Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Space Cadet Day and Halloween Blurbs

Yesterday, was a space cadet day. Not that I’m never spacey, but it’s rare that I’m THAT out of it and distracted. I forgot my mailbox key, distracted by a piece of mail that turned out to be worthless. Fortunately, the lady who owns/runs the business is a wonderful gal and had the key waiting for me. Yeah, at least, I knew the key was missing before the long trip home.

Another strange thing ~ I kept wanting to do things while driving that could cause an accident. Really stupid things like looking at a magazine that I don’t even care about. I didn’t end up doing anything stupid or dangerous. I got a grip, as they say. But, what the heck was in the air?

It could be the high levels of allergens. Maybe, my estrogen levels spiked to ridiculously high levels. Still... ???

Anyhoo... a lovely small hawk may have saved me from a possible ticket. I wasn’t going over the speed limit, but my speedometer is messed up. The hawk had landed in the middle of this back country road I use to go into town. He sat regally and had been pecking at some road kill. At first, I thought it was a large crow. So, I began wondering what does Crow Spirit want to say? I slowed, then stopped since the bird showed no inclination to move. Quick enough, I watched the hawk launch and beautifully circle a farm field. The sun backlit his/her wing feathers ~ an inspiring sight. Not that far down the road, a police car sat in wait for speeders.

Okay, this is sorta weird. As I left my place to do the shopping, I was thinking about rabbits and not seeing any lately. Though, there are great hiding places for them, given my ‘tame prairie’ yard could now be considered the wilderness. So, when I parked to go in and retrieve my key [that I forgot], a cottontail hopped by fast... no kidding! The poor thing was scared out of its mind given all the traffic and the warmish asphalt. However, it made it safely and there are large yards nearby and a bit of open land. Hopefully, bunny is okay. Across from this small shopping strip is a large, historical cemetery. I’m guessing that’s where bunny came from.

Rabbit Spirit’s message? Hop fast and take care, you’ll make it... but, what do you sense? Oh, I just remembered. My Chinese Astrological sign is Rabbit. Hmmmm....

Okay, something is DEFINITELY SCREWY. I’m not usually this chatty.

NEVER this distracted and chatty, anyway. BTW, ever face a leviathan John Deere farm machine that takes up most of the road and there’s no place to go, but the ditch? I don’t know what that farming monster is called. But it had gigundous front spikes and could easily have dispatched any car, van or hummer. Of course, I moved as close to the ditch as I could. Then, I waited for Mr. Farmer. There wasn’t much room to spare, and his humongous tires almost rolled over the ditch on the other side... but, hey, we passed each other. And, it’s all okay.

Omygosh, I almost forgot the poor trapped butterfly in my windshield wiper. Yep, traveling down the interstate... and all of a sudden, WHOOSH! I see the butterfly. The draft catches him and he’s caught. No way I can stop to find out if he’s still alive. So, I’m debating on what I can do and feeling really bad. There’s his little beautiful wings rippling rapidly from the force of the wind. My exit isn’t that far away, but it seems too far for him to survive.

Anyway, I decide I’ll stop as soon as I can, once I exit, and then I’ll extract him as carefully as I can. However, before I can get out, he’s freed himself. And, looking dazed, he flutters on top of the hood. I’m thinking he’s a gonner. But, he manages to fly away.

Gee, Butterfly Spirit’s message? Or, just an unlucky little cutie that got caught in the wind, then in the windshield wiper? ~sigh~

Now, that I’ve blog-chatted your ear off... *sorry* ... how was your day?

THEY’RE HERE... the Blurbies... for the Mojo Castle Halloween Anthology.

At the castle it's never Just Another Paranormal Halloween...

Coming to Mojocastle Press - Halloween 2010

The Man in the Long Black Coat
by Susan Gabriel

“Behold, I come as a thief in the night and I tell you, ye worship ye know not what.”


Mariah Bishop, the preacher's daughter, lives in a town where religion and superstition are so deeply entwined there's no telling where one ends and the other begins. But her father, the good Eldon Bishop fears there is something more than religious rapture stirring in the young Mariah.

When the mysterious man in the long, black coat blows into town and holds an old-time revival on All Hallow's Eve, Mariah and the colorful characters which surround her are set on a course with consequences they couldn't possibly foresee.

A-Mazing Grace
by D. McEntire

Sometimes a wrong turn can be the right choice…


Halloween never meant anything special to Grace. That is until taking up an offer by her best friend for a night time trip through a local corn maze leaves her changing her tune—and her life. Coming face-to-face with a man sporting glowing red eyes and fangs, then rescued by a man who seemed just as unreal as the first makes for one hell-of-a wild night only she seems to remember.

Connell has hunted alongside his brothers for centuries, following a code to protect the secret of their race—vampires—by removing rogues vampires who refuse to blend in among society. That secret is threatened when wiping the memory of a feisty human female he saves from a rogue doesn’t take completely.

But, it isn’t her recollection of him that leads her deeper into his world. Arriving moments too late on the scene of her second attack by a rogue leaves him facing the choice of converting her or leaving her to die.

The Tiger's Masquerade
by Savanna Kougar

Stacy wasn't looking for a tiger-man to fill her tank, until Zyrru swept her off her feet at the Masquerade Ball, and claimed her passions.


Stacy wasn’t looking for a tiger-man to erotically and exotically fill her tank , then steal her heart. That is, until the Halloween ‘Call of the Wild Masquerade’ ball. But, what kind of tiger does she have by the tail?

Zyrru wasn’t looking for a human woman to un-tame his fiercest passions, and alter his royal life forever. After all, he’s only vacationing on Earth, and is almost engaged to The Princess. But, her rosefire scent is irresistible.

A Pixie Holiday
by Brigit Aine

Halloween brings all sorts of interesting things to Kira's life, and some of them are worth it.


On Halloween Kira is able to go out as herself, with no glamour on and allow others to see her true self, a pixie As she is trying to avoid the man her father sent years ago to try and marry her, she runs into a someone else, someone who makes her feel safe and protected. Although she isn't even aware that she needs protecting, yet.

Lance knows he needs to get Kira to like him, after all they are going to be married, but he has to keep her safe and get her to the conclave before any of that can happen. And it seems as if those who do not want to see an alliance between the Pixies and the Wolves would do whatever it takes to make sure his plans are foiled.

His Girl
by Sapphire Phelan

Erotic paranormal romance with vampires.


My Girl was more than just a song for Evan McPhail and Aimee Saunders; it was the music of their love and passion for each other. For nothing could tear them apart, not even death.
Then Aimee vanished.

She returns to Evan thirty years later, no longer human. To the tempo of their passion, they prove that doesn't matter.

Samhain's Visitor
by Kiki Howell

Samhain's visitors can be anything from dark and shadowy to sexy and full of surprizes.


When an uninvited visitor shows up during Sarah’s Samhain ritual, her Mute Supper is literally disrupted by cups and plates being tossed about. Soon, the shadow weighing on her and the voices with cryptic messages incite terror.

But, help comes in various forms. And, one is sexy and full of surprises.

Darkest Knight
by Ashley Blade


What would happen if you woke up one day a vampire?

Julie asked herself the same question many times, especially after reading one of her favorite paranormal stories.

Now what seemed like a fantasy world captured in descriptive words becomes her reality and she has to figure out if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Love, Lies & Zombie Cries
by K.A. M'Lady

When It Comes To The Heart, Something Always Bleeds


Jayda Oslynn knows what death feels like. She knows the solitude in the darkness’ silence. The lonely spaces between life’s last breath and the realm of the undead.

Like the women in her family before her, she’s had a life-long affinity with those that wander in the land between. Some call it black magick or necromancy, but to the Oslynn family it’s always been known as death dealing. And, whether a blessing or a curse, Jayda’s always been able to feel their feelings – their love and suffering, their happiness and sorrows. The truth, when shared through her eyes, always has a way of being felt and seen.

This Halloween, Jayda finds that when dealing with the dead, some memories are better left buried, for the real truth never stays buried and hearts, once broken seldom seem to mend.


Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Sounds like you had a rough day. Luckily the spirits were all looking out for you. Any day you don't see Buzzard Spirit circling over your head is a good day.

Like the sound of those antho stories.

Here in Amish Country we get ginormous John Deeres AND horse-and-buggy combos on the road. Sometimes it's a clump of Amish girls on bikes. Driving the back roads is an adventure. Please send a few spirits my way!

Serena Shay said...

Wow! Sounds like you had quite a busy day. :) All of the run-in's with the sweet animals makes me wonder if it's nature's way of saying...more shapeshifter novels, please! hehe

Love the blurbs!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, oh, I wish I saw horse-and-buggies on my roads!!! I wish I had a wonderful healthy horse(s) and a working buggy.

Now, a clump of Amish girls on bikes... that could be a frightening encounter. STRANGE! I saw one guy on a bike yesterday. You could tell by his physique, outfit and manner he rides all the time... just pulled out in front of me as if me and my van didn't exist. Good thing I'm always careful around those riding bikes.

Sending the good animal spirits your way! Be on the lookout.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I wondered that myself. The two main stories I'm working on are shapeshifter. Then, later I started thinking that while Siren-BookStrand is selling westerns big time, I would also like to build up their shapeshifter community of books for us authors and readers. They have a lot, already. The werewolf books sell the best, I think.?

I sure don't see any lessening in reader demand for Werewolf, Vampire, Shapeshifter and Paranormal stories. At least, not in small print/epublishing.

Plus, it looks like witch paranormals are on the rise... all those spells being done... lol...

The promo campaign for the Halloween antho is ramping up fast. I spent part of the morning dealing with that. My head is spinning... no, I'm not possessed ... at least, I don't think so. No pea soup spurting out... yet.