Saturday, June 6, 2015

Census Day and City Song

Census day was not far off.  Gill looked at the calendar and grinned.  To have an idea of how many species of shape shifters called the Peak home would gain them a foothold in the supernatural world.  Not that many wanted it known they existed or resided amongst humans.  Many welcomed their counter part as the humans calling the Peak home did.  Those on the outskirts ventured into town knowing the unusual was normal there.  

Gill leaned back in his chair, picking up the sheet with the lyrics he, Vernon, and Louie worked on as they camped.  Phil lent his voice to the quartet as they recorded the tape waiting Gill's approval for Fuzzy and Tabs to play on their morning show.  Gill started humming as he pushed the play button the tape recorded.  (Lyrics are based on When the Saints melody and style)

Census day has come
Time to count and mark the slot
What citizens do we have
Only they know, that’s why we count

Oh, when the Peak goes filing in
When the Peak goes filing in
Oh, gosh I want to be in line
When the Peak goes filing in

Birds, dragons, and fowl
Remember your umbrella lest you get fouled
Mark the ballot right, you count
That’s right, you is a citizen

Oh, when the Peak goes scratching in
When the Peak goes screeching in
Oh, I got be in the line
When the Peak goes filing in 

More verse followed trying to catch each type they knew of in song.  If all the stanzas got out the song would take hours.  Gill laughed as he read the note on the bottom of the last page of lyrics.  The note read streamlining and cutting needed.  That was what the council would vote on next.

Happy Weekend Gang!

Since I'm a bit under the weather, I'm posting a quick blurb here for the anthem and census day theme I'm working on.  The cross-dress formal ball party is under planning.  Images of Vernon in Miss Elly's poodle skirt and high heels has Nick wanting to wash his eyes out.  Ziva hasn't told him yet her plans for his out fit to the ball.

For now stay, cool, well, and safe.  Summer and its storms are here.  Remember to keep a good book or two handy for your vacation and beach trips to share with your loves and spice.  I know I am!

Until Next Week,



Pat C. said...

I recall there was quite a bit of resistance the last time somebody tried to compile a list of shifter species. Didn't an outraged group storm city hall?

Just had a flash of poor Jamie stuck in Lamar's favorite showgirl outfit. Lamar, of course, would totally rock Jamie's usual slacks and dress shirt.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Kitty -- Dante's girl and a town librarian -- and her resistance group, sent a strong-smelling message to Mayor Linc... besides that kind of info can be hacked by enemies of the Peak... Gil might be counting sheep and shifters in song and in his dreams... but many in the Peak will say NO WAY, SHOVE IT DOWN-UNDER WAY!

*The cross-dress formal ball party* fun, good times, and laughter for all!