Friday, June 19, 2015

Fired Up!

Edina stood before her full-length mirror, her body encased in black leather she’d always been mortified to wear and a look of sheer panic on her face.  She’d never be able to pull this off.  Sure, she put on a good face with her clients, but this was going to be a room full of Doms and subs.  What did she know about sexy BDSM?  She mostly helped her “subs” to eat better and break bad habits.

“Oh God!”  She was going to crash and burn so hard.

“Ready to go, sis?”

Ready? No.  Did she have to go? Maybe. “Sophie, how much cash can you get a hold of?”

“Depends on the exchange rate.  Why?”

Edina looked at her sister through the mirror, mildly confused. “Exchange rate?”

“Yeah, I only carry Talbies…”

Her stomach dropped at her sisters words. “Cripes, Soph, why?”

“Like I’ve told you before Edie, you get a much better deal around town if you use them.”

Hopefully the Talbie would buy her an easier death.  Once they got a look at her “session” they’d likely call for her pretend Dominatrix head.  “I guess we might as well get this over with.”

“Relax, Edie.  You’re going to do fine.  We’ll probably even build our client base.  You just wait and see.”

“Sure.” That was Sophie, ever the optimist. If they gave her a last request, she’d be sure to ask them to spare her sister.  “Ah Soph, what’s with the trench coat?” she asked while locking the office door.

“I figured you would be more comfortable walking with me in this rather than this…”

Edina look up just as Sophie flashed her a glance at what lay underneath the coat.  A baby-doll set so sheer it might as well have not been there, sexy black heals with leather cuffs at the ankle.  Matching cuffs around her wrists and a thick choker with an empty D right in front.  “Um, wow.”

“Thanks.  Do you think this look says ‘I’m looking for a Dom’?”

“Sure, I guess so…”

“Relax, Edie, you’re going to do fine.  Ed will be meeting us there…”

“Sophie!  Don’t call him that.”

“Why not?  He likes it.”

“Which is precisely what he wants to be broken from.  His name is Niles.  Make sure to use it in the future.”

“Yes, ma’am.  You are totally going to rock this thing!”

As they reached the door to the room Dante had assigned for this meet and greet, Edina started to freeze up.  Beyond those doors sat actual authorities in BDSM and she was supposed to fool them?  Not a chance.

“Don’t freeze up now, Edie.  Remember, listen to your gut and lead with your fire.  Do what comes naturally to you and everything will be fine.” 

“Sure, listen to my gut,” she parroted.  If she were to do this naturally she’d be running as fast and as far as she could, but no, her sister was currently tugging her into her nightmare.

“Remember, fire…”

Ha, her sister spoke of fire and all Edina could feel is the sputtering of an almost dead lighter.  She was so doomed.

Have a wonderful week!



Pat C. said...

I must admit: when I read the line "Did she have to go" and pictured Edina "encased head to toe in leather" I immediately thought of a bladder attack. Now you know where my mind goes. As long as she didn't learn BDSM from 50 Shades (or doesn't admit to it), she should be okay.

Savanna Kougar said...

Sink or swim time for Edina... maybe she has a well of fire just ready to explode... Go, Edina, go, I'm pullin' for ya!

Great flash, Serena

Yeah, don't go with the fifty shades thing.

Serena Shay said...

Hehehe...Yeah, that would be my first thought as well, Pat. And as my luck goes, I would have to go. Then I'd end up like Ross on Friends, covered in baby powder and lotion and still not able to pull the damn things back up! ;D

Admit nothing, deny everything... yeah, Edina's hoping that will work for her.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna. Edina is seriously hoping for some fire, but she has doubts.

You know, I've yet to be privy to the roots of Edina's skills. I keep hoping she'll share. :)

Pat C. said...

I know she's a trained nutritionist. She likes to help people improve their lives through eating better.

The whole thing started on another blog, when I remarked that romance and diet books were best-selling genres. Next thing you know I'm threatening to write The BDSM Diet. And there you go. Maybe Edina came across such a book on Amazon and decided to spice up her practice. You know how hard it is to get finicky pets to eat things that are good for them?