Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vision Dreams

Octavia rose from the natural springs hot tub and dried herself. Bless Tongson for putting up the small shelter blocking the colder winds off the mountains. The chill in the air helped dry her and bring her temperature back into human range.

"Goddess, what am I going to do?" Tavia slipped into her caftan. The smooth silk rubbed across her sensitive nipples. As she'd showered with Tomas that morning even his soft caress left her wanting more. The last time she'd carried life within her womb, she'd wanted to fuck every male she came near. Praise be she'd learned about love and connecting. Now she wanted to lay between Tongson and Tomas, hearing their breaths as they slept.

This young life would grow to adulthood knowing love and a family that wanted them. One that did not care if the baby was a boy or girl. A child guided by loving parents and co-parents. This life would not know death and destruction before its phase was done.

Tavia cradled her expanding stomach. She'd heard the child's heart beating as she slept. Last night the oddest dream repeated itself through out the night. Two heart beats echoed in unison with her own. One the spinner of the gossamer web of life. The other the protector and warrior that healed the riffs deep within hearts.

What would Tongson say? Tomas as well? Mickey and Night Hawk knew they're journey would not be easy. They wished to be safe. Their child's future hung in the mix as hers did. Did it matter who fathered the children?

Tavia sighed and made her way upstairs, hoping her dreams revealed that yet to come.


HAPPY WEEKEND AGAIN! Keep cool and enjoy a good book or two! Remember to allow yourself time to nurture and nourish your mind and body.

Have a great weekend!


Pat C. said...

Lovely as always. That child will be cherished.

Let's get the "Stop Shere Khan NOW!" movement under way, shall we?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, lovely and wonderfully mystical, Solara.

Shere Khan is a powerful foe, magickally and because of his cunning and strength. Not to mention all of his ninjas.

Stunning painting... Susan Sedon Boulet? I can't read the signature.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! Yes Savanna you are correct on the painter. I love this painting. I have two of hers on my walls at home. I have this one as my screen saver at work. It calms me so much. I want it for my home too. My living room is done in southwestern and native american themes.

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, your living room sounds beautiful and inspirational. I only have card decks that feature Ms. Boulet's paintings... I love them!