does have a new apprentice. And," Bryce stretched the word, then craned his neck looking toward Jed's workroom. "I hear him now. Coming back from lunch."

"Jed swears by him," Misty offered. "Zayne could take your measurements, at least. Find out the designs you want. Make certain we have the materials on hand."

"Is he kin?" Selene asked, not smelling a bear shifter.

What she did scent confused her. Since she was a half-breed shapeshifter some her animal senses weren't that strong. But, whoever, whatever Zayne was, Selene couldn't mistake his potent *I'm a man* hormones.

"No. Zed didn't speak of him as kin. And he's not otter like we are." Bryce gave Misty an affectionate squeeze.

"Not any cat breed I've ever come across, either." With her inner Annie Oakley driving her steps, Selene moved toward the workroom. That, and curiosity compelled her. Zed never spoke well of another unless he knew it to be true.

Selene rapped on the door frame, wanting to announce her presence.

"Come in." The virile baritone voice granted her entry, and Selene pushed the door wider.

An eyeful of his backside prominently revealed by the tight-fitting, supple suede pants he wore, had Selene staring in surprise. She found herself flat against the door, her gaze glued on his fine, fine ass.

Breathless, she slid her gaze over his sculpted thighs, and calves. He reminded her of a hardworking blacksmith more than a mountain man.

Although, obviously, he leaned over a large tanned hide, studying it. When he turned to face her, all latent power and with the grace of an athlete, Selene lost herself in the depths of his dark amber eyes. They blazed, alive in a way she'd never seen. As if eternal fires from a previous age lived within him.

Ignoring how attractive she found his dark burnished hair, how it framed his features, setting them off...Selene straightened. "Zayne, right?"

"Yes. How can I help you, Miss --?"

A dozen answers sprang to mind, none of them about new boots. Still, Selene recovered her composure fast, speaking her name. "Are you as good as Jed?"

His slow arrogant smile irritated her to no end, as did the over-confidence now glittering in his eyes.

"I assure you, Selene, I can craft whatever you're looking for," he paused just slightly, "to your satisfaction."

"Well, then," she lifted her chin defiantly, "let's find out how true that is."


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Oooh... Zayne, of the bestest bootie and lust inspiring thighs, you make be breathless as well!!

Plus, he's gonna make her clothes...Selene, you lucky lady. ;D

Pat C. said...

Make her clothes and then remove them ... heh heh heh.

I wonder how many times a week she gets a request for "Blue Moon"? Or "Full Moon and Empty Arms"?

Any chance of the local Native population staging a raid on the "fort"? All in good fun, of course.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, lust-inspiring thighs, indeed! But Selene likes to tangle with men like Zayne, and I don't mean passionately... not at first, anyway.

Savanna Kougar said...

"Full Moon and Empty Arms" ... wow, I'll have to check out that song... yeah, "Blue Moon" would be a fave. All the 'moon' songs.

Since there are different themes, Selene doesn't have to sing the same songs over and over.

If it's all in fun, likely Dante's crew would let it happen... but the 'fort' supperclub is so well guarded, black ops' enemies can't get in. So, go for it.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yes, nothing like a little *personal attention* to make sure the customer's satisfaction is guaranteed!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, absolutely. Personal attention is the best in terms of 'satisfaction'. ~smiles~