Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally... Release the Hellhounds!

Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. Today is the magickal day. KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS is available at Siren-BookStrand.

Since there’s already a Sexcerpt posted on the buy page, I thought I’d share a portion of two scenes where Zol and Zin are hellhounds on a mission.


Excerpt ~

Minutes later, Zol pulled into the darkened parking lot of an empty building. Blanking the camera screen, he hid the Twilight Mirage behind the fence-enclosed trash container.

He and Zin rapidly exited and disrobed. At the same time, they observed their prey as if he starred in a holo program.

Attired in a skeleton Halloween costume overlaid with biker regalia, the wiry-built man stealthily slipped out the back door of Porky’s Pub. Similar to a humanoid weasel, he moved behind one of the few cars, then positioned himself to attack.

Sent by a secret subgroup of the Council on Foreign Relations, the dark-side agent waited for the leader of the pack, Wolf Fang. A giant barrel of a man, he led one of the largest biker gangs on the West Coast. Several times he and his gang had destroyed the supply lines used to smuggle heroin over the Mexican border by the CFR’s operatives.

For centuries, drug money had provided the bankster-gangster globalists, controllers of the CFR, with the financial power to gain and keep world dominion. Wolf Fang had taken a bite out of their drug-running empire. He was a marked man in two ways. One would cost him his life, the other his reputation.

Not strictly human, the CFR agent was known as a chameleon blood drinker. One taste of his victim’s blood, and he could transform into an exact physical copy.

The evil catch was he also retained certain abilities, one of them being mind control. With the charismatic hypnotism made infamous by Charles Manson, the chameleon agent planned to turn Wolf Fang’s gang into Nazi skinheads, using them to wreak bloodthirsty havoc on the border.

Once they stood side-by-side, Zol merged completely with Zin. Locking their supernatural gazes on their target, they launched forward, phasing to hellhounds.

As they raced in perfect tandem over the adjoining parking lot, their internal flames roared and scorched their hides to invincible. Beneath their fiery paws, the asphalt melted into gooey tar until they skimmed at blur speed over the surface.

Raw volatile power poured through them as they sighted the chameleon agent. He crept along the side of the car. Rising beside the hood, he flailed his arms like a crazed skeleton, intent on gaining the attention of Wolf Fang and his pack as they departed Porky’s Pub.

“Oooh, watch out!” one of the gang mocked. “It’s the attack of Skeleton Biker Dude.”

Several of the pack members hooted with laughter. All of them flashed knives, except Wolf Fang. Halting, he stood his ground and gestured for them to wait behind him.

“Ain’t you that little coward that tried to take a peek at my dick when I was honoring the porcelain?” Wolf Fang eyed the CFR agent as if he planned on tearing him limb from limb. “I smashed your ugly pie hole with the stall door.”

Moving like a zombie controlled by a demented master, the agent gradually walked in the direction of the Hercules-muscled leader.

“I don’t give a stinky crap how pickled your gray matter is,” Wolf Fang snarled. “My fist is waiting to make mush out of that prick face of yours.”

Hellbeasts on a mission, Zol and Zin spiked their flames along the ridge of their backs and sprang high. Blazing their eyes to the red brilliance of Vulcan’s forge whenever he created weapons of power, they soared in a straight path toward Wolf Fang.

He froze in his tracks, his terror bulging his eyes to the size of ping pong balls.

Excerpt Setup: This is the first time Kandy has seen Zin and Zol as hellhounds.

...With her being saturated by the vibration of her hellhounds, Kandace mentally asked about their current location as if they conversed. Quicker than she could think, she zipped somewhere, as if she belly-surfaced atop a high velocity wind.

Halting rapidly, she took a moment to rally her magickal forces. Kandace realized she hovered above the ground and mind-gazed downward.

Spotlighted by the parking lot’s pole light, Harley motorcycles gleamed. Staring at several rows of the mechanical horses waiting obediently for their riders, she saw them. Hellhounds.


Two black brute beasts she could never have conjured up in her imagination launched forward. So perfectly did they mirror each other, they appeared to be one demonic canine monster. Dragon-like scales blazed along their backs.

Seeing their four neon red eyes sent a shockwave through her system. Their eyes were as enormous as headlights on a car, and Kandace swore she witnessed the eternal fires of damnation rage in their depths.

Too staggered to shiver, her gaze shot toward whoever they soared through the air to attack. Believing it to be the bear-colossal biker with his ruthless looking gang, she mentally jerked back as they landed on the smallish man who had been approaching the bikers with a slow stilted gait.

Paralyzed with fear, no one in the big tough biker gang moved. Kandace understood. Immobile herself, her etheric heart in her throat, she watched the hellbeasts separate from each other.

Resembling a cross between hunks of fiery lava and gargantuan Rottweiler dogs, they took turns grabbing, then shaking their prey mercilessly. In a futile attempt to escape, he flailed like an animated mannequin.

Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Fabulous excerpts, Savanna! Congrats on your release, I can't wait to read more about those sexy hellhounds!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, ah thank you! Zin and Zol know how to sex it up, and romance it up.

Pat C. said...

Happy release day! Poor Kandy, though. It's never fun the first time you see the object of your affection in his natural state -- saggy belly, unclipped toenails, back hair ... If you ask me, hellhounds would be preferable.

Here's hoping you hit #1 again!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat... LOL! Hellhounds would be preferable...

oh, an author girl can dream... however, the manlove stories seem to have a lock on #1, so... I'll be happy to have good sales. ~smiles~

Solara said...

Congrat Savanna! Here's to many happy readers enjoying one juicy sexy story! HAWT stuff!

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, thank you, and right back at ya. Right back at Serena, Pat and Rebecca, too!

Savannah Chase said...

Congrats on the release..It sounds like one hot book...

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Savannah, thank you! And, talk about hot reads... your books always deliver. ~smiles~