Saturday, September 13, 2014


Multiple what run in your family?” Gill gripped the arm of the overstuffed couch harder.  He hoped his breathing didn’t give away his shock and dismay.   He tried swallowing the yelp and curse words his shocked mind tossed at him.

Chloe smiled and patted his leg as she spoke.  “My cousin has 6 children.  Her sister has 4.  My aunt said triplets were due in my generation.  So I guess…”  He words trailed off.  Her slight round stomach peeked out from beneath her short t-shirt.  Approximately three months along and already she spoke of needing new clothes.

 Four or more mouths to feed. . .Just how much did babies eat?  Miss Ellie said something about their manure and peeing.  Mounds of that stuff to deal with so soon after the Hellephant incident.  Gill inhaled and looked down. What did he know about kids? His mother split after he graduated high school.  She remained around collect state support and whatever she could off his father.   What was a squirrel to do?

Chloe peeled Gill’s hand from under his leg.  She placed his palm against her stomach.  She’d felt the small flutters and movements since yesterday.  Of course, a human child had nine months to incubate.  If she caught when she and Gill were in squirrel mode, the time frame changed.   Either way, a healthy pregnancy mattered.  No full moon exposure for the next few months meant an easy delivery if the gestation calculations were accurate.  The veterinarian and the medical doctor were still comparing notes.  Dreams of Lincoln and his sisters Greta and Lillian continued during the past weeks.  Clear visions of them came and went. 

Chloe smiled as Gill gasped as more movement started under his palm.  “That’s our children, love.  They’re saying hi Daddy.”

Gill swallowed hard, fighting against the urge to pull his hand away from Chloe’s stomach.  Fatherhood baffled him.  Would he turn out like his old man, around at times when he deemed it important or would he take an active role in his children’s lives?  He had a lot of decisions to make and get right.  What was it Vernon said as they lunched a few days ago?  Oh yeah!  Take it one day, one moment at a time.  Building a family took everyone involved along with the community they lived in to raise the blessings and gifts deities presented them with in the form of offspring.

Gill raised Chloe’s hand to his lips. He kissed it after entwining his fingers with hers.  Change had come and with it, new and interesting as well as intriguing experiences arrived too.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Well Gill's gonna be a papa!  What a surprise I bet that was when he and Chloe found out the results of her pregnancy test.  Now triplets?!  Maybe more.  Best get a library card Gill and start reading up on child rearing techniques.

The last weeks of summer are upon us.  As September yields to the colors of fall, and the start of the fall holidays, stay warm and safe.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will.

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Maybe Louie could help out in the advice department. Rats also have multiple births. But can you trust anything a rat tells you?

Savanna Kougar said...

When it involves food, yeah, I betcha Louie would play straight.

Wow, more squirrel shifters romping about. I wonder if Loki and Thor will take them under their paw, and play big brothers???