Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy Were-Seagulls! It's Fall already!

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of Shapeshifter Seductions! Happy Fall Equinox to all of you Wiccans, and a happy first day of fall to those who are not. Rebecca here with an eclectic blend of really odd stuff. This week I have for you a manly-man who says he’ll read a romance picked on a dare, a possible Other mob hit, and a peek into the lives of werewolf frat boys. I am also happy to announce that “Equal Partners,” book two of my “Wild Lords” series is now scheduled for a January release! I’ll keep you posted on what the actual release date will be once I know it.

So first off, we have the Epic Black Car Guy- I have no idea who he is- saying he will, and I quote, “clean his pistol, pour a tall glass of bourbon, and read whatever book we consider to be the Greatest Romance Novel Ever Born!” So, of course, I had to chime in with “Gone With the Wind,” because you can’t get much more epic than that. I also submitted “Acheron” by Sherrilyn Kenyon, because it was at least written in this century, has pretty much everything but the kitchen sink in the plot, and- most importantly- it has shapeshifters. Pop on over and read the comments. They are funny as heck!

Next we have the possible Other mob hit. I say this because an airplane was spotted circling a wooded area, a person was seen falling from the sky without a parachute, but no body was found! The witnesses were all employees of a vet clinic. Despite claiming to have found no body, the police are still investigating and are not willing to comment on that investigation. This all took place in Egg Harbor, PA. Yeah, this could be just a string of unrelated factiods, but here’s how it reads to me:

Someone got cocky and made fast with the mob boss‘s daughter. So the mob tries to off they guy and dispose of the body it the harbor. But he’s not human, see? And since they didn’t cut off his head, he’s not really dead, just stunned. So he wakes up mid air and jumps to safety. No body was found because even if the fall had killed him, the remains wouldn’t have been that of a human. (It might have; two traumatic injuries back-to-back can tax even a shifter.) I’m sure they would have noticed a dead tiger or wolf, but would they have necessarily noticed a dead were-squirrel? And since this all happened in Egg Harbor, I’m thinking the mobsters tried to off a were-seagull. The witnesses knew full well what they were seeing and tried to report it, like good Samaritans, but who’s going to believe the mob tried to off a man who changing into a bird, right? Or maybe someone tried to off Spenser Pratt. That guy just won’t go away, either.

Anyways…. Here’s nice look into the lives of seven freshman werewolves just trying to get a post-class cup of coffee before hitting the library to study. Seems someone has other plans for two of them, though:


“What are we doing tonight? Slack off or start in on the work?” Torr asked idly as they walked out of their last class for the day. No one answered- Laz felt like his brain was trying to ooze out of his left ear. Humanities at 7:00 am, Algebra at 9:30, and a four hour biology lab at 12:30 was more than he had been ready for. Man, his sister hadn’t been kidding when she said costing through high school didn’t mean costing through college level classes!

“We’d better get a crack at the home work,” Laz advised. “I have a feeling if we don’t stay on top of it, we could get too far behind to ever catch up.”

“I’m hungry but I think I’m too tired to eat,” Alex commented, sounding bemused. “I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. Why did we choose this heavy of a course load again?”

“Ego,” Rico grunted. Laz chuckled. The small wolf from Taos, New Mexico, didn’t say much other than the occasional one-word sentence, but he was usually dead-on.

“I do remember thinking that anything an ape could do, a wolf could do better,” he agreed. “When that ape egghead signed up for a tough course load, we all decided to sign up for one more class than him.”

“Ego,” Rico repeated, sounding disgusted.

“I need a coffee,” Laz said a few minutes later. The scent of roasting coffee beans wafting on the air smelled nice and Alex, though he said he was too tired to eat, probably should do so anyway. The massive wolf from Michigan wasn’t fat- he ate like that because he was 250 lbs of solid muscle and even a skinny wolf could out eat an ape. Super strength and super healing meant a super high metabolism.

“With all the home work that algebra teacher dumped on us, we’re going to need an IV infusion of caffeine, not a single cup,” Torr groused. He followed the smaller wolf willingly enough, though, and the others quickly fell in behind them.

“I guess I figure that since I got strait A’s in high school algebra, I’d do fine with the college level stuff,” Laz agreed. The wolves elbowed each other finding spaces at a long table lined with second-hand easy chairs and a saggy couch as Laz made his way up to the counter to place their order. He didn’t think it had dawned on the others that he had taken the lead in the group.

For two weeks, they’d all told him that as a lone wolf with no pack to back him, he was bottom of the totem pole. As he stood in line waiting for their order, he looked the others over. Everyone wanted to be the pack alpha. No one wanted the work. Or, Laz realized suddenly, they didn’t realize that there was a difference between being dominant and being aggressive. Laz wasn’t aggressive, for the most part. Fussing didn’t get anything done. Maybe he was more dominant than the others and they’d tried putting him in his place because they sensed that about him?

A loud crash interrupted his musings. Laz turned to look and found four very, very big- and full grown- wolves attacking his pack. He didn’t think, just acted.

Two of the wolves had the twins, Rex and Rory, in headlocks. The pups had gone limp from the neck hold, as all young wolves tended to do, and were being dragged out of the cafĂ©. Laz tackled their feet, trying to break the grip so the pair could get away. They wolf holding Rory did drop his charge, but Rory, not being the brightest of the pack, just flopped to the floor. Laz’s vision hazed out of focus when a third wolf kicked his head, allowing the second wolf to pick Rory up again. Laz vaguely realized that the two who had the twins were getting away, but was too busy trying to get the two who’d remained behind off him.

“Guys! A little help here?” he shouted as he rolled blindly away from the next kick.

“I got this one!” he heard someone, probably Torr, shout, then heard a crunch. Torr dropped beside him, out cold. Evidently he hadn’t had that one. A loud roar sounded from Alex, the hulk of the group, then another crash. As glass tinkled over him, Laz heard a siren. Shit! The kidnapers were getting away with Rex and Rory. With the cops coming- and his head pounding too hard to see strait- they'd never be able to slip out and follow!


That’s all for this week, kiddies! Have a safe and festive Autumn!



Rebecca Murray said...

Oh, lordy. If you drop by that Rpic black Car Guy blog, DO NOT subscribe! I have been deleteing about 20 "new comment" e-mails and hour. The posts are entertaning to read, just don't ask for e-mails confirmations...

Serena Shay said...

Yikes, Rebecca, I did that once on a different blog and was bombarded with emails...never again! lol

The comments on Black Car Guy blog are quite entertaining, so many options... I like your suggestion with Acheron. That book had it all and I both laughed and cried so often I was spent when I finished reading! I love that Atlantian God! Whew...

Great flash!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, first, CONGRATS! "I am also happy to announce that “Equal Partners,” book two of my “Wild Lords” series is now scheduled for a January release!"

I'll check out Mr. Sacrificing Himself to Read a Romance Novel guy... yeah, I feel so sorry for him.

Whoa... I don't think I'm trusting any Frat Wolves with my safety... the poor little wolf guys...

Rebecca Murray said...

Yep, they are clearly in need of a big, strong alpha to keep their furry little butts out of trouble. Poor Jack never stood a chance...

Pat C. said...

Omigod, I love the frat wolves. Rico's already my favorite and he only said one word. Maybe because he comes from the Southwest, which is coyote country.

Love that picture, too. And congrats on your latest sale!

Funny, when the story mentioned the guy thrown out of the plane and no body found, I immediately thought of a bird (or pterodactyl?) shifter. Great minds think alike.

Savanna Kougar said...

That is a great pic... Ah... da plane... da plane... I thought of a black ops termination, or an experiment to find out if their latest shapeshifter could survive... evidently, Shifter survived... and, boy, do I hope she/he escaped... or, maybe, I don't...

Rebecca Murray said...

I came up with several plots for how a body could be seen falling when no body was found. Ever since reading that Tales of the Sazi, though, mafia werewolves pop to mind a lot. LOL!

I love the pick, too. I bid on a print of it on eBay. I hope I get it! That really needs to be hanging over my computer desk, I think.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, hope you get your pic!