Saturday, May 12, 2012


Kids Preferred Harley-Davidson Biker Club Road Wolf 

Hadley Wolfson glanced at the toy store window and clenched his fist.  He shoved his other hand deeper into his jeans pocket.  Wiggling his fingers, he mentally counted off five counts of five until his ire lessened and his animal half stopped scratching to get out.

“I’ve got you this time Tammy,” he whispered as he strolled down the street toward Rattigan’s.  Louie would recommend a place to hole up for a few days until Tammy ventured into town.

Talbot’s Peak offered Hadley more than he could have hoped for.  Shape shifters paradise without fear and prejudice---unless you counted the crazy were tiger Sherre Kahn who insisted on have his ass kissed.  Guess that dumb assed cat hadn’t learned that wolves don’t take orders too well.  Last time Hadley had come close to following orders was Tammy Leigh Phelfs, aka his human sweetie. 

Tammy fingered the curtains of the dress shop trying hard to not appear as though she studied the male walking down Main Street.  No one could miss him.  Six foot seven with reddish blonde hair that hung down to his waist.  Even braided, it swayed and move with him as if it were a tail, an extension of him.  His gait ate up the sidewalk in strides that matched two of her steps.  In the heat of lust the man could cross a room faster than any preternatural she’d ever known.    And could he kiss!

Tammy fanned herself before turning back to the counter. Mrs. Bradden, the town gossip, stood watching her.  Crap!  Double crappoo!  The old bitty would come up with something to tell her chain gang of gossipers and each would add to the story until none would know truth from fiction.  Tammy shook her head.

Why had Hadley followed her?  Two months into their affair, she’d run the night she came back to his place and found a two legged wolf working on Hadley’s hog, his precious Harley motorcycle.  That image haunted her until she’d taken the chance and- - - -oh blessed goddess, he’d stopped in front of the toy store.  He’d seen the stuffed animal she’d designed.  Orders were flying in faster than she could make the dolls.  Customized dolls for human children along with shifter kids made up half her requests.  Soon she’d be able to quit the dress shop and be her own boss.

“Is anything wrong Tammy?”  Mrs. Bradden’s question ooze with so much syrup and niceness, Tammy wanted to choke before the ickiness slid over her taking her along with the woman’s false charm deeper into lies and more cover up.

“No ma’am.  You asked for seven yards and lace to go with the pattern and material.  The total is $15.75.”  Tammy bagged the material, lace, and dress pattern before pushing them toward Mrs. Bradden.  Tammy shivered at the thought of touching the woman.  Last time, it took the better part of a week before the odd dreams vanished. 

“Know that I’m here if you need help.”  The reply iced its way down Tammy’s spine and chilled any warmth she had left after seeing Hadley.

“I’m fine.  Thank you for shopping with us.”  Tammy waved as Mrs. Bradden exited.  The glint in the woman’s eye spelled trouble with a capital T. 

Tammy moved to the window.  She gasped.  The old bitty was making her way down the street toward Hadley as fast as her arthritic legs could carry her.  Blessed Goddess, help me, Tammy quietly prayed.


Happy Weekend Gang!  I'm spending the weekend with one of my spice.  YUM!I received a belated birthday present of the this week's photo.  He inspired this week's flash piece.  Who know's this may turn into a serial.  Share a book or two with your spice and loves!



Pat C. said...

"Chain gang of gossipers" -- what an image! That's one cute wolfie, too.

Also like the image of Hadley's braid wagging like a tail. You can figure a wolf's rank by how he carries his tail, so of course Hadley's going to show his off.

Savanna Kougar said...

That wolfie pic is too good, and what a perfect biz for Talbot's Peak.

Ah, Hadley... what a man-wolf dream come true!