Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well, Hello there!

Caid closed his eyes and let the warmth from the campfire wash over him. It was probably too late to be restarting the fire, with dawn no more than three hours away, but there also was no point in him trying to get to sleep after that late night romp through the woods, either. He heard the kettle whistle and smiled. Two sleeping hell hounds, one pleasantly cool evening, a campfire, and a mug of Earl Grey. Now that was what he called a relaxing evening!

His mind drifted back to the lioness. Or cougaress. Or whatever the females of her philo-type were called. He like lioness. It was majestic, just like her cat form. He wondered if her human form was a lithe and silky. He smiled and took a sip of his tea.


He was so beautiful, Jen thought as she watching him from the cover of darkness. She had no idea if owls had a good sense of smell but knew they had good hearing, so she kept down wind and at a distance so she could watch him as he settled his charges in for the night. He hadn’t put on another shirt, so she was treated to the sight of firelight dancing over velvety smooth, milk-white skin as he restarted the fire and heated water. She wasn’t normally a fan of men who didn’t have any sort of a tan this far into summer, but his physique showed he was no wilting flower. Maybe they just didn’t get much sun where ever he was from.

She watched a sultry smile dance over his well-formed mouth as he sipped his drink, tea by the smell of it. She wasn’t all that big on tea drinkers, either. But like his milky complexion, she found it workable. They didn’t drink only coffee in Great Britton, and his accent had sounded vaguely British. The urge to join him became too much to resist. She closed her eyes and shimmered as she changed shapes.


Caid went from drowsy to high alert and an energy spike sizzled across his skin. It wasn’t a strong spike, just barely enough to stir the night but it was enough for him to feel. Only shifters could make that particular type of power surge and only a very-well trained, experienced one could make a surge so subtle that most would never notice it.

She stepped out to the woods wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. His t-shirt, he realized with a jolt. His eyes roamed over the expanse of golden skin exposed and the long, light dark brown tresses spilling wildly over her shoulders. He smiled when it dawned on him this was the cougar he and the boys had run into earlier. She was as stunning in this form as she had been in that one. His cock twitch hopefully. No, he admonished his member. She can’t possibly know that she is claiming me by coming to me clad in nothing but my scent.


Bree said...

A cougaress and an owl. Interesting combination. Cool excerpt!

Pat C. said...

Ah, the old "clad in a t-shirt and nothing else" ploy. Go get 'im, Jen!

Savanna Kougar said...

Ooooh, I love that ending... claiming him by coming to him wearing his scent... I got the shiver-anticipation tingles.

Serena Shay said...

A sexy man, playing it cool, drinking tea...I love it, but I bet Jen reels him in pretty quick though. ~wink~

Fabulous flash, Rebecca!

Rebecca said...

He resists, but any cougar worth her salt knows how to hunt a sexy bird like him!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, well said.