Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smiles and Love Multiplied

Tory looked at the shirt she purchased with Anthony in mind. How lovely things had become once Josh and she had ironed out their differences. Josh understood Anthony's bi needs better once he'd gotten past his jealousy.

Poly pride festivals were new to shifters. Sharing and not tearing each other apart rankled many within the shifter community back in Talbot's Peak. She wondered how Danny was doing with Penelope and her aussie. Last time he'd stopped by the bar, he'd worn a smile that light up his face and eyes. Perhaps he'd found what he was looking. Tory hoped so.

She smiled and hummed as she emptied out the other items she bought partly out of need and also as gesture of her growing love for Josh. How would he take the leather gear and nipple clamps? Would he ask Anthony to try them out in one of their weekly threesomes?

God their last one had been so hot, she'd melted the ice Anthony stuff her pussy full of the moment Josh climbed up on the bed and began stroking her clit. He'd offered to get her so wet and volcanic with need that Anthony laughed after he asked Josh if he turned bi. Josh said he decided to give only one woman a whirl, Tory.

Josh's long thick cock twitched each time she'd looked at him. Anthony had driven them both to playing with each other as he lay back watching them stroking his own thickness. Who said a male needed extra inches to please his lovers? Josh and Anthony did fine with theirs.

Sixty-nining with Josh had given her longer and hard orgasms than she thought possible. When he'd taken her from behind, Tory had creamed within his first few strokes. His hot gism spattered against her deep inside her hot throbbing pussy as Anthony had helped deep throat him. Soon his orgasm coated her throat.

Tory squirmed as images of the rest of the evening came rushing back. Damn she needed both Josh and Anthony now. Of course there was the pink plus sign stick tucked in medicine chest. And the little shirt mirroring the one she'd gotten for Anthony. The one she'd hidden for Josh said I'm theirs. She wondered what their reaction would be to hers. She smiled as smoothed out the lettering on the front--womb with a view.


Happy weekend all! JET LAG BLUES is available for pre-order at Siren Publishing. Release day is June 22nd. Keep cool and surrounded by your loves! Read a few good books together joined (yes sexually joined) and share the love!


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