Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seasons Change and So did. . .

Abebi trotted alongside Sandy.  Three more blocks and they’d reach the beach.  Jogging seemed like fun as the sun broke through the clouds.  The mountaintops capped with snow glistened as the clouds gave way to sunrise. 

Sandy chaffed her hands and picked up her pace.  “Are you sure Doc Newstein okayed this?”  Sandy glanced sideways.  Abebi kept pace with her. 

“Doc said exercise was fine.  He suggested working out to help with my pregnancy as well as keeping me active.  He wasn’t sure if he saw twins or triplets when he did the ultra sound.”  Abebi laughed as Sandy grabbed her side.  “Be careful.”

“I’m trying to.  You and your sense of humor!”  Sandy stopped outside Agua Caliente and leaned against the wall.  “Really twins?”

Abebi smiled.  “No, he tried to do an ultra sound.  Too soon to see much.  Definitely heard a heartbeat.” 

Sandy shoved off the wall.  “Come on we got three more blocks to go.  How did Jackson take your talk?”

Abebi shrugged and trotted ahead of Sandy.  How did she explain Jackson’s nods and smiles at her last set of words?  Lupa Prime, even their exact definition defined her.   Hearth and home he got and offered his own experience from his youth.  The last three had left them both quiet and contemplative as they walked back to town.

“Well what did you tell him?”  Sandy caught up with Abebi and nudged her as they jogged in place waiting for the crosswalk signal to change.

“Why’s it important?”  Abebi put her fingers in her ears, stuck out her tongue, and took off down the sidewalk. 

“Well. . .”  Sandy panted trying to catch her breath as she increased her pace coming up alongside Abebi.

“Well what?”  Abebi slowed as they came to a storefront window.  A nursery display took up half of the window.  The other half of the display had school age children depicted as they walked to school caring backpacks and wearing new clothes.  Abebi swallowed hard.  Would she face this alone?

Sandy laid her hand on Abebi’s shoulder.  “You’ve got friends.  If you’re ready to share, you will.”

Abebi walked to the bench two stores down and sat.  “I can tell you the words I chose but I’m still defining them.”

Sandy nodded, sitting next to her.  “That’s okay.  Mickey and I didn’t know what words we needed until we were married three years.  Even then, we changed it so many times that we gave up on exact definitions.  Now we write things down and compare notes about once a quarter.”

Abebi took a deep breath, opened her mouth to speak, and gasped.  “Oh my Lupa!”  She grasped Sandy’s hand, placed it on her stomach, and smiled.  “Did you feel that?
Sandy nodded vigorously.  “Wow that is a strong kick.”

Abebi wiped tears from her cheeks.  “Joy is beginning to take shape I think.  Maybe contentment is not far behind.  Commitment might be made up of these as well as love.”

Sandy chuckled.  “Love is elusive in defining it and quantifying.  I’m glad Mickey doesn’t mind sharing.  Come on, Remo’s afternoon delight with Mrs. Macintosh is scheduled for this afternoon.”
Abebi followed Sandy back up the street, wondering if Jackson understood what he was in for.

Happy weekend Gang!

So we learn Abebi's other words.  Commitment, joy, contentment, hearth and home.  I'm sure we'll learn more as  Abebi's ideas on sharing come out.  Is Jackson ready to embrace a pack wide commitment and marriage?  Trying explaining that one to a Southern raised shape shifter.  

Well the cold weather is not far off.  I'm off to work on edits for my release coming out in January.  I'll share more when I've got more news.  Until then, share a good book with your loves and spice while staying warm.  I know I will.



Pat C. said...

I don't think commitment will be a problem for Jackson. He's there, isn't he? The others aren't so easy to nail down. This is a very young, very unsure couple and the support of older, more seasoned pack members can only help.

I still think she should have asked for a commitment to keeping the seat down. She might want to revise her list, especially in the dark at 2 in the morning.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, or maybe, she'll insist on separate bathrooms. Always my choice.

Yeah, definitions are difficult when it comes to the emotions of love, of how to share lives.

Hopefully Jackson will fit in their pack in a good way.