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Part Two ~ The Intergalactic Chase

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Rumbles of disbelief, shapeshifter lovers. Yep, the Tiger year of 2010 is over half done. Yowsa, I just shake my head. And, nope-yowls! The fireworks aren’t over. Not for the rest of this year as I sense it via my intuition. As Volcano stated in his forecast ~ “The following week will thunder and boom on the world stage, especially, and the world will be like a firecracker factory.”

So, now that I’ve completed the major edits on BRANDED BY THE TEXANS, a breather has set in of its own volition. My WIP, Kandy Apple for Halloween, is waiting ~ ready and able to be finished. Yet, I find myself tempted to write a 5,000 word story for submission to Dear Author ~ dearauthor.com/wordpress/2010/06/26/submission-guidelines-for-the-painpleasure-anthology ~

No, realistically, I ain’t got no chance of being accepted for several reasons I won’t state here. Still, a part of me wants to take on the challenge. And, it’s not as though I couldn’t find the story a good publishing home. In the meantime, I gave myself a little thrill... and hopefully, you... by continuing this *prequel scene* for TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS.

The Intergalactic Chase ~ Corporal Kattalonia and Prince Zio

Part Two ~

“Goddess do behold,” Katta whispered, “this shop could be on Yemisque, tangerine carnal playground for the rich and famous. And, everyone else. But, especially for my sister.”

“May I be of assistance?” The galactic-speak of an Isyrik woman had Katta whipping around. The woman’s melodic voice was ‘anti-matter’ at odds with her appearance. A couple of heads taller, she was muscled to the max, yet, attired in a gown made out of soft fluid fabric.

Katta relaxed her stance. “You’re an expert. What would you recommend? I mean, this wouldn’t be for a lover. I want something for myself.”

“To enjoy your own beauty?” The Isyrik’s gaze sparkled with understanding, and Katta mentally sighed with relief.

“Yes. For my own pleasure.”

“May I show you to a private room?”

The thought was music to her ears, and Katta changed her expression to brightly hopeful. “Please. I have extra coin I’m dying to spend.”

“Ah, truly the universal language. This way.” The woman led her toward the surrounding ring of rooms. Most of the entries had been sealed indicating a large number of customers.

In short order, Katta waited inside an old-style, glamorous changing room, one that used mirrored surfaces instead of holo projection. With charming efficiency, her Isyrik attendant had presented a series of images. Katta chose her five favorites. Now, she sizzlie tingled with anticipation at the thought of trying on the lingerie pieces.

Stripping off her bodysuit, then removing her adhering weaponry, she moved into the cleansing tube only briefly. Since the sky horse had been notorious at gaining entry where he wasn’t allowed, Katta retrieved the weapon she called her stud inhibitor, once she’d slipped on the gauze covering.

Katta had already used the device twice on her stallion-man nemesis. While she didn’t relish punishing his balls with pain, or paralyzing his body, it had been worth it the first time. Staggered, more from being unable to move, than any actual pain, Zio’s pride had suffered huge as a red giant sun.

His cryogenic-like frozen expression had said it all. Katta giggled at the memory spontaneously. Giggling was a rare occurrence for her, except when her sis, Jessa, got hold of her funny bone and didn’t let go.

At the time, Katta had sauntered the entire length of the raucous frenetic danceclub. She’d used her psi-hindsight to watch the rutting-disabled sky horse as his gazed ‘chased’ after her. Like a high class harlot on Mryub, Katta had exaggerated the sway of her hips, unable to resist tormenting him. He deserved it, given the *caught in a comet’s tail* hell he put her through.

Grab-a-laugh, yeah, Zio had been one mortified and fiercely frustrated man-stallion. Katta figured that would end his intergalactic chase. Nope. And no blue-star hope of ridding herself of his pursuit. He’d recovered all too fast, galloping his fleet trader’s craft over and under a space field of plasma clouds with an expertise that surprised her.

As the Isyrik woman entered with the gleaming rack of lingerie, Katta placed the stud inhibitor within reach. Smiling, she presented a small pouch of coin. “Whatever the difference in purchase price is, we’ll settle once I’ve decided.”

With a gracious nod of her head, the woman departed. Excitement quivered her belly and Katta quickly shed the gauze covering. Outrageously purple, the ultra-thin leather barely contained her breasts, and made her nipples look like beckoning sluts. The matching swirly micro-skirt clung below her hips. At each turn, it rippled showing off her butt.

Katta grinned and strutted, happy with her super-sexual appearance. After removing the simple design, she placed it on the buy tray. Since flaming red was one of her favored colors, Katta reached for the garment that wrapped around her bare body like an animal’s stripes.

“Oh Goddess, yes!” she whispered, and felt herself moan in appreciation.

“Primitive and definitely to my liking, beautiful woman. Shall I watch you parade before the mirrors again? Before I claim you?”

Katta froze for a fraction of a second only. Spinning on the balls of her feet, she grabbed for the stud inhibitor.

TO BE CONTINUED... (still hoping!)

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