Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Real Story ~ Black Bear Outsmarts Officials

Black bear outsmarts Wash. wildlife officials

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– Tue Jun 7, 5:00 pm ET

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. – A young black bear has outsmarted wildlife officials trying to trap it in Washington state.

Washington Fish and Wildlife Department agents are tracking the bear Tuesday near Port Orchard. So far, the bear has withstood a tranquilizer dart Monday and resisted a trap baited with doughnuts, marshmallows and maple syrup.

Sgt. Ted Jackson says agents are following the bear to make sure it stays away from schools.

He says if agents get a clear shot, they'll try to dart it again. If the bear remains in the area, they'll try again to trap it and relocate it.

The story behind the story...

Charleson paced, his nose to the slight breeze. He’d spent days tracking his twin sister, Charis. The school was the last place he’d scented her.

Against the wishes of his parents, he’d trekked from their deep-forest home in a desperate effort to find her. She’d been spirited off by an evil skinwalker. Although his parents had sought out the best magicians, none of them had been able to free Charis from the spell, let alone discover her whereabouts.

Charleson understood the humans’ concern for their young ones. Still, he couldn’t give up. Despite the pain, and the hours of fighting off the numbing affects of the tranquilizer dart, he’d been able to elude the Wildlife Department agents.

Near exhaustion, he plopped his rump on the coolness of the ground. The shade tree he’d retreated to welcomed him, and shadowed his presence. Unable to voice his agony, he raised his head and silently bawled.

With tears leaking from his eyes, he dropped to the ground, his head on his front paws. Where was she?

Charis, he roaring-screamed in his mind.

Low whimpers escaped him, even as memories of their long playful romps in the forest crowded his mind. They should have been exploring their world, eating the ripe mulberries -- looking for honey. They should have been learning how to shift from bear to human, human to bear, so it would become second nature to them.

“I know where she is.”

The whisper, soft as a feather’s tickle, entered one of his ears. Not moving his head, Charleson rolled one eye while hope flared in his heart. The tiny fairy gazed at him from within a shimmering violet bubble. She was clothed in various shades of purple. Even her ankle-long, white hair glowed as if rinsed in lilac blossoms.

Did he dare trust her? More often than not, fairies were mischievous. Yet, some were exceptionally kind-hearted.

Charleson tried to make up his mind, his brain grumbling loudly with the effort.

Happy Month of June Shapeshifting


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said... trust the fairy or not trust the fairy. I sure hope Charleston finds his sister! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I know... he's terribly torn up, the poor guy.

Pat C. said...

There seem to be an awful lot of fairies around, and they seem to like hanging around shifters. Magic attracts magic? Or are shifters less likely to swat them? This bears looking into. No pun intended.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bears looking into... lol! Fairies are everywhere, however shapeshifters are more likely to see them, and accept them as real.

Savanna Kougar said...

NOTE: Okay, I misheard Charleson's name. It is Charleson instead of Charleston.