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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Thirty-one

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: While not x-rated in actions, Sherilyn and Zance's conversation is adult. They are still learning about each other.


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Chapter Thirty-one:
Zance stared as his mate blinked...

Zance stared as his mate blinked her gorgeous green eyes. Absorbing his words, she plucked a paper napkin from the fifties-style restaurant container, patting her mouth. The full mouth he wanted to kiss, and feel kissin' him all over.

When his cock hankered for her lips, Zance took a mental bite out of his thoughts. Now wasn't the time to lunge for Sherilyn like a rutting dog.

Reminding himself a good mate always took care of his woman's needs first, he put his attention on her.

"Aren't we all?" She quirked a brow. "The whole Carl Sagan "we are made of stardust" thing."

At her mention of the high-profile, gone-to-his-reward astronomer, Zance couldn't help a grin. "Or, sweetheart," he reached for her hand, and once her soft palm met his, he prompted, "what you said to me about your climax."

As she remembered, her eyes flashed like starfire. She blushed, her face becoming a soft pink. Zance enjoyed it like all hell, but kept his feelings to himself.


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