Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ride Me Baby!!

“Ah, she is a real sweetie Harley. Riding her is so damn fine. I can feel her purring between my legs from the moment I mount her.”

Gil stopped dead in his tracks as he pushed the double kitchen door open. Three days in squirrel form was bad enough, now he had to listen to Louie gush loudly about some dame. Christ, his artistic aberration attack had gossip flying all over town. Hell the new dishes and haute cuisine werestyle had more shifters coming in than Katie could handle alone. A few had taken up eating at the bar. At least the tips were good. Scrubbing blood and guts off the varnished wood nightly was getting old real fast. Recently some drunk had tried to chomp on the bar. How did you get teeth marks out of wood?

“Yes Harley riding her over and over is ssssooooo fucking good.” Louie’s laughter echoed in the kitchen. “Oh, yeah I can’t wait to get her into overdrive. She really begins to buck then.”

Gil swallowed hard. What was Harley doing on the phone with Louie? Had Harley lost his mind? Talking about Mary like that. Or was he---oh shit he better not be cheating on her. Ms. Elly and kin would have his pork butt roasted and sliced before he could ride his hog bike out of town.

“Damn Harley, you getting the same reaction too? Ain’t it glorious? You know we need to take our babes for a sweet ride together. You know enter the contest and see who comes first.” Louie’s voice grew quiet. Gil pushed the door open farther. Hell with minding his own business. Harley and Louie needed to shut up. Forget need, they just better shut their friggin yaps. Mary was a nice girl and whoever Louie was dogging on. . .well her reputation didn’t need more tarnish. No lady or woman deserved to be talked about like Harley and Louie were.

“Louie---“ Gil shouted, storming through the kitchen door. Louie looked up from the prep table where he stood, a raised meat clever in one hand.

“Gil, what’s your nut?” Louie slammed the meat clever through hunk of meat before him. Gil looked at the meat and the cleaver buried half way in it. The handle quivered and thrummed. Eerie vibrations hummed around the kitchen.

Gil shrugged and tried to back away. “Uhmm nothing Louie. Didn’t realize you’re on the phone. Sorry.”

“Harley, hang on.” Louie pulled his blue tooth head set off his head. “Gil, you been at them liquored pecans again?”

Gil kept backing away. He’d seen what Louie could do with a skinning knife and the meat cleaver. Meeting up with either and one pissed off Louie wasn’t at the top of Gil’s preferences in any shape or form. “Never mind. I’ll get back to you when you’re done.”

As Gil reached the door, he exhaled. Dumb ass, his conscience roared. Yeah, a real dumb ass. Never ever get near a man with a meat cleaver in his hand.

“Harley, I think Gil has been nipping the fermented pecans again. The boy is not making sense.” Louie shook his head and reached for the paper next to him.

Gil rushed back into the dining area. So much for saving Mary and the other lady’s reputation. At least he could make sure, he knew what had been said so he could stop the gossip before it started. Inching the door open, he cocked his head listening intently.

“I bet Mary’s sweet on riding her. The feel of buildup and the power…oh man I get jazzed thinking about our babes revving into over drive as we ride them to desire and back.” Louie laughed and spoke a few more minutes before hanging up.

Gil stepped away from the door, his hands shaking. His cock strained against his fly. Mary riding another lady? Harley and Louie were watching two women getting it on. Gil tried to swallow. His dry mouth went drier as images flashed before him of the foursome Harley and Louie must be having.

Gil jumped as Louie swung the door open. “Gil, what’s going on with you? Eaves dropping again?”

Gil slumped against the wall. Caught. He might was well fess up. Maybe he could get in on the action. Get Katie to come along as his partner. Oooh, three women going at it at once?

“Gil,” Louie called louder, his hand waving in front of Gil’s face. “You okay? You got to stay out of the pecan bucket.”

Gil jumped back as a white item floated near him. Grabbing Louie’s hand, he caught part of the blurred words. Bill of sale. One customized motorcycle.

No, he couldn’t be wrong. Could he? Gil looked up and grinned sheepishly. “Uhmm yeah. Sorry Louie.”

“NO harm done.” Louie turned to leave.

“Hey Can I ask you a question?” Gil moved closer.

“Sure.” Louie hesitated.

“Mind if I join in on the action?” There he’d spit it out. Though if Louie’s arched eyebrow and deadpan stare indicated the answer, Gil was shit out of luck and probably a job too.

“You can if you can get a bike in time. The road race to Desire is filling up fast.” Louie tossed the papers he held on the bar. “I got a carcass to carve. Check with the folks on the sheets.”

Gil picked up the papers. He groaned. The top sheet read contest form for Race to Desire’s Bluff. The second showed a picture of a tricked out motorcycle with a delivery date of Tuesday inked on the border.


Savanna Kougar said...

Poor Gil, he's losing his nuts one way or another. Looks like Talbot's Peak is becoming a Biker town, as well as having a Biker bar outside of town.

Loved the flash, Solara. I think blogger might have posted late?

Rebecca Gillan said...

That was even better than you promised. Poor Gil; he can't ever catch a break...

Serena Shay said...

Bummer for Gil, no lovely ladies loving for him. Maybe if he did get a bike, he'd get the chance for a special treat. hehehe

Great flash!

Pat C. said...

Poor Gil. He just wants to do the right thing and it keeps going wrong. A chivalrous squirrel, how about that?

Thanks for taking on Louie and Gil for me. Ya done good.

He better not be riding when the moon comes up. I doubt if he could reach the handlebars.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Now that's something someone needs to write: Gil on a cycle during the full moon a la Stewart Little. It would so add to his gun-toting "no squirrel on the menu" fame!