Friday, July 9, 2010

Is It He/She Who Screams the Loudest, Who Wins the Race?

Good Friday morning, friends,
I'm a happy camper this week as I've finally finished the rough draft of my second story, The Submission! 


It still requires much editing, but for me, that's always been the easier of the two tasks.  Rough drafts seem to kick me in the butt.  I always seem to have middle of the story change ups and my muse is a secret, or not so secret, perfectionist which works great for editing, but not so for rough drafts.  ;)

So what now?

Well, editing for sure, but I've set that aside momentarily to give both myself and my characters a chance to breathe.  What's the saying?  Time away makes the heart grow fonder, right.  hehe

I also have several of ideas I'm toying around with.  Dragons, witches, shapeshifters and plain old folks in a contemporary that could use some editing.  Right now I'm thinking it is research mode time and then we'll see how it goes.  :)

How do all of you writers out there decide what to work on next?  Flip of a coin?  Which character screams the loudest?

I've added another bit from my Gypsy Wolf below.  Meet Edmund.

Have a great weekend!


Edmund trailed behind the little princess and her posse of giggling girlfriends down the darkened paths surrounding the worn out circus. This was a security nightmare. A risk he was not thrilled about taking, but what Princess Gillia wanted, Princess Gillia usually got through any means necessary. She was the only daughter of their pack leader, spoiled from the time of her birth and a royal pain in his ass.

This little stop had been her idea. “It’ll be fun, Eddy,” she’d scolded, using the hated nickname she’d given him years ago. “Relax a little, would ya. I want to know about my future.”

“This is not a good idea, Princess, there is danger here.” The air held a scent. It was familiar, yet not. It raised his hackles to be anywhere in the area, but again Gillia had played the bitch card.

“I’ll tell daddy you’re being mean!” As threats go, it should have meant nothing, however, the pack leader gave his child everything she desired, including Edmund’s head on a platter if so requested. So here they were, about to allow some old gypsy woman to delve into their hearts and minds, to swim in their secrets. Oh hell, he hoped this woman was a fake, because if she sensed their wolves, he’d have to kill her.


Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yay!!! on finishing the rough draft. Yeah, I know all too well about that inner perfectionist. Though, she's been wickedly challenged, as of late.

Omy, a nasty spoiled brat of a princess. Never a good thing. Oh, and if I were that gypsy reader I don't think I'd be revealing I know about their wolf sides.

Pat C. said...

I don't want to say I wait for inspiration, but that's how it turns out most of the time. I'll do my little daily jots, work on a story, haul something out of the closet, but in my heart I know it's all just busywork while I wait for the REAL story to come clawing at the inside of my head. Eventually one does, and that's the one I work on.

A young werewolf bitch in training? Fun for the readers, not so much for the characters. Is she the source of the treachery and deceit, or does she turn out decent in the end?

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! hehe those inner perfectionists, no matter how many times we beg, plead or spank them, they always seem to get the better of us at the worst times. ;)

Yep, Branwen needs to be very careful indeed.

Serena Shay said...

I know what your saying Pat, trying to force something you have no spark of inspiration for, is the worst. Thankfully though those REAL stories seem to step up pretty quickly. :)

Lol...yep, a bitch in training alright, but I'm not quite sure of the outcome yet. ;)

Rebecca Murray said...

Hmm, yes, the muse does like to hit all at once, usually when you were already doing something else. So you jot the idea down and hope agaist hope you can make sense of your notes when You aren't as busy...