Saturday, September 24, 2011

Male Cougar on the Prowl

“What the?” Tamara dropped her binoculars and rummaged in her pocket. “Where did I put that hanky?” Her hand came out empty. Blowing on the lens, she dabbed at them part of her overlarge t-shirt.
Two feet back on the trail, he sat and watched. Each burst of wind blasting over the hilltops and down through the gullies whipped up against her pulling her shirt tight around her. Pert breasts filled out the top as it slowly sank back down to where its hemline lay just beneath her pussy. Her shorts left little to his imagination each time she reached to tug them back from cradling the crack of her firm plump ass. He tilted his head back and sniffed. Yes, she was ready and wet. He’d read her horniness as she left her ground campsite two hours earlier.
Tamara pushed her glasses back up her nose as she lift the binoculars back to her eyes. “How in the name of all did that poor woman end up there?”
“For safe keeping I guess.” A husky male voice, sounded from behind Tamara. She jumped and spun around, fumbling for her can of mace. Where had she put it?
“Looking for this?” A six-foot muscular male with long blond hair approached holding her can of mace.
Great nowhere to run and more important, her one weapon was shoved deep in her waistband at the small of her back. Her stun gun. So much for being ready and keeping aware of her surroundings.
“Stop right there.” Tamara held up her hand. Shoving her other behind her, she tried to stuff her hand under the tail of her shirt without appearing obvious.
Neilson smiled as he caught her movements. Poor thing didn’t understand her attempts at defense wouldn’t hold him off if he pounced on her. Shifters moved faster than humans ever could or imagined they could. Not that he wanted to hurt her. Startle her into his arms and pull her tight against him and his raging hard on. Damn straight he wanted her spread eagle on his bed wet willing and ready to be claimed. His mate would know who she belonged to once he sated both their desires. Problem was how did he convince her she needed him.
“I’m stopping.” Neilson laid the mace canister on the fallen log near him and backed away. He didn’t want to frighten her. He knew she hadn’t seen the patch on his shirtsleeve or the emblem covered by his hair that took up the right hand side of his shirt. Wearing his normal park ranger regulation uniform gave him away when he took off into the woods and trails searching out poachers and drug vermin.
Tamara inched sideways hoping to work more of her shirt out of the way to grab her weapon. As she scraped the tree trunk closest to her, a loud moan split the air. The hunk turned toward the direction of the sound. Tamara snatched her shirt hem and hiked it high enough to pull the stun gun free. “Thank you. You can leave now.”
Silence greeted her. Her blonde hunk was racing down the hill faster than the wind. Tamara blinked twice and counted one cougar, two cougars---how the hell could he move so fast?
She swallowed and chased after him. She’d come too far to miss out on this. That sound could mean only one thing---a female panther in heat. Now if she could bypass the hunk she’d be in business.
Neilson noted his soon to be mate followed him. Good, though he doubted she understood what she was walking into. Not that any harm would befall her. Still finding herself in the middle of a shape shifter orgy might be more than she could accept. Watching the change freaked humans out. Most humans ran and never bothered to look back or come back to claim their gear. Oh well, their loss was his gain. His mountainside home furnishings suited him. And the electronics along with camping equipment made things quite comfy. Getting her naked in that double sleeping bag set his libido into over drive.
Neilson dodged left behind a set of trees. He knew he had to stop her. He suspected she’d seen the woman draped naked across the tree limb. He’d carried her up there after she’d passed out after the twin alpha cubs, okay at 21 they weren’t cubs by human standards but by shifter ones, they were still green on couth and manners, had pleasured her several times a piece. Not that she’d complained but safety was important. Ah well, his mate to be might find his animalistic appeal to her liking. He’d soon be finding out. Sticking his arm out along with his foot, he steadied himself to catch her as she fell. He wondered if her heart would pound like his once she was nestled tight to him.
Happy Weekend All! I'm off for a weekend with my Other Significant Other aka OSO. His sweetie is seeing her other love as is my sweetie. What a wonderful poly weekend each of us will be having! Share a good book or two with your loves. Even a bit of real time research never hurts! I know I'll be enjoying mine!



Pat C. said...

This has been a terrific week. One picture, five totally different and intriguing versions. And blond god/cougar Neilson ... sigh.

Savanna Kougar said...

Fun and fierce flash, Solara.

Pat, he is a blond god/cougar. And there's a cougar shifter orgy happening. Yosemite is the place to be right now, for human cougars and shapeshifter cougars.

Serena Shay said...

Hmm...stun gunning that hunk of cougar would definitely be at the bottom of my to do list! ;)

Great flash, Solara!