Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned, and blown up, and run out of her home...

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of Shapeshifter Seductions. This week I will be reviewing ‘Timeless Moon’ by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. It is book six in their ‘Tales of the Sazi’ series and is readily available in most book stores. But first, I have a cool and somewhat silly tidbit to share:

This (sort of) just in: the werewolves in ‘Twilight” aren’t real werewolves!

I stumbled across this posting the other day on, and the first thought I had was duh! The second thought was that not all werewolf legends come from North America, as the article’s author seems to imply.

Anyway, back to the the book review! I am going to change up how I review this week. The series is getting more and more involved and as to not spoil the series for those who have not read this far, I’m going to just review the love story. So here we go!

Josette is ancient, powerful, and is losing touch with the world around her. Years ago, she lost her husband, Rick, to a horrible accident. Without him to help her keep her frighteningly strong seer powers in check, it has just been easier to live alone, far from the rest of her kind. Add to that is the fact that her old nemesis, Ahmad, likes to send assassins after her every so often. This last batch of assassins, though, doesn’t seem to have been sent by Ahmad. And the man she’d thought she’d lost long ago may not be dead.

Rick, a lone wolf who quit the world after being disillusioned as a Wolven agent, has never forgot the beautiful bobcat who stole his heart centuries ago, but he just couldn’t stand to watch the woman he loved risk herself over and over again by embracing her dangerous powers. The council needs to find Josette, though, and he is the one person they know she will allow near her long enough to talk. Rick has to wonder, though, if she won’t just kill him outright for deserting her and letting her think he was dead.

Ok, so this is going to be a very quick review- Borders is closing pretty soon and since my interwebs at home isn’t working, I have to finish up very quickly.
I love this book; I’d give it an A+ if it wasn’t for the way one secondary character got treated. The dynamics are great. The plot is engaging and fun. This book does have it’s customary Cat Adams dark side, though. There’s a sub plot involving non-shifting family members and other involving South American assassins.

The secondary character who gets the shaft is Raven, the big, sexy werewolf who is second-in-command of Wolven. In book four, we met the woman he loved. In book two (which should have come after book four but before book three), We got to see Emma die horribly at the hands of a spider. What we didn’t know at that time was that Josette, a.k.a. Aspen Monier, met Raven in book two and discovered he was her mate. So what do the authors do after her husband returns from the dead? Make Raven double mated to Josette! Foul, I cry! Foul! I really hope Raven gets his own happily ever after by the end of the series.

That’s just about all the time I have to get this written and reviewed before posting it. That lady over that the coffee bar is starting to glare at me for sitting here swilling iced raspberry mochas and typing. Next week, I’ll review book seven, where we’ll get to see Tony and his mate again- and some very good things happen to Sue! Also, we will get to see Ahmad get jerked around by cupid and his wonderfully vibrant mate. I'll make sure I write next week's blog this weekend. I have my very first novella, "The Hawk's Bride" coming out the 27th, so I'll probably be too rattled to write coherently. LOL! Until next week!



Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, fabulous and entertaining review... what a series!

Congrats on your upcoming release, THE HAWK'S BRIDE!!!

Serena Shay said...

Ouch, I'd cry foul as well. Fingers crossed for Raven! Great review, Rebecca and congrats on your upcoming release! :)