Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out of our dreams are born...

. . .the ideas from which stories and tales take shape and arise to entertain us. No that is not some ancient witty saying. I came up with that one myself.

This week as I worked on another story that takes place over 5 days, setting up the format and chapter range for it, another idea birthed itself and took over demanding it be told.

The basic premise contains an award winning rhythm and blues band comprised of shape shifters. The lead singer, Jared Smythe (old English name pronunciation please) is tracking his business manager's baby sister who's been on the run for years. Maggie Barnsdell, the sister, wants nothing to do with her shape shifter heritage. She's made a life for herself outside of any shifter community. Jared's finally cornered her in the one place she'll not run from. Her own thriving business and the people she's come to call family. Problem is Jared's never seen more than a few pictures of Maggie as a teen and young adult. Maggie's not about to let one more vagabond singer get closer enough to take another piece of her heart.

Here is part of the lyrics Jared sings to Maggie, alluding to his feelings for her.

I can't shift
My heart races into overdrive
Every time you're near
Neutral won't do for what I feel
Why won't you tell me how you feel
Cone on girl,
Stop denying your attraction
And end my shape shifter blues
(c) Solara Gordon 2010

Enjoy! Have a safe and happy fourth!


Pat C. said...

Sounds both original and fascinating. Of course we're going to want excerpts. What kind of shifters are they?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that is intriguing! Fun and hot premise.

And, does Maggie sing like Janice Joplin? 'Take another little piece of my heart...'

Serena Shay said...

Intriguing! Definitely going to want to see some excerpts. :)