Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Chance For the Snow Leopardess

Tuesday howls and yowls, and Happy May Day, shapeshifter lovers.

This post is late because lightning storms rolled through last night. Frustrating, especially after a non-stop, rough day. When I finally! get some time to write, nope. No flash fiction penning for me. However, the good news, lots of much-needed rain for my tame prairie.

This flash piece isn't complete, and was inspired by a story scene that began playing in mind before I drifted off to sleep. Yep, the best I could do for today.

Last Chance For the Snow Leopardess

Kaliakani hung her head and sank to her knees. She barely noticed the silken pillow cushioning her legs, or the tug of the soft rope binding her wrists.

Once again, as it had been in her life since early childhood, no one wanted her. She'd only been tolerated by her family, by the tribe over the years, because of her healing abilities, and because the shaman had favored her, and taught her.

Tears tried to slip down her cheeks. She felt their familiar wetness behind her closed eyelids, yet Kaliakani couldn't weep. Her soul was too weary.

Despite the promise made by the representative of the Interspecies Pleasure Club, she had not been claimed as a mate by one of the visiting Leonydde aristocracy. She'd been a fool to believe... she'd been such a ridiculous and desperate fool.

Despair trampled Kaliakani like a herd of raging mammoths.

The giant hairy beasts still roamed her small corner of the world, where her shapeshifter kind had lived in isolation since the last ice age. She'd watched them in awe whenever she caught sight of the small herd while collecting her medicinal herbs.

In preparation to be claimed, her arms had been placed comfortably behind her back, and the rope, attached to the ornate brass ring, allowed her to move and stretch. Now Kaliakani chafed at her symbolic capture.

She'd been wild with erotic excitement, the sensations tingling every inch of her skin. At first. As she waited. Now a dark agony engulfed her.


Zhror shoved his communication device into it's case on his hip, then roared a complaint at the unexpected delay. Between their frontier border patrols, he and his brethren had searched the galaxy for suitable mates.

When his science officer discovered Earth, and the hidden bounty of feline shapeshifters, they'd made first contact with the one known as Blade Runner, recognizing his rabbit kind's signature.

Still rumbling low in his throat, Zhror strode from the primitive but opulently decorated chamber of the Pleasure Club. Here, he and his chosen woman would share pleasurable intimacies for the first time. Many of them.

Zhror vibrated his throat with a steady growl as his ground-devouring strides carried him toward the viewing rooms. Most days it was good to be captain, even with the endless decisions and responsibility.

However, aware his little snow leopardess was emotionally fragile because she'd nearly been an outcast, Zhror owned not a shred of patience now. Likely she would be hurting, and believing she'd been abandoned by him.

With his own need violently scorching his loins as well, Zhror bellowed a short roar, the one that let his crew know they'd be wise to step carefully around him. After a nod from the werewolf on watch, he moved inside the viewing room.

Only knowing it served him and his mate, caused Zhror to stop and drink in her beauty for long moments. Obviously dispirited, she knelt, her incomparable face hidden from him.

Zhror ached for her, yet observing his woman would encourage his best handling of her. He well knew his male nature.

Beneath the sheer veiling, her fair skin gleamed, and her patterning of pale spots made his mate utterly exquisite to his eye. Her shape was long, elegant, and her curves ripe, a perfect fit for his hands. As before when he'd decided upon Kaliakani, his cock straightened with a ferocity that frankly surprised him.

Already Zhror imagined threading his fingers through her long curtain of hair, the color of golden starglow, and burnished with the same reddish tan of her fur. From behind the view screen, he'd watched with unprecedented awe as Kaliakani demonstrated her ability to change into an animal.

Although as he understood it, her kind rarely shifted, only relying on their beast side to survive. His humanoid feline race were not shapeshifters, but owned the appearance of what those on Earth called lions.

Zhror lived in hope that his appearance would become not merely acceptable to his mate, but beloved. That he would come to see it live in her lovely and mystical silver-golden eyes.

To gain this desire, he planned on pleasuring his woman often, and with every carnal ecstasy.

Happy Shapeshifting around the May pole,


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Annnnd ... it's Lion Week at Shapeshifter Seductions! All those tasty males lion around ... as long as they're not lion to their ladies. I'll go back on the meds now.

This flash reads almost like a take on Beauty and the Beast ... yesterday saw The Lion King ... maybe it's also Disney Week? Looking forward to The Little Mermaid and her sea lion boyfriend. Don't let me down!

Pat C. said...

Once again, must comment on the wonderfully inventive names you come up with. They roll off the tongue so purrrrfectly. I'm taking the meds right this minute, I swear.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, yep, those Lion Males are regally roaringly irresistible, and if they are lions in the right ways... well, their ladies will appreciate them even more.

My NAMES thank you!

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, soft, wrist binding ropes...I'm intrigued! I'll bet Zhror know just how to use such tools.

And now, I have a picture of the beast tying up Belle in my head. LMAO let's not forget the drippy, singing candle. I'm starting to wonder what was really going on in that castle. ~wink~

Serena Shay said...

Hmmm...Arial and Sparky the sea lion, what interesting adventures could they get up to, I wonder. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, lord, now there's an image. The Beast knowing just how to tie those ropes with a delicious seduction in mind for his little Belle.

Only you, Serena, could do them Shapeshifter Seductions' justice... I'm thinking. I know that's not in my creativity range. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Zhorr knows how to use 'many' tools, and especially his own. ~bigger smiles~