Saturday, June 13, 2015

Taking A Break

hi gang,

i am still recovering from my bout of ickiness last week.
doctor had me on strong meds for a few days to flush the bad
germs out. pris and i are working on several new novels for
your reading pleasure. the next section on census day is brewing too.
seems some folks dont want to loose their unknown status. mayer
gill is working on how to get a count of animals and humans in the peak.
seems the state will supply surplus supplies for livestock and
allow a stipend for caretakers. can we say win win. now getting the
citizens to understand this is another job.
remeber to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  i know i willa

until next week,


Savanna Kougar said...

Glad you are recovering! Last prior week I was under the weather too. Pushed myself too hard physically, and my immune system was compromised.

Dante and crew will cover any expenses the state might dole out. Kitty would be willing to put a group together to make certain the programs work that Gil is interested in. Guaranteed. Dante, Kitty, and many others want their privacy. Not to mention their lives would be terribly endangered by this kind of exposure -- especially given the recent hack of ALL gov employee info... report is that all US gov employees info-data is now on the dark net. Plus, Damien Hancock will even partner with his black-sheep son over this one. Likely Zhere Ghan will join them. It's simply way too dangerous to expose Talbot's Peak this way. For one and ALL.
At this point, there has already been black-ops drone activity stopped by White Fang and others on patrol.
So, let the battle begin. If there is one... Dante and all the power alphas in the Peak would never refuse help to anyone in need.

Pat C. said...

Gil was born human. Wonder how he identifies now?

Rest up and get better!