Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Recreation Tom Cat Style

"I'll raise you 10 and take 2 cards." Tomas watched as Lazlo picked up his hand. The tiger tabby had arrived two weeks ago with reinforcements from New York.

Lazlo smiled and tossed three blues chips next to Tomas's. "Here's your two cards." Lazlo peeled two of the top of the face down deck next to him. "I'll raise you 30. You in or out Frank."

Tomas picked up his two cards. A full house. Second hand he'd bet too shallow on. Blast it. He turned to Frank. "What you calling or folding Frances?"

A hiss and growl followed as Frank tossed his cards on the table. "No one calls me Frances. Frank's my name. Always has and will be. I'm out. Too rich for my catnip."

Frank folded his paws tight against his chest. He glared at Tomas. Tomas shrugged and turned to the cat next to Frank. "Tisha, your call."

The carmel colored Persian looked at her cards and the pool of chips laying on the table. Licking one paw, she preened and purred. "I'm in and I raise you 100." She tossed a red chip on top of the ones laying center of the table. Picking up her glass of milk, she drank.

Tomas peeked at his cards. If he broke the full house up what were the odds Tisha held two pairs or some other minor trick that he could beat? Still, her take no prisoners attitude and kick ass persona said she'd go for the max regardless. How many other felines literally rode dogs out of the hood, all four paws and full claws in their hides?

Tomas glanced at Lazlo. His deadpan stare gazed ahead right at Tisha. Lord were they fighting again? When would they stop trying to be what they weren't? A couple. They fought well together and were lethal in hand to hand combat.

One last glance at Tisha showed she glared back at Lazlo. Tomas inhaled and counted. Okay, so much for playing poker and relaxing. They had to decide who stayed and who went. Until more showed up in Talbot's Peak, Tomas wasn't sure he wanted to send other's to infiltrate Kahn's territory.

"My turn," Tomas began. "I'm in." He tossed chips equal to Lazlo's and Tisha's on the pile. "I raise you 300." Three more red chips joined the pile.

"Too rich for my blood." Lazlo tossed he cards on the table. "Guess its up to you Tisha."

Tisha preened more, ignoring her cards and the others sitting around the table as she licked her paws. After several moments of cleaning, she looked up. "My call is it?" She turned her cards over one by one. "Flush, ace to nine all same suit.

"I'll be dammed. Tisha how do you trounce us is beyond me?" Tomas laid his card face up on the table. "Full house."

Tisha smiled and purred. "Darlin' you cheat when you need to and flash the vital parts when necessary."

Tomas grinned and shook his head. As he glanced around the table, movement next to him caught his eye. A voluptuous nude woman sat next to him. Tomas blinked and looked again. Tisha's knowing wink and feline body filled the chair next to him.

Flash the vital parts, eh? Tomas wondered if Tavia minded sharing with a mischievous Persian while they waited tor reinforcements and the next report from Talbot's Peak.


Happy weekend all! Hope you're keeping cool and reading a some great books!



Rebecca Gillan said...

I like Tish. She's just the sort of strong alpha female they need to keep the males in line in Talbot's Peak!

On an aside, we had a cat when I was very, very young who used the toilet and hated every dog but his dog. He used to jump on the backs of any dog who teased my mom's little ankle-biter and ride them around the neighborhood. Even German Shepards used to cross the street to avoid antagonizing Rufus!

Solara said...

Thanks Rebecca! I had a Russian blue named Serenity. We got him from a neighbor when we lived in Hollywood. He roamed the neighborhood. Neutered and often got fussed at by dogs. He would climb the neighbor's tree and ignore them most times. Until one German Shepard refused to stop re-treeing him one day. My late hubby looked out the window and saw Serenity jump out of the tree as the Shepard turned. Next was Serenity riding his dog down the block. Dog avoided our neighborhood after that.

Bree said...

lol! This made me laugh.

Pat C. said...

Holy Joe, there's so much goodness here, where do I start? Touchy Frank? Flirty Tish? The "too rich for my catnip" line? The Poker Playing Dogs just lost their place in line. This is the kind of reinforcements Talbot's Peak needs.

Lazlo needs to meet with Louie, pronto. New York cat and Jersey rat = mucho trouble for bad guys.

Savanna Kougar said...

Tish is my kind of feline. We had a Siamese, who was tough as nails, and hunted about anything there was at night. She made it to a grand old age, despite a couple of bad encounters with probably a raccoon.

Ditto on everyone else's comments!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...flashing the vitals to win at poker! I love it.

The hubby and I once had a calico who adored him and hat-ate-ated me. She would dig my plants up and pee on the dirt. ~Head shaking, jealousy is an ugly thing! ;)~

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, lol! I bet Miss Jealous Calico would make a great character, though.

Savanna Kougar said...

Weird, Blogger is working here for me, but not much of anywhere else... it's error message 504.

Solara said...

Blogger acted up some on me too. Must be the amount of traffic happening. I love everyone's comments! I wrote this on the fly Friday night. Of course Dp (domestic partner) was flashing his vital parts attempting to lure me into a different kind of play. *WEG* He won! Of course after the blog was done and posted!

Pat I think Louie needs to meet up with Kazim and Lazlo. Kazim makes a mean pot of Russian borscht and his Goloush is A-1.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Gotta love a flash of inspiration like that, Solara!

Pat C. said...

Blogger gave me trouble too, which is why my post has no labels. Every time I hit the label tab IE got huffy and wanted to close. Any technical help would be appreciated.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Sorry, Blogger doesn't work for me at all in IE. Supposedly you can use something called "Blogger in Draft" to fix those bugs, but when I tried using it, it just ate my posts all together.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, if you want me to label, I'll try through Firefox... you could post them on the SS Yahoo loop.