Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Change of Plans, part 3

Ok, so the picture is two guys, but it's totally hot and I couldn't find a picture of a guy and a girl mud wrestling without crossing into the triple X realm.


“Whoa! Did you see that?!?”

“See what?”

“A nekkid man chasing a fluffy bunny, man! But then –POOF!- the nekkid man turned into a wolf and the bunny ran off under that tree!”

“Man, all I see is a dog digging a hole. C’mon. Dante finds out you’re drunk enough to start seeing stuff, he’s gonna revoke our privileges to the lower levels.”

“No! Really! I did see it!”

Dante shook his head in disgust as the two drunken tigers weaved their way through the packed parking lot of the Interspecies Club, over to the free shuttle service he offered for those who’d had a little too much fun to get themselves home. If they were too drunk to notice him standing under the awning with them, then they were well past the point of being too drunk to get home alone. They were right, though; he would have revoked their privileges if they hadn’t shut up and gone away. That didn’t mean they had been hallucinating. He’d seen Rex chasing a freaking bunny under a tree, too. And judging by the wood Rex had been sporting, that squealing bit of fluff had been on the pillow menu rather than the dinner menu.

Oh, that was going to be a fun story to extort out of his cousin and pack-mate. Bunnies were food, not playmates. Then again, maybe… There did seem to be an interesting flux to the shifter relations since Talbot’s Peak had started growing last year. He’d made a killing, figuratively speaking, catering to the kinkier side of shifter culture. Maybe there was a market for carnies who wanted to chase and herbies who wanted to be chased. Something to think on, anyway.


Babbs stared at the wolf angrily clawing his way under the tree stump. Why hadn’t he given up yet? He was going to get in any second now! She looked around wildly, trying to find an escape route. Nothing. That’s what she got for jumping under a fallen tree without making sure she had a way out. Of course, thinking that far ahead with a wolf literally breathing down her neck wasn’t something any bunny would be able to do.

A loud crack let her know the last big root that had been blocking Rex had given out under The onslaught of a 200 pound wolf pushing at it. There was nothing she could do but shift back to her human form and hope it would be enough to keep him from eating her in two bites.


Finally! Rex thought triumphantly. Before he could get all the way into her little burrow, he felt her gathering power to shift. That was fine by him. She had earned his rage but there was only so much a wolf could dish out to a bunny. And so many, many more enjoyable and lasting ways to punish her in in bed. He grinned a wolfish grin then shifted back to his human form just as he finished sliding all the way into the snug little burrow.

She dodged left. He dodged left. She dodged right. He dodged right. Finally she raised her eyes and looked him in the eye. He saw her fear fade to shock. Then to confusion. He grinned even wider as he pouned her from the front, pinning her arms over her head.

“Little Miss Thang, you are mine now. And I have a whole lot of torment to pay you back for.”


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh yeah, Babs does have it coming... and coming... and coming again.

Great flash, Rebecca!

Serena Shay said...

Woot! Way to go Rex - you the wolfman. hehe

Oh boy, I hope Babs is ready for some kinda fun loving... Sounds like she's gonna reap what she's sown...shoot all the ladies of the Peak are going to be burning with envy... ~wink~

Awesome flash, Rebecca!

Lolamouse said...

Took a while to read the story cuz your photo was terribly distracting! (in a good way!) What a fun read! Great job!

Pat C. said...

Gack! I accused Savanna of stopping right at the good part. She's not the only one. You're going to drive us all crazy, woman!

By the way, you had me at "two guys."

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, but I'm not done, Pat! Or rather, Rex is not done... and Dante's about to butt in, too.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yes, that picture is rather distracting in a good way. Once I stumbled onto it, I just kept browsing that one website. You, too, can lose and hour or more browsing happily. Just go to this totally fantastic blog:

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Dante has a fine, fine butt...

Rebecca said...

Na, Dante's not getting "involved" enough to show his butt. He's going to make Rex misrable for shacking up with a bunny under a tree in the parking lot of the Interspeices Club.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, I can't wait for that scene! Though, Dante saves his butt for his Kitty Katrina. I was just being silly.