Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Turn At Flash Fiction

I'm glad the month is done at my regular job. It's been crazy and busy. Next month may find me in class gaining another skill set. My boss doesn't know for sure yet. Always something more to learn to extend how I can coach more effectively. I've decided to try my hand at flash fiction to see what comes of letting my mind and muse just go for it. The posting below is erotic.




“Isn’t there a time when enough is enough?”

Maxwell Sardon looked up from where he sat on the palace floor. He stopped brushing his shoulder length hair and turned to his youngest sibling. “Why do you ask this? What has you bothered this time?”

Roberto’s bare feet slapped against the cool golden tiles lining their shared bedroom floor. Each step echoed as he paced, bouncing off the high ceiling and walls. Two rows of large windows occupied one end of the room. Roberto’s blurred reflection barely focused on one before he passed by another.

“Little brother, stop and talk to me.” Maxwell stood, tossing his brush atop his dresser. Cinching his robe tighter, he moved with panther like grace to the bed. He sat, catching Roberto’s arm on his next pass. “Sit and speak. Your agitation is clear. Pacing like a caged cat never quells anything.”

Roberto faced him, his agitation clearly visible. He folded his arms tight against his chest and stared. Not at Maxwell, but beyond him as though his thoughts consumed him. Whatever bothered him, it wasn’t simple.

Luta refuses to respond to me.” Roberto plopped down next to Maxwell. Taking a deep breath, he tried to roll his shoulders and relax. Tension refused to loosen its tight grip from any portion of his body. If his damn cock and balls would cool down, he might regain some composure. Thank Gods and Goddesses no one else had seen the royal heir so upset. Damn, sometimes being an aristocrat sucked. And, not in a good way!

Luta?” Maxwell’s tone didn’t hide his laughter.

“Yes, King Nevin’s daughter.” Roberto faced his brother. “Father’s decree allowing us to find our second wives ourselves runs out in two days.”

“I’m not worried. All available females from the lesser regions will be at the matrimonial masque tonight. Our first wives will indicate who they prefer as we cull our choices too. Besides, Luta is two-thirds human.” Maxwell’s sneer and cat like stare didn’t faze Roberto. His brother’s snobbish ideals and preferences reminded Roberto of their late mother.

“Andice will choose someone submissive. How you continue to stand her is beyond me?” There he’d spoken one thing bothering him.

Would Maxwell pick up on the importance of their second wives? What things were possible if a love match resulted? More kittens at each birth rather than smaller litters and fewer multiple births? Their lineage maybe cursed, but neither of them needed to strengthen it by making miserable pair bondings. Second mates could help bridge the gap between first mates though both same sexes often ganged up on the lone sex or shut the solitary one out.

“I tolerate her like this.” Maxwell stood, dropping his robe. Working his hands up and down his cock, he massaged pre-cum across the tip and over the head. He reached down to fondle his balls. “Lilly come and service your Lord.”

A small blond haired woman moved from the corner where she’d been standing. Her bowed head caused her waist length hair to hide her face. Slumped shoulders added to her subdued demeanor. Yet, there was something familiar about her gait and stature that puzzled Roberto.


Serena Shay said...

Nice job, Solara! Sexy and interesting concept. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like those other shifter worlds... do they have sex-scratching claws?

Pat C. said...

Welcome to the world of flash! Sounds like we've got some sexy cat-shifters on the way. Can't wait to find out what makes 'em purr.

Solara said...

Thank you ladies! I enjoyed letting my muse drive last night on something different. Not sure where it is going to lead yet. Maybe in the end I'll have a short story/novella to submit.