Saturday, June 20, 2015

Piece of the Census Pie

Tabs cupped his hand over the in studio microphone.  He glanced at his morning co-host, Fuzzy.  Fuzzy rolled his eyes and shrugged.  Tabs inhaled slowly, exhaled, and turned to his left.  “Good morning Mayor.”

Gill glanced at Talbot’s Peak’s two morning DJs.  Neither looked enthused or ready to do more than the bare bones minimum their boss and the statioin required. Gill pressed his lips together, swallowed, and hoped the smile he curled his lips into reached his eyes.  “Good morning.  How long until---”

Tabs slid a finger across his throat, taking his hand away from the mike.  “And we’re back,” he said slipping his headphones on.

“Oh fur, fangs, and more.   We sure are.”  Tabby spoke into his mike.

“Our morning op-ed guest is our own beloved Mayor Gill.”  Tabs pointed to the mike on the table in front of Gill.

Gill cupped his hand to his ear.  Headset in place, check. A red light glowed at the base of the mike.  Fuzzy held up two fingers, signalling two minutes until air time. Gill nodded.

“Oh claws and paws be prasied, “ Fuzzy began.  “The buzz around the Peak and many inner scantums at the Pleasure Palace is a boycott on the proposed town council’s census.”

Tabs pointed at the mike in front of Gill.  A green glow enveloped the base.  Static filled Gill’s ear.  Then he heard Tabs introducing him.  “Welcome Mayor Gill to the Peak’s Morning Menagerie.” 

Gill leaned toward the mike, scooting his stool closer to the table.  “Good Morning.  Thank you for inviting me.”

“Can’t say Tabs and I don’t do our civic duty,” Fuzzy quipped
Shaking his head Tabs spoke.  “We don’t take stances.  We do ensure freedom of speech is upheld.  We don’ttake our freedoms and liberty for granted.”

Gill held up his hand, leaned close to the mike and spoke.  “Friends, citizens, and all concerned parties, your voice matters.  Your concerns matter too.  Keeping everyone safe is one of the council’s top priorities.”

Gill paused, then continued.  “What the council needs from you isn’t a name or address.  Not even a location.  Tell us what animals occupy your section of town.  We need general info only.  Equine, bovine, fowl or canine are examples of what we’re looking for.  Numbers don’t matter.”

Tabs tapped gill’s arm, staring at him.  Fuzzy arched an eye brow, scowling.

“Yes, you heard me correctly. Share the info with your point of contact at the Pleasure Palace.  The state will supply up to a hundred pounds of grain and hay per animal along with funds to care for each animal’s care takers.   We report and money plus supplies flow in. Household goods, meat, and veggtables are available too.”

Fuzzy and Tabs sat with their arms crossed as Gill continued.  “We’ve had harsh winters and the battle for the Peak take out much of our farmland.  Also with the rains and tornadoes, time to plant isn’t available either.  Let’s get a stock pile going so come blizzard season we’re all benefiting.  Thank you for listening.”

Gill took off his head phones and walked out of the studio.  The plan rest in Dante’s and several other benefactors hands.  Would it work out?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Hope you enjoyed a warm fun filled week.  May your weekend be safe, sane, and fill with relaxation.
Seems our census story continues.  Let's see what the other parties have to say.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

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Pat C. said...

Appealing to the stomach usually works with shifters. Or will this backfire? We'll see.

Savanna Kougar said...

Evidently Gil isn't reading the coded emails Dante's emergency-shelter team has been sending him on the amount of stored supplies and food for ALL TP folk.

If Gil is strapped for cash to feed his family, then all he has to do is let Kitty know. She'll immediately make arrangements for whatever he and his family need.