Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thank You For Your Unsolicited Opinon

Hadley pulled his denim jacket tighter around him. The cool breeze whipped around him as though it wanted his attention. He’d felt that energy ever since he’d passed the dress shop. Whoever wanted his attention wanted it badly. He knew better than to ignore the hair standing up on the back of his neck.

Tammy was here in this town. Her perfume tantalized him since he’d entered the city limits. Usually his keen sense of smell didn’t lead him astray. This time he couldn’t make out much other than the musky smells of different animals in season. Great, spring had sprung and so had every horny on-the-make shifter as well. The few humans he could make out were unwashed and unkept. He wouldn’t bite them if he were starving.

Step, shuffle, tap tap.. . .

Hadley wished the person behind him would either pass or cease tailing him.

Another blast of colder air blew up the back of his jacket. Inhaling deeply, he caught her odor. An ice witch set on havoc. The temperature around him warmed several degrees as he sped up his pace. Chaffing his arms, he looked across the street. Rattigan’s neon sign blinked announcing he’d found what he sought. Picking up his pace without thought, Hadley rushed across the street. Let the old nuisance keep up with him now.

Gill looked up from the chalkboard he wrote the day’s specials on. He marveled at how Louie kept coming up with new ways to serve wild and raw game. How he kept the herbivores and the meat eaters from pissing each other off on full moon nights when hormones and egos shifted into overdrive amazed many of the higher-ranking councils. Louie’s savvy insight and down to earth ways won over most anyone, shifter and human alike.

The tall reddish blonde-haired male strode across the room as if he owned Rattigan’s. Gill knew better. He patted his apron pocket, feeling his snubbed nose 22 loaded and ready to slow any one foolish enough to take him on. Silver bullets did damage to shifters and humans. Thank the Gods and Goddesses bullets weren’t prejudice. Gill swallowed hard as the male perched on the stool closest to him.

“Beer cold, bottle no sissy can. Tell Louie Hadley wants to see him now.” Gill fought hard to not salute Hadley’s order. He was bigger. That didn’t mean Gill answered to him.

“Here’s your beer. Domestic is the coldest I got for now. Louie’s in the back. I’ll get him.” Gill opened bottle and slowly set it on the bar. Backing away, he glanced toward the front door. Outside he noticed an elderly woman squinting as though she tried to peer through the frosted glass. Starting round the bar, Hadley’s voice stopped him.

“Leave her out there.” Hadley took a long draw of the beer. It felt good going down his parched throat. The battle-axe wanted something. He’d chosen to ignore her. Now she thought to follow him. No doubt wanting to provide him with her unsolicited opinion. He’d learned people liked to get involved in things that weren’t their business. He smiled as he watched her parting gesture.

Gill gripped the edge of the bar. He counted in every language he knew, animal and human before he turned toward the kitchen. “That nice little old woman just gave me the bird!”

Hadley bit the inside of his cheek to keep from bursting out in laughter. Let the squirrel think what he wanted. The old bat hadn’t succeeded in gaining what she sought. She wouldn’t stop. For now, she’d lost the round.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Well, Hadley and Tammy's tale continues. Who knows what's next for these two. How does Hadley know Louie? Keep dry and cool. My HVAC and sump pump went south leaving me with a flooded basement. We're drying out and looking at what is next to regroup. Remember to share a book or two with your spice and loves!



Pat C. said...

Poor Gil, he don't get no respect.

We're only getting one post on the page, and nothing appears wrong with the photo. Scotty! Geordi! Help!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, the code was incompatible ~ fixed it.

Savanna Kougar said...

A granny ice witch with attitude. Gotta love her.

Best on getting everything fixed and under control again. It's been a weird week!

Pat C. said...

Thanks, Scotty!

Savanna Kougar said...

You're welcome.