Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall is here.....and it's 98 degrees outside!!

Ever have one of those epiphany moments where you wonder if you've left your brain somewhere along the path and you don't remember where?

I think Mother Nature aka Gaea might have had one this week. Today record temperatures hit my region. Almost 100 in places. The last 3 days have been 90 plus. Thank God and Goddess our air conditioning is still turned on. Then a few days prior it was 45 when I left for work. Fall is the time of change, but dang can we tone down the extremes some please?

So now you understand the reference to the nut house above. Add to this, we are learning to speak military at my job. Before you think, I've lost it, let me explain. I work for a credit union whose field of membership is largely comprised of all four divisions of the military. We're learning how to tell what someone's rank is and be able to greet them by this at least once during our service call contact with them. With all the LOL OMG WTG going on in the world of texting, try decrypting military abbreviations without a cheat sheet!? I've two sets and this according to management is simple basic stuff. And we're learning how to spell in military alphabet and tell time in it too. Gee, I already speak 3 languages. What's one more, eh?

Other news this week:

Red Hot will be available in print on demand within the next 2-4 weeks on Amazon along with Barnes and Noble. I've seen the cover print out and it is NICE!

I entered the first chapter of an Urban Fantasy I'm working on at Boons and Mills New Voice contest to get some reader feedback. If you are interested check out Shape Shifter Blues.

My recent piece of flash fiction entitled Halloween Were Style is being groomed for All Romance eebooks contest. A nice little love story is playing out and almost ready to post.

Well that's all from the front here. Enjoy the start of fall before it gets too chilly or too dang hot.



Rebecca Murray said...

I love that picture! I can feel with you on the weather. Colorado's like that all year long. As to the military nomenclature, I can feel with you on that, too. Part of my misspent youth was in the Marines. I never did get the hang of the 24 hour clock.

Solara said...

Thanks Rebecca. The picture is a sign I ordered for my daughter a couple of years ago. Her totem is squirrel. She was going through some topsy turvy times. She giggled when she saw the sign and said that would fit in her home office beautifully.

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, that squirrel sign is too good... lol!

I feel for you on the weather front. We had hot days come through (90), now it's like around sixty degrees. Around these parts, the weather has been up and down like that for the past ten years, at least. The Earth, she is a-changing.

Long, long ago I did evaluations for military students attending the college I worked for, what classes they'd taken that were equivalent to college courses. That's my only experience with learning some of the terms.

Congrats on having RED HOT out in print. If you want to add that to the sidebar pic, feel free. Some readers prefer print books and like to know.

Good luck in the contests. I haven't decided on the All Romance ebooks contest yet. It depends on how soon I can get another short story done.

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, learning military speak on the job sounds cool. What a great way to be able to incorporate it into a possible story. :)

Aah, ye olde nut house...I've lived there for a very long time it seems. hehe ;)

Pat C. said...

Up here in PA Dutch Country we celebrated the onset of fall with an 80+ degree day, followed by a Friday in the 90s. I had the AC on all day. We may get back to seasonal temps next week. Has the world gone screwy or what?

A book in print, yay! And good luck with your contest entries.

Gil the weresquirrel says howdy.

Rebecca Murray said...

Are we going to be hearing from Gil again? I hope so; he was fun!

Solara said...

Thank you ladies! Pat you and I are not too far a part since I am in Metro DC. Our weather tends to mirror each other. My partner said this morning don't fuss too hard as in a few weeks it will be chilly. I smiled and said got ya!

Other good news: I pitched Mischief to Kensington and they want a partial! Yes!!! Yahoo!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, that is so cool about your Kensington news.

Savanna Kougar said...

This is the perfect time of year for Gil and his squirrel trials and tribulations... making certain his nut supply is adequate, and all.

Solara said...

I giggled when Pat mentioned Gil! We could do a whole flash fiction week on Gil and his cohorts! Even the squirrel in my backyard who insists on climbing the fence lizard style! LOL!

Thanks Savanna!

Rebecca Murray said...

Sweet! Good luck with the partial!

Pat C. said...

Yay for the Kensington news! Good luck!

I'd watch out for those squirrels. I used to keep a cow skull on my porch. I had to take it indoors because the squirrels were eating it. No foolin' -- I saw one run off with a piece. Apparently squirrels will nibble on bones for the calcium and/or other minerals. I'm not leaving my skeleton anywhere they can find it.

Savanna Kougar said...

The squirrels ate my collection of hedge apples before I could use most of them for natural pest control.

Years ago, where I used to live, we had black walnut trees close to the house. I would collect them and put them in buckets just so I wouldn't step on any. The squirrels thought that was just great and would routinely help themselves all winter.