Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No news, just a snipit this week

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of Shapeshifter Seductions. Rebecca here. I was going to make a great post about Jeff the shape shifting alligator getting arrested outside an elementary school but it’s late and the muse had me working feverishly on a new manuscript. So I’m just going to post a snipit this week. Working name of this manuscript is “Frat Pack Alpha.” Enjoy!


“So you are our new humanities professor,” a condescending voice rang down the empty hall. Jack turned to look for the source. Tall, lithe and sultry, the woman behind him was enough to make him sit up and beg. His instincts, on the other hand, told him to watch his step. This fem was trouble with a capital T. Her demeanor indicated she was dominant as hell, even for a human.

“Yes, yes I am,” he said calmly, making sure to keep his eyes on her chin rather than her fantastic rack. “Jack Spenser. I’ll be teaching a series of courses on humans and their struggle to allow cohabitation with large predators.”

“Interesting choice of discipline for a wolf,” she murmured, eyeing him critically. Jack fought his unease at being recognized as a shifter. And at being eyed by a dominant female. It was the fem wolves who chose in mating so his wolf instincts were kicking in hard at the prospect of mating with this sexy woman.

“Not really,” he replied, trying to act unaffected. “They still conduct mass wolf hunts despite the timber wolf being a protected species. They kill bear sows with suckling cubs in the name of being “humane” every year. They kill cougars on the vague suspicion that an animal might have eaten someone’s pet. Changing how humans think about large predators is the only way to arrest that trend.”

“But the large predators do kill humans and livestock, Mr- What did you say your name was?” the woman tossed back.

“Dr. Spenser,” Jack replied, reminding himself not to rise to her baiting. If she knew he was a were-wolf then she was damn well trying to antagonize him deliberately- yet another aspect of the mating dance. He wasn’t fooled though. She had a set of rings on her left hand that could keep a den fed for a year. “I hold a doctorate in psychology,” he finished.

“The better to understand your prey?”

“The better to understand the interactions between my people and yours,” he corrected firmly. “The animosity goes both ways.”

“Hm.” The woman looked Jack over one more time, not quite as hostile as before. “I hadn’t realized the local pack alpha would support one of his wolves interacting so closely with apes,” she said, using the common were derogatory term for humans.

“I wouldn’t know,” Jack replied, shifting his weight. Having a discussion like this in an open hall wasn’t a good idea- too many ears could overhear. “I’ve been a lone wolf since my pack was killed off years ago. If you’ll excuse me Miss-”

“Carlisle, Mrs. Megan Carlisle. I’m the trophy wife of the Dean of Students,” she replied.

“If you’ll excuse me, Mrs. Carlisle, I need to get going. My first lecture starts in a few minutes,” he said quickly, turning away before she had a chance to reply.

Damn, he thought darkly. Her husband, the dean, did know what he was. That was unavoidable, since the dean was a were-jaguar. And his human wife had cornered him, a lone wolf new to the area, in a manner that any shifter would recognize as a come-on. She’d also made a point of letting him know she was married but not mated. That was a big difference in his world. Marriages were for power. Matings were for breeding.


Hope you enjoyed it! It’s a strait paranormal, no fantasy, no elves. Just a poor lone wolf who thought he’d been hired to teach a humanities class and finds himself chin-deep in intrigue, a sneaky boss, the boss’s promiscuous wife, a gaggle of young wolves away from home for the first time, and a rather intriguing townie who talks him into pretending to be a sub to her dom so they can infiltrate a suspicious bondage club…


My current release:
The Hawk’s Bride, book one of the Wild Lords
“Banished as a child, Lucan Hawk has grown to be a bitter warlord with a bad reputation. Now someone is killing the king's heirs and the king wants him named heir. But Luc can't forgive his uncle for allowing the banishment ten years ago. Then he's offered a boon he can't refuse--the right to marry the only woman he ever loved. Too bad the killer decides to target her next!”


Serena Shay said...

Rebecca, Niiiiice! An intriguing snippet and story!

Savanna Kougar said...

Omygawd!... not a suspicious bondage club... he must be a lone wolf to be talked into being a sub.

Luv that title: Frat Pack Alpha

Pat C. said...

I'm willing to forego the news if it means stories like this. Love it! Love the pic as well.

I guess the title "Animal House" was taken ...

Rebecca Murray said...

"Animal House" actually wouldn't fit. The sneaky boss hired Jack specifically because he needed an alpha wolf to keep the fresh-meat (pun intended) from stirring up trouble by forming their own "frat pack." But didn't tell Jack because then Jack, the original lone wolf, wouldn't have taken the job.

I have no idea where the idea of a dominant wolf trying to pretend he was a sub to a mousy little human came from, but it was fun to write!

Pat C. said...

Now you owe us a scene with the frat boys. Don't try to weasel out.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca... sometimes those big hunk wolfs fall hardest for the mousy little woman... I've seen it happen... okay, not an actual wolf shifter...

Rebecca Murray said...

Ok, next week I'll post a sceen about the frat pack. (That's what they call themselves.)