Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When a Plan Comes Together ~ Intro of the Talby

Happy November howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

This flash scene has no romance and no sexy bits. Sorry to disappoint. Instead, this scene is about the practical side of living in The Peak, and making life better for ALL.

Given the horrific circumstances that are happening for some in NYC, how to care for one and all in Talbot's Peak has been on my mind, and on the mind of my 'do I dare?' call them just characters.

Please know, my prayers and positive thoughts are with all those who need help, and are still suffering.


When a Plan Comes Together ~ Intro of the Talby

"You certain about this, Dante?"

Brandon Wayne leaned forward, his gaze piercing, as if he confronted one of the many business insiders he knew. Dante took it as a compliment.

"I'm not certain." Dante eased back in his office chair, then stretched, and kept his hands over his head. Though, not once did he take his gaze off the powerful corporate rancher. "But I'm game to give it a try, and so are several others."

"We got the resources to back it up. No question about that." Brandon rose, and slapped his high-priced Stetson on his thigh. "If this plan of yours takes off, son, it's gonna be a mighty big undertaking to manage."

"I've put together a beginning team. You've met them, approved them."

Dante watched the bat shifter stride like John Wayne, and look out a window that wasn't there. They were underground, and the life-size photo only made it appear as though the forest was right outside. Dante had placed it there for his Kitty, since she was somewhat squeamish about feeling trapped.

"No problem with the team. I got more printing presses setup, and hidden. Hell, even Shere Khan and his ilk won't find the location. If this project is a definite go, I'll have another batch delivered."

"Yeah, got the storage room airtight and ready. If nothing else, we can use 'em to light a bonfire, then roast marshmallows." Dante settled his legs on top of his desk, and grinned at the thought of tossing packs of the script they'd designed onto it's own funeral pyre.

Brandon rumbled a manly chuckle. "Like you say, we can fuel a right cozy bonfire, and do some cuddling with our gals. Charity won't go amiss, either. Plenty of folks with wood stoves in this neck of the woods, and the winters are long and damn cold."

"Yeah, that's why I'm itching to get this started. Help everyone before winter snows us all in. So far, even with some out of work, Talbot's Peak hasn't been hit too hard by the Depression."

"I'd like to keep it that way. Your plan has merit, son, or I wouldn't have already thrown my chips in. And with White Fang, Nick, Dugger, Sergei, Blade Runner, and their beast pals onboard, all of 'em pantin' eager to keep the fed-reserve varmints from sneakin' up on us, well, we got a real shot at makin' and keepin' the Peak prosperous."

"That's the idea, batman." Dante lazily crossed his ankles. "I figure with the Mayor and Vernon snapping jaws at each other, and putting on a big political circus, it's likely to be  crowded at the polls. Perfect time to pass out the first Talbies -- The Peak's own currency -- good for drinks and dinner afterward."

"I got most of the bars and eatin' places workin' with us. Plus, Marissa at Java Joe's is joinin' in." Brandon fingered the brim of his Stetson, and Dante could see the wheels spinning as the rancher did some more speculating. "Especially with what we've promised to deliver in goods. We know Louie can't pass up a deal."

Dante growled a laugh. "Nope. I swear I could hear him sniffin' at the cheese bait, when I talked to him on the phone. He was already putting his order in."

"We both have overstocked lockers of meat from the drought cattle and other livestock we bought up. Might as well go with this plan." Brandon crossed the room, his gaze unwavering.

"This works as a way to distribute to those who need it, and get our own local economy going." Dante straightened, and swung his feet to the floor. Reaching for the bottle of prime whiskey he kept on the desk, he poured out shots for them both, handing one glass to Brandon.

"To our success." Brandon touched his glass to Dante's, and they both tossed down the potent fiery liquid.

Dante savored for moments, then continued, "Kitty, Ziva, Tammie, and Gypsy have teams ready to pass out the Talby at the polling places. It gave them an excuse to hire some who needed the work, and give them extra Talbies for spending at restaurants."

"Hell, son." Brandon quirked a brow, his gaze amused. "How well does hemp paper burn? If we have to fuel those bonfires."

"Might be smarter to recycle all that script, and make insulation -- on second thought." Dante curved his lips, feeling his fangs and his own wolfish grin.

"What's the latest on Lamar, and that charity male strip show he's wantin' to put on? Is that flamboyant snake still plannin' on handin' out those special red Talbies as tickets?"

"Lamar is in a flurry of activity in his own inimitable flashy way." Dante sat back comfortably and steepled his fingers. "I don't think he's settled on an exact date yet. Last I knew he was arm-twisting Jory into being the emcee. Lamar liked his style under pressure. Remember when the spotlight hit Jory for the National Shifting Day celebration?"

Brandon gave a minimal nod. "Think I'll mosey into town tomorrow with my Leona. Let her keep a reporter's eye on the votin', while I have a look see at how the Talby is being taken to."

"Got my paws full with the Pleasure Club. Otherwise I'd hop on the Harley and have a look. Kitty will be doing a vid, so it's all good."

Brandon poured himself another drink while keeping one eye trained on Dante. "You're not voting, son?"

"Don't live in town." Dante let a slow smile spread across his face. "I don't have a dog in that hunt. Or, let's say I don't have a chimp or a wolf in that fight."

briefly roared with laughter, then tossed back his whiskey. "Politics ain't my bag, either. As they used to say in Haight-Ashbury."

Dante raised his brows. His inner hackles stood on end, pricking him. "Interesting time and place for a bat to hang out."

"You wouldn't believe the half of it, son. Had the most fun screwin' with the spooks -- J. Edgar's boys -- and others, who were screwin' with innocents, doin' LSD experiments on 'em."

Dante regarded Brandon for a long moment before quietly offering, "The underbelly of society meets the transformation into the Aquarian Age."

Brandon clanked the shot glass down on the desk. "Yep. Right on. That's when I decided shifters and people were far more important than politics and profit. And I certainly have takin' a liking to profit."

The batman rancher flashed a huge grin, then strode toward the doorway. "Let's make the Talby work," he boomed over his shoulder, after perfectly placing his Stetson on his head.


Have a magickal shapeshifting day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Serena Shay said...

Woot! The Peak is getting its own currency...soon we'll become our own country. We do have the land and an underground port. Plus, the shifter-power to make it all work. :D

Pat C. said...

I hope it works. Do they also have a barter system in place? It seems a society of shapeshifters would lean more towards that. ("I'll let you sheep graze on my lawn if you let me eat the rats in your barn.")

Pat C. said...

Oh Gawd, that last comment just sparked a mental image of what Peakers jerk, can, and preserve for the winter months. I have a sick, overcaffeinated mind.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yep, it's Shifter-landia. If you're not friendly to supernaturals, enter at your own peril.

Tunnels, port access to the sea, space port contact with ETs... it all keeps coming together.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, there's ongoing barter/trade like you say, and obviously increasing as more arrive in The Peak -- and increasing as the dollar slips in purchasing power.

The Talby is just meant to act like a currency when needed for buying and selling products and services. So the oxen brothers can find enough work, for example. Also, in case 'they' crash the worldwide economy.

It's greasing the wheel of commerce, if you will.

Savanna Kougar said...

"Peakers jerk, can, and preserve for the winter months" ... lol... there's a flash scene in that.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Nice! Can anyone play with this story line? 'Cause you were right, Marissa would jump on-board with something like this in a heartbeat!

Savanna Kougar said...

Anyone is welcome to play with this story line. Go, Marissa!