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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Thirty

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: Dontoya is facing enemies in his quest to retrieve the Ring of Union for Sherilyn.  With this ancient family ring, he will be connected with his mate in a way that enables him to protect her. Now Sherilyn sees a vision, and knows Dontoya is in terrible trouble.


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Chapter Thirty:
Dontoya flashed before her mind's eye.

Dontoya flashed before her mind's eye. Sherilyn frowned as the vision formed, so similar to the one she'd had earlier at Dante's Fashion Emporium. When the shroud of blackness hit full force, she felt damn glad to be sitting down.

Sherilyn halted in mid-stroke, her hand resting on her rabbit's silky fur. "He's trapped."

As she watched in horror, the blackness engulfed Dontoya. With her heart racing, Sherilyn felt his desperation to return to her. The strength of it cut through her painfully.

"Dontoya," his name fell from her lips. "No," she whispered, burning with the need to help him.

Somehow, she had to save him. She just had to.

Sherilyn placed Barney on the bedroom floor, intending to track Zance down. He'd left to do ranch rounds, and she had no clue where he was exactly.


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