Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Freedom Day Shifter Style

Josh looked at the flags draped from every nook and available crevice in the bar. Lord, there were enough flags and clan poles decorating the room to allow them to open their own united shifters nations meeting. “I guess the cold and open spaces brought folks together in ways we hadn’t thought about.”

Anthony smiled and leaned on the bar. “I’m wondering if any of them will appreciate the finer aspect of this once they’ve got a few beers in them. Liquor and shifters often don’t mix.”

Josh laughed and shook his head. “Why do you think I told Sally to hide the good stuff? The beer’s watered down. It’ll take quite a few to light any fuses. By then, I suspect most will have enough food in their guts to help counter act the effects.”

Tory entered from the area off the bar leading to Josh’s office. “That was Tomas on the phone. He’s ready to send us reinforcements as needed. They got back from the north country a few weeks ago.”

Josh slipped his arms around Tory’s growing waist, pulling her back against him. “How’s Tongson handling Tavia’s pregnancy? I’m sure he’s guarding her and wanting to stash her somewhere out of the way.”

Tory reached up and patted Josh’s cheek. She reached for Anthony with her other hand. “I don’t know. But knowing Tavia’s reputation for not taking shit, I bet she’s read both Tongson and Tomas the riot act a few times over.”

Anthony took her hand, brushing his lips over her knuckles. He laved the space between her fingers as he worked his way back across her hand. Raising his head, he winked before moving around her other side and adding his arm around her and Josh. “I know we’re in for rough times ahead with the war brewing in Talbot’s Peak. Many here have voiced their concern and displeasure over Sherre Kahn’s power hungry tactics.”

“Freedom is important to us as well as humans. Power is so dark and corrupting if misused. Mixed with a bent on vengeance and ---all I can say is look the fuck out.” Josh freed one arm and hugged Anthony.

Anthony pressed his lips against Josh’s. He nibbled and worried each lip with his teeth before slipping his tongue deep into Josh’s mouth. Careful to not press hard against Tory, Josh moved tighter to Anthony. He slowly slid his hand up Anthony’s back until he reached his hair.

Threading his hand through Anthony’s ponytail, Josh worked the band holding it free. Josh loved the feel of Anthony’s hair rubbing against his thigh as Anthony deep throated him. Fisting his hands full of Anthony’s hair and tugging slightly urged Anthony on. Josh still had the nip marks near the base of his balls from their prior night’s play.

“Easy loves,” Tory moaned. “Our child kicks her delight. I want her to know her fathers’s love well before she’s born. Much more and I’m going to need services that aren’t meant for public eyes.”

Anthony pulled back, breaking off his and Josh’s kiss. Anthony inhaled deeply. He wanted to take both of his loves to bed and spend the night making love. That would have to wait. They had a bar to run and a freedom celebration to get under way.

“Happy Freedom Day!” Sally called out as she entered through the front door. “May all find freedom to be, love as they want without harm to others and themselves, and to share the gift of love and life with everyone unbiasedly.”

“Amen to that!” Josh added. “The first round is on the house for any through the door tonight, be it beer or non-alcoholic.”


Happy Fourth of July everyone! Summer is upon us and the heat is kicking. Keep cool with those you love. Remember to enjoy a few good books with your spice and friends.




Pat C. said...

Yay! Happy 4th, even though it's the 2nd. Looks like the rebellion against Shere Khan's oppression is shaping up nicely.

Solara said...

Happy 4th to ya Pat! A little spicy heat from our original north triad. I got a feeling Shere Khan don't know what it's like to face a bunch of pissed off parents or mothers even if they aren't in the direct battle zone.

Pat C. said...

Yes, he does. Shere Khan has several wives and numerous concubines. I'm not sure a tigress can properly be called a bitch, but head wife Kali manages to pull it off. She's the one who named her daughter "She-Demon."

Khan would rather fight men than women. He knows he stands a better chance of survival.

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like love's fireworks to add to the Freedom Day celebration.

lol... Shere Khan may find himself outgunned soon, so many in Talbot's Peak are on the warpath against him, and looking for his Achilles heel.

May freedom ring throughout the world on this Independence Day weekend.

Serena Shay said...

Happy early 4th everyone!

Looks like Tory, Anthony and Josh are going to be celebrating it right! A party for friends, then a perfect intimate gathering for three... Perfect!

Nice flash, Solara. :)