Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Ain't Wearing What?!

Anthony inhaled and exhaled, trying to catch his breath.  The look on Josh’s face even sent Troy into a fit of giggles.  For someone who loved roaming the sand and shore of their beach house nude, telling him it was opening day for the shape shifters’ naturalists’ campgrounds was another thing. 

Anthony’s glanced toward the picnic table closest to them.  On top of the table lay, two rescue buoys, a mega phone, and a bright orange vest.  Next to them were the keys to the two lifeguard towers the county required them to staff as part of their agreement and licensing requirements.  The best part was the oddly colored sarong at the end of the table.   Large black letters ran diagonally over the atrocious loud Hawaiian print.  

“I’m not wearing that.” Josh pointed to the sarong.  He picked up the offending piece of material and stretched it out between his hands.

“Oh come on dude,” Anthony managed to spit out before bursting into laughter.  Tory’s muffled high-pitched squeaks weren’t helping either.

“I ain’t wearing Property of Shape Shifter’s Haunts across any part of me.  I don’t care if it’s only when needed.”  Josh tossed the sarong back on the table.  “Besides, what shifter can’t swim?”

Tory wiped her eyes and sat down.  “Remember the fellow who morphed into a bear last weekend.  I don’t think he would do well out in the water if that happened.”

Anthony sat next to Tory, shaking his head.  “I understand where you’re coming from Josh.  However, remember, we’ve got shifters with human mates and vice versa.  We’ll have their families here too.  Until we fill the lifeguard positions, you are the best swimmer we’ve got.”

“What about that dolphin gal we met at the market?”  Josh knew the look both Tory and Anthony kept giving him.  He’d end up with that thing wrapped around him at some point.  He just hoped it wasn’t when some paparazzi were hanging around snapping pictures.  A dog needed to keep his dignity intact.  And his male ego inflated.  Of course, the bear shifting dude had a thong bikini on at the time he morphed, and that left nothing to the imagination.

“Netra called and said she’d be back in town in two weeks.  Until then, you gonna tell folks they can’t swim and play in the surf cuz you won’t wear this?”  Anthony grabbed the sarong and shook it.

“The only good that thing is going to be for now is to cover that wooden seat so I don’t get splinters in my nuts and ass!”  Josh pried the material out of Anthony’s hand.  He turned, ready to stomp off to the tower and man his so called perch.

“Dude, wait.  We don’t open for another twenty-four hours.  Are you wanting a head start on getting your ass full of splinters?”  Anthony’s snort stopped Josh.  Turning around, he burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?”  Anthony asked, working his way to the edge of the bench.  

“I think you have a head start on me.  You plopped down on the bench and missed your towel.  Who has splinters in their balls and ass now?”  Josh spread the sarong on the bench next to Tory and grinned.


Take time to remember those who serve us and our fallen military along with the all survivors and veterans.  If you are out and about enjoying the warm weather, keep cool and hydrated.  Sunscreen is important too.  Share a good book or two with your spices and loves.



Pat C. said...

Sorry, Josh, but I can't summon any sympathy for you. Spend an 8-hour work day in a tight skirt, a bra with straps that won't stay up and heels before you start whining about how you don't want to wear something. Men. Such wussies.

Savanna Kougar said...

I AM SO GLAD those days clothing-prison days are eternally over for me. Plus, having to wear pantyhose all day. Yuck!

Well, at least, wearing the sarong would entertain the shapeshifter and human kidlets. Wow, that could be a whole lot of fun, a nudist beach with hunky shapeshifters, whatever their form.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! I love both your comments. Had me grinning and laughing.