Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too much whiskey, pretty kitty.

Leo Sun Sign greetings, shapeshifter lovers... no, my phone sex flash can’t compare with Pat Cunningham’s flash scene of yesterday. However, without further adieu...

Too much whiskey, pretty kitty.

Dante’s inner wolf howled and yipped for release. He should never have tossed down several shots of whiskey with Dead Aim. But the mountain man had been persuasive in that clap-on-the-back way of his.

Besides, Dante just plain liked and admired the puma shapeshifter. They’d jawed at the bar for a time, celebrating Dead Aim’s hookup with the woman rancher, Stormy.

Given Dante already had a soft spot in his heart for the human who encouraged him in his poetry writing, and also didn’t hold back on her criticism, he’d wanted to know whatever sexy tasty tidbits he could pry out of Dead Aim. That meant, sharing a bottle of Black Jack whiskey.

Vicariously enjoying what the long-lived puma called his courtship of Stormy, Dante began envisioning his short secretive time with Kitty, the woman he loved and adored beyond all reason. Eventually, he hadn’t been able to tamp down the raw ache that gutted him.

Now, he stealthily moved deeper into the forest surrounding his Pleasure Club. His wolf alternately growled and whimpered. Desperately, Dante fought off his desire to shift. He wanted to run to his Kitty, his paws flying over the night-moistened earth, until he stood at her door.

Instead, he moved within his hidden den, a tiny cabin he’d built over a cave opening. He’d learned long ago, the more places he could escape to, the better his chances for survival, and that ultimately meant victory.

Snatching up the satellite phone, he punched in Kitty’s number. In moments, she groggily purred ‘hello’ in his ear. “Who is this?”


There was a long pause, and Dante heard her soft breaths quicken in recognition of his voice. He listened to her indecisiveness about staying on the phone with him, revealed by several catches in her breathing.


“Katrina... Kitten.”

“Where -- where are you?”

He pictured the little quivers of her beautiful belly, the excited quivers of her shapely silken thighs. He pictured what he sensed through their connection, her feverish desire for him. “I’m alone. Away from the club.” He halted, then spilled the truth. “Too much whiskey, pretty kitty. I had to talk with you. Hear your voice.”

Dante swallowed. Pain, indescribable pain clawed its way up his throat. When? When would be able to finally claim her openly as his? Forever his.

He didn’t care how she fought him, fanged him, scratched him, he would convince her. He would.

“When?” she whispered, echoing his thoughts. “When will I see... see you?”

The ache in her voice mirrored his gut. Dante figured because he woke her up, she was more vulnerable to him.

“Don’t know if you’ve heard, Kitten. The old man is about to find out --”

“It’s all over Talbot’s Peak,” she interrupted. “So, it is true. Your grandfather could have sired another heir.”

“Yeah. Could be a big game changer for us. I could topple the sire’s empire, and not worry about Devon losing out. There’d be no reason --"

“No reason for me to end up as road kill.”

“No.” Dante clenched his eyelids shut. His forehead landed against the wall. Agony squeezed his heart, and vised his balls unmercifully. “Kitty,” he growled.

She mewed her ferocious passion for him. Dante knew the sound escaped her even as he shuddered with want. His cock arrowed, then raged like a caged beast against his leather pants.

“I feel you,” she throatily sang. “Oh, Dante, I feel you.”

After groaning, he rasped, “How... how do you feel me?” He had to know. More, he needed to hear her say it. That is, if he wanted to continue living. Continue breathing... simply continue into the next moment.

“I feel you inside me. Oh, Dante, your cock... your cock is filling me... so large... so, so demanding... please, goddess, please... “

She panted, and he knew she scraped her fingernail over her clit. He knew her hips rocked, a sultry rhythm that always drove him crazy wild until he buried his cock deep inside her, and howled his come.

Dante thrust against the wall, remembering the savage and sweet pleasure that had only been with her, his love, his woman. “Kitten, I feel you. Hot and tight. You’re so creamy and I’m sliding in and out... I’m too fast, pumping hard... you’re so good, I can’t help it...”

“Yes, yes.”

Her little cries of pleasure wrapped around his shaft, and Dante slammed his loins hard into the wall. His hips moved of their own volition, and his rigid cock felt the slide of the leather as he fucked the unmovable surface.

“Remember... remember our first time.” Dante’s words matched his humping thrusts. “I kissed and lapped your breasts until you came. Your juices filled my palm.”

She squealed with feline pleasure, and Dante ‘felt’ her delicately claw the folds of her pussy.

“Remember... remember when I rubbed... I rubbed every last inch of my body on your cock like a cat.”

“God, yes!” His words vibrated through him like his Harley. “Kitten...your delectable gorgeous body.”

“Your purrrfectly muscled body... hard, so hard... I’m... I’m about to... ”

She plucked her clit several times, then pulled. Dante observed it before his mind’s eye. He ground his shaft against the wall, and his grip threatened to crush the phone.

“Come, Kitten, come with me.”

The following silence stretched as if testing the strength of their bond, then snapped with the force of an arriving lightning storm after a heat wave. An explosion of rapture zinged back and forth between them.

Dante couldn’t move, and he knew she was a willing captive to their climax. But it had to end. And end now. Mentally, he jerked on the energy, halting the orgasmic flow.

“Wolf... my wolf, I --”

“I love you, Kitty.”

Dante disconnected, knowing they were about to be tracked by what he euphemistically called Sky Net.

Panting like a couch-potato human, he straightened, and dropped the phone onto its cradle. Yeah, he knew exactly where White Fang was, patrolling Talbot’s Peak, and getting his next story on Shere Khan’s unscrupulous activities.

Dante was about to ask a favor of the Super Wolf, once he stepped through the doors of his rooms at the Pleasure Club. Keep a laser eye on his Kitty Katrina love, just in case he hadn’t ended the call soon enough.

Okay, chew a bloody bone, so he might owe Nick an apology, now that he was a wall humper. Dante twisted his lips in a facsimile of a grin. Fat chance in hell he’d ever voice it, though. Maybe, just maybe, he’d send Nick a desk worthy of being humped, instead of that old relic taking up space in the G&B’s editor’s office.

“I love you, Kitty,” he whispered a moment before striding out of his hidden den.

Have a Cool Shapeshifting Day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

That. Was. H. O. T. Phone sex AND wall humping. What a twofer!

We're not running comparisons here. It's apples and oranges. And pickles. And peaches. And fortune cookies. Suddenly I'm hungry for Chinese.

Savanna Kougar said...

Chinese food, oh yeah. Peach pie afterwards. A shot of whiskey, then a frozen apple daiquiri... strange, but appealing combo, and I could go for it, right now... maybe, it's this ongoing oppressive heat.

Serena Shay said...

Mmm, now there's a phone call I'd love to get...a hot, horny Dante crooning in my ear deep in the middle of the night and throw in some wall humping too! Nice!!

Great Flash, Savanna! Oooh, egg rolls and cream cheese wontons...what a delish mid-day treat that would make!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yep, a hot, horny Dante who wants his Kitty. His super deep voice was doing me in, as I wrote the flash.

Oooh! Egg rolls and cream cheese wontons... yes, yes, yes! We need transporter takeout.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yep, owning up to wall humping would just not fit with Dante's tough-guy image. Fantastic flash!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, nope, it wouldn't. But strong drink and the right woman will do that to a man. ~grins~