Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Do We Have To Go?

Wow, Hawke and the crew were quite verbal today.  ~wink~  Enjoy!


Ally stepped from the manager’s office determined to keep the tears at bay until she could get to their room and get packed.  The death grip she had on the room keys spoke volumes to her exhausted, overwrought brain.  She hadn’t even gotten to the point of begging for a reprieve before…

“Mom, Rosie’s crazy.”

“Am not!”

“I’m bored.”

“Enough!”  Ally reprimanded her crew in a quiet tone, hoping to get them upstairs without any full on temper tantrums. “We are going back to the room, quietly.”

“But mom, I need to tell you something.”  Rosie’s excitement was clear as she jumped up and down while pulling at Ally’s shirt.

“Can it wait, Chick-a-pea, please?”  She only had an hour to pack herself and her kids up and vacate the room.

“Ma’um,” Rosie whined as only a nine year old girl could. “I hate when you call me that.”

“Sorry, hun…, ah Rosie.”  Ally had to remember that her baby had decided not long ago that she was too old for nicknames now. No more sing-songy names for her little miss.  “I forgot, but we are in a hurry.  Can we keep moving?”

“I need to tell you something…”

“Please Rosie, later, okay?”  She moved her independently minded daughter further up the stairs and waited for her twin terrors to move past as well.

“She wants to tell you she’s crazy, loco in the cabasa…,” Ally pinched Silas on the underside of his arm as he taunted his sister with the finger swirl at his temple.  “Ow…hey that hurt.”

“Stop harassing her, Silas.  Now is not a good time for me to have to discipline you.”

“…She’s on the last train to Nutsville, swinging wide around the bend, off her rocker…”  Daniel, not wanting to be left out, picked up where his twin had left off in finding additional ways to tease his sister. 

“Shut it, Daniel.”  Ally flicked his ear and looked at him with a disdainful eye.  “Both of you keep moving and be nice to your sister.”

“Aah fine.”  They replied in unison, reminding her of when they were very young and had their own way of communicating with each other.  She wondered if they’d ever really moved past that stage or just stopped letting her see their interaction.

At the top of the steps, all three kids waited at the door to their room.  Silas was angry, Daniel was clearly bored and her Rosie-posy was pouting.  Somehow she would make this summer up to them, but for now they had to pack.


Hawke hovered quietly in the corner watching his new family gather their things.  He remained invisible so as not to cause his sweet’ling any more problems with her brothers just now.

“Okay, guys and gals, we need to keep moving here and get packed up.  We’re down to a half an hour before we need to be out of here.”

“Why do we have to go?”

“Screw that question, Daniel.  Where are we gonna go?”

“Mama…” Rosie followed his beautiful Ally around the room as she frantically threw stuff in her bags.  How had Bob given her the news that she was so hurried?

“Keep packing, Rosie.  Silas and Daniel, everything is going to be fine.  Please trust me.”

Damn straight it would be okay.  The feathers ruffled in his hair reminding him how close his bird was to being ready to accept him, but the hawk wasn’t equipped yet to handle his soul.  Getting riled up would just impede the process.

“Do we have to live on the street now?”

“Yep Daniel, in the gutter since mom won’t get a job to pay for the room.” 

Hawke swooped down and gripped the boy’s neck with a mental touch.  There would be no physical marking, but the cold grasp would be felt deep into this young ones bones. Frustration simmered inside him at Silas’ hurtful words towards his mother.  He understood this male’s anger, but could not allow him to treat his life giver so shabbily. 

Show your mother the respect she deserves Silas.

“Ouch…back off, Daniel.”

“I didn’t do anything, butthead.”

“Don’t call me butthead, dillhole!”


“Boy’s, stop it, both of you…”

“umpth…” “ow…” “jackass…” “Motherf…” “Mom, mom, mom…”


Hawke was stunned by the madness ensuing and swore to visit his mother before he left this place to return to his body.  He needed to apologize for the sheer craziness he and his siblings put her through.

“All three of you, sit down now.”  Ally paced the room with her hands on her lower back and her head hung low.  She breathed deeply as if holding back words she really wanted to say.  Hawke was impressed by her control. 

“But mom…”  Silas again, the boy really liked to test his mother’s restraint.

“No, it’s my turn to talk.  Silas, Daniel, your DS’s please…”

Hawke had no idea what these DS things were, but the boy’s seemed reluctant to hand them over.

“No way, mom, please don’t take away our only source of fun…”

“One week with no games better help you improve your mouths and attitudes.  Now, Rosie, what do you need?”

“I don’t want to leave my friend.”

“Rosie, we are not, exactly, leaving the…wait, did you say friend?

Hawke stood next to Ally, watching and waiting for Rosie to drop the paranormal bomb.  How would she handle the truth?

“Yep, Hawke.  He’s a ghost.”


Rebecca Gillan said...

Sounds like those two boys need Hawke as much as their mother does! Nad not for the same reason, either!

Nice bit of flash, Serena!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Rebecca! Yep, the twins do need a strong male figure. One far different from the fleeing father they had. :)

As for Ally, well Hawke is going to be a breath of fresh air for this overwhelmed mama. ;)

Pat C. said...

Oh no! Where will they go, and how can the disembodied Hawke help them? Other than laying down the law with the twins, that is.

He talks about returning to his body. Is he a true ghost or an astral projection?

And that last line. This is how the pros write a cliffhanger.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Pat! :)

Hawke is somewhere in between a ghost and an astral projection. He's shared with me what's going to happen, just not how or why it's going to happen.

He also has his ways of helping. In this case, Bob has been the go to guy. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, that was a great cliffhanger. Yes, this family definitely needs Hawke. I'm lovin' him, more and more. And, Ally has my respect. I wouldn't have the patience she does.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna!

Yep, Ally has patience times ten! She surprises me with her ability to function and not run screaming for the hills when she's dealing with the twins...LOL

Solara said...

Serena this gets better and better. Great ending to keep the readers going well did Bob offer the job or what? I know I'm hooked!

Serena Shay said...

:) Thanks Solara! I know, what did Bob do? I wish Ally would give me a clue already...or did she? muahahahah ~wink~