Friday, May 18, 2012

Farrah Hair on a Were?

“Oh Lupa. Lupa, Lupa, Lupa.”

“Don’t forget, Ms. Wilk, next week Beehive is the special.”

Oh hell no!



Ziva backed away from the Dumble sisters. Shivers stretched down her spine and she wondered if she’d ever again be able to close her eyes without seeing the inside of hell. 

Right, like she’d be back. 

She already couldn’t bear to acknowledge what they had done to her in Talbot Peak’s new trendy salon.  Who knew a couple of old dragon biddies were so strong.  No matter how hard she tried to get away, they kept her in that damn chair like it was nothing—snipping and snickering. 

She’d only gone to the new shop to get the scoop for this week’s blog.  How could a place move into this town and name itself, The White Rabbit, without all the prey getting up in arms.  She figured there would be flying fluff all over the place, but nope, even the hopping humpers were enjoying themselves looking at the hookahs, cages and wild lighting.  No protests—no story.

What she did leave with was the worlds worst…”Oh Lupa.”  She didn’t even want to think about what she was bringing home, she just wanted to get there quick so she could go back to looking like herself—without Nick seeing.

“Oh baby, did you do that for me?”

“Shite.” When would her freaking luck change? “Go away, Nick.”

“You look just like my favorite poster of all time, sans the ruler.  Oh fuck, would you hold a ruler if I got you one?”

“Go away, now, Nick.”  That damn poster.  Ziva remembered it up there on his ceiling, tormenting her with its mere existence.  Every male in the neighborhood came to see that thing, making Nick so proud and her so angry.

“Can I touch it, Z?”

“No.  Go the fuck away.”  All those years she wanted him to touch her yet he’d preferred the paper woman with a ruler taped between her tits.

“Can I call you Farrah while we do it?”

“Gahhhhh.”  Her newly styled wings flew to the sides as she spun and growled at him. “There will be no name calling, touching or ruler abusing.  I’m going home to wash this monstrosity away before I have sex again.”

“No! No, no, no.”  Nick picked her up and ran through town towards home.  “Don’t be so mean, baby.  Let’s play.”

Oh hell, ‘playing’ with Nick always led to the best orgasms of her life.  She couldn’t pass up a stellar release, but she wouldn’t let him think he’d won this game either.  “Fine, we’ll play.  Rulers are a go, but you can’t call me Farrah.”

“Ahh, please?”

“If you want to call me that, you’ll have to be blindfolded…your choice.”

“Nope, Z it is…”

“And next week, you get punished.”  Instead of slowing down at the idea of a punishment, Nick sped up.  Just like she knew he would.

“What’s the penalty?”

“You’ll find out next week.”  He’d agree.  He always agreed.

Oh she couldn’t wait.  Seems she would be going back to The White Rabbit after all.  ‘Cause the best punishment she could think of would keep them busy for days.  Nick’s favorite teacher through school sported a hellishly high hive.


Oh Lupa, she was such a good bitch.
May your Farrah hair look only as good as the original!



Pat C. said...

That has to be the worst disaster ever inflicted on any modern woman: '70s hair.

"Would you hold a ruler if I got you one?" Oh Nick. You either gotta love him or punch him in the mouth. Can't wait to see his punishment.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...Oh yeah, 70's hair was wrong on so many levels...I shudder to think at how much I use to 'feather' my hair along the sides. Gah...I was never very successful.

LOL, yep I'd say punch him in the mouth, but he's just so honest about his least with Z. He loves the wood so I guess we'd best love him for it. ;D

Savanna Kougar said...

Nick, Nick, Nick... yeah, you gotta love his outright, out there kinky nature.

I'll have to disagree, though. And sorry, except for the overdone stuff, except for the sprayed-into-position hair, 70s hair was/is far superior to what passes for hairstyles these days. I never approached the Farrah, didn't want to, but I had my own wild-winged styling sans any crap on it. What happened to having fun, being free? Instead of all this stupid trendy/trending, no-brains, I'm just a coat rack, supposed coolness.

Hey, at least, Farrah played an intelligent woman in Charlie's Angels while helping to catch the bad guys.

Yeah, she was used as a sex symbol by the Hollywood powers that be -- like so many women. Well, it hasn't gotten any better imo. It's gotten at least a hundred times worse!

Just my opinion, having lived through those times, and been conscious of evolving history. I studied it, remembered the way it was on purpose, the actual quality of life.

Give me the 70s any day, over reality nowadays, and what is happening in our world currently.

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Savanna, Nick is very outright about his kink...hehehe

You make some very good points there, Savanna. The entire sex symbol thing was bad back then and really hasn't improved. At least in the 70's the women had some meat on their bones. :)

I think the styling thing definitely depends on ones age. ~preparing to date myself here~ I had older cousins in the 70's who really looked sharp and they fit with the time, no matter how their hair was or what clothes they wore. Me on the other hand...I was still young enough that my mother had a bigger say in my style. Hair cut short so that it was easier (even though I hated it) so the feathering look was all I could do with it, which gets old and the whole bell-bottom pants thing...gah! That was a big bloody mess. LOL Gave up bike riding until that one passed. ;D

Then came the 80's and all was right with my world...even with the horror styles of that time. Shoulder pads anyone?? snerk

You know though, what the best style is?? The one we each find makes us the most happy. :D

Thanks for sharing, Savanna!

Pat C. said...

Keep in mind sex-symbolism covers both genders. Admit it, Serena: you and I aren't watching Supernatural for the riveting plots, now are we? (*cough*Misha*cough*)

As far as fashion, screw it. I'm all about comfort. One day back in the late '70s I got tired of my long hair blowing into my mouth so I cut it short and never looked back. Same for clothes. It's jeans and t-shirts whenever I can get away with it. God bless you, 1960s!

Serena Shay said...

There is no way I watch Supernaturel just to dream about being the filling between a Jensen and Jared cookie. It's all about the riveting and emotion filled plots...

~Hey, someone throw that bullsh*t meter over the deck rail...screams Serena while trying to keep a straight face!~ ;D

Hell's yes, Pat, comfort is king!

Savanna Kougar said...

LOL!!!! Yeah, I'll throw over the bullsh*t meter for ya.

Style, imo, is about whatever you want as an individual. I'm all about comfort these days... actually I never wore anything that uncomfortable because I couldn't stand it... but, back in the day, you betcha I liked dressing up and going discoing... and I still have long hair because that's what I prefer. Now, my hair is usually up so it won't get in the way... so, in my case, why bother cutting it off? However, I certainly understand the other preference and viewpoint.

It's just 'cause we're all different like we're supposed to be.

Pat C. said...

A Jensen/Jared cookie washed down with a tall glass of Misha. Yummy.

Serena Shay said...

Oh yeah!! A delicious dessert for sure, Pat