Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poly Loving Were Style

Sam looked over at the two couples in the booth towards the back of the Josh’s bar. Two men and two women shared the rounded booth as though they were together. The men had changed seats twice during the course of their dinner. Each had share a rather passionate kiss with the women present. Quaffing more of his beer, he turned back to Sally, the bar keep.

“Damn that must be nice.” Sam jerked his thumb in the direction of the couples. “They seem to be arranging some hot time for the night.”

Sally smiled and nodded. She leaned closer. “Let’s get the facts straight, okay?”

Sam grimaced. “What the hell did I say wrong?”

“You didn’t say wrong. You assumed part way and not all the way. So I want to make sure you understand what is going on before you decide you want part of what they have.”

Sam pulled his beer to him and raised his glass to drink.

Sally took a hold of the glass. “Before you get a mouth full, let me finish. I don’t need beer spewed all over me.”

Sam let go of the glass. “All right. I’m waiting.”

“You’ve seen Josh, Anthony, and Tory. You know they’ve formed a family.”

Sam raised his eyebrow and looked at the picture of the two men and a very pregnant woman hanging on the wall near the cash register. “Had an inkling something was up. But not to that extent.”

Sally nodded. Leaning on the bar, she pushed Sam’s glass back to him. “They’re a triad. A polyamorous union.”

“A what?” Sam decided sipping his beer made more sense. Taking a swallow, he motioned for Sally to continue.

“The three of them are involved and committed to each other. They call it polyfidelitious. They prefer to keep their relationship to the three of them. Sorta closed. However, the couples over there are open to others. They’ve chosen to be a family of four.”

Sam drained his beer glass. “Kinda adds to the problems and woes don’t it?”

Sally smiled. “I asked the same thing of Josh, Anthony, and Tory. They gave me the weirdest look and laughed.”

“Why?” Sam sat back on his bar stool, wondering what can of worms had he opened up with his initial remark.

Sally placed another beer on the bar in front of him. “On the house, you may need it after my next remark.”

“Okay.” Sam braced himself for Sally’s apparently loaded statement.

“The three of them fight regularly according to them. You should hear when they all get going on a heated subject. Voices carry from the office. The staff has gotten use to them speaking their peace and them kissing to make up. At first seeing Josh and Anthony kiss squicked a few but now we all know if it gets quiet in there to knock real loud before opening the office door.”

Sam tried to swallow. His dry throat refused to cooperate. Two guys kissing---he’d heard rumors about Josh and Anthony. Now he knew the facts. Grabbing the beer with both hands, he swallowed. “Isn’t that a bit of TMI?”

“Not if you are wanting to get in on being poly as folks call it. Hell even I am giving it some thought.” Sally leaned much closer. “You never know who might strike your fancy.”

Sam sat his beer down. He glanced at what Sally had laid on the bar as he drank. Her hand laid palm up, open and near his. “You mean me?”

“Yes sugar. And my huggy hubby is over there if you want his permission to accept my offer.” Sally pointed with her other hand to a man sitting two bar stools over toward the opposite end of the bar. He waved and blew her an air born kiss.

Sam swallowed. Sally had turned him on from the first time he’d met her and got talking with her. Knowing she was married added to his not supposed to pursue list until her disclosure in the last few moments. Laughter erupted behind him and drew his attention.

The two couples walked past with their arms around each other. Male then woman until they got near a table. As they split, the women looped their arms around each other and moved toward the door. Sam swallowed twice. Glanced back at Sally and laid his hand in hers. “All of you shape shifters?”

Sally tossed back her head, laughing. “No darling. We humans know about our cohorts. We just accept em for who and what they are. Loving decent folks like many and some not so nice otherwise. Me I can be an animal in bed. If you catch my drift.”


Happy weekend everyone! I spent a wonderful poly week with my loves and their loves. Now if the weather ever lets us dry out, life might return to some semblance of normal. Share a good book or two with your spice and loves. Remember to hug those you care about and tell them.




Pat C. said...

I suppose the term is "polyfi-delicious" if the two men are really hot.

I'm currently hip-deep in edits on my first-ever menage. Thanks for the well-timed tutorial.

Solara said...

No Pat, polyfidelitious is a term meaning the triad is closed to any others but the three involved. Not the guys kissing et al. Good play on words! Hope your edits run smoothly for you.

Savanna Kougar said...

Happy poly loving, everyone. Shifter, human, paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial... and whoever I left out.

Serena Shay said...

Great post, Solara! I love how the bartender made sure Sam understood the reality of what he was seeing!