Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revelation and Change Continues

Abebi looked up, folded her hands, and placed them atop the picnic table.  “There’s two sets of words that come to mind when I think about my future.”  She took a deep breath before continuing.

Jackson’s gaze remained focused on her as she spoke.  “Hearth and home are the first ones.  I need a home where I am comfortable and accepted.  The hearth within it is where I find emotional nourishment as well as contentment.   I’ve got this in my life.  Can I share this?”

Jackson laid his hand on hers.  He leaned forward as if he was urging her to go on.  

Abebi hesitated.  “I believe I can.  Am I ready to?  I don’t know.  I’ve got my pups to think about too.”

Jackson nodded, lifted his hand from hers.  “Before you go on, I want to speak.”

Abebi inhaled sharply.  Had the moment of truth come?  She hoped Jackson realized there was no going back on a signed blood oath.  He’d become part of Remoor Beach’s pack even if they decided to part ways.  She wondered if moving away was an option.

Jackson licked his lips, rubbed them together, and gathered his thoughts.  “I get that any decision we come to is important to you.  I also get you want a connection that requires more than other guys have given.”

Abebi shrugged and looked away.  Jackson rose and walked around the table.  He sat down next to her and slid his arm around her shoulders.  He nuzzled her neck before nipping her earlobe.  “I’m not one of them.  These pups are my responsibility too.  I helped make ‘em and now I got to take care of them.”

Abebi shuddered as he blew on her neck.  “It’s okay sweetie.  We’ve got a strange courtship happening.”

Abebi’s weak smile tugged at Jackson’s heart.  They were communicating.  Could they reach an agreement?  Move forward on them so their pups had united parents?

Abebi scooted a bit away from Jackson.  Her heart pounded each time he got close.  She wanted to hug him, offer to crawl into bed and not come out until both of them were limp with pleasure.  Problem was that got them to where they were now, her pregnant, him trying to do the right thing, and an unknown future staring them in the face.

“Strange is one word.  I prefer unique.  The pack is wondering if we’ll succeed.  I told Sandy mind her own business and leave me out of her spell casting”.  Abebi hugged her arms tighter to her.

“I speak kindly of witches.  But don’t take to their tinkering where they aren’t welcome.”  Jackson’s toothy-grin said what he didn’t directly say.  Sandy better watch out or she might be running to keep her goat tail out of harm’s way.

“The two other words that come to mind for me are. . .”  Abebi hesitated.  There was no concrete way to describe the feelings she felt around these last two words.  She knew she needed this to feel right before moving forward.

“Go on.”  Jackson nudged her.  He cupped her hand with his.  “The more I know the better I can decide what happens next.”

Abebi opened her mouth to speak.  A burst of icy cold wind swirled around them billowing out her sweater where it refused to fasten.  Her teeth started to chatter. 

“Come on darlin’,” Jackson yelped as another burst whistled down his shirt and threatening to blow his hat off his head.  “I’m sure Sandy will be happy to chaperone us as we warm up with hot chocolate and her ham and cheese casserole.”

Abebi nodded, wondering what Jackson would say when she explained the last two words.  For now, she held them close knowing the more she was with him the more she hoped he could be a permanent part of her world and life.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Exciting news to share. I contracted my latest book which is tenatively scheduled to release in January 2013. I'll share more when I've got more concrete news.

Sorry for the late post.  Abebi had a tough time explaining things to me so I could get them down.  She has two more words to tell Jackson.  She isn't letting on what they are.  Could they be joy and happiness, love and commitment, or what?  Are these words that come easy when the heart is involved?  I don't know.

We here at the spice homestead weathered Sandy's punch well.  Our prayers and well wishes are with those that need help and reassurance as they get back on their feet post Sandy.  Be sure to donate and help out as you can.  We all can pitch in and help out our fellow citizens.  Remember if you are helped, pay it forward.   It will come back to you when you need it.

Meanwhile, remember to hug your loves and spice as you share a good book or two with them.  




Pat C. said...

I'm betting the two words are Seat and Down.

Lovely, tender flash, Solara!

Pat C. said...

No birds, no bees,
No flowers, no trees.
No wonder. November.

I wish I could take credit for that one, but I heard it on the Benny Hill Show.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, the 'two words'... what are they?

So glad you weathered 'Sandy', and anyone who can concretely help by directly providing goods is needed in certain areas of NYC.

AND CONGRATS! On your upcoming release.