Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair...

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers, and happy Sun in Gemini.

With all the trademark-silly hoopla around the name, Adele, I thought I'd do my part to thumb my nose at the big corporate entertainment media. Their efforts to immorally crush any competition is beyond the pale. In this case, the pale horse shapeshifter.

Before I disappoint anyone, no, the pale horse is not the hero of this flash scene. I just get caught up in these off-the-wall tangents. That said, I am using the name, Adele, for my heroine.

Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the un-fairest of them all?" Adele scrutinized her face in the enormous oval mirror she'd inherited from her great grandmother.

"I don't see a problem." She swivelled her head from side to side studying her features. "I like how I look. And, I like who I am."

For long moments, Adele stared at her eyes, what her mother described as gold and violet sparks. "I mean, I'd date me if I were a man. I'd ask 'me' out so fast my head would spin a thousand miles an hour."

Sighing as the same old confusion plagued her yet again, Adele moved toward her bed. Dispirited to the max, she plopped down, and ignored the streaks of light flashing across the mirror's surface.

Men, even those who were supernaturals, didn't seem interested in her, and she'd never been able to understand why. Adele had analyzed it to death over the years. But, dinosaur crap, she might as well dig a grave and toss the whole mess in. Give it a decent burial and be done with it.

Whenever she'd confided in anyone, all they would tell her was the same old BS about 'someday your prince will come'. Maybe, just maybe, she didn't want a prince. Not that she would refuse one if...

Adele clenched her eyelids so hard they hurt. She blinked her eyes just to ease the pain.

Often, for the last month or so, it felt like her heart was being shredded, as if it'd been torn from her chest and tossed into a wood chipper.

Okay, so she couldn't do the aggressive-woman thing, and go after some hunky guy, ask him out on a date. Although, she never had any problem engaging a man in a conversation, a good soul-deep conversation at times.

No, she'd never even had a problem working side-by-side with any male at a regular ole job. Of course, those pretending-to-be-normal days were over now that her magickal nature matured.

"Yeah, and here I thought my bad mojo would change once we moved to Talbot's Peak. Home of about every supernatural there is." Adele grabbed one of her pillows, and crushed it against her middle.

"And I hate the name, Adele," she spat. Angry, frustrated, she whipped her head back and forth. Her long straight hair slapped her face and shoulders.

With a sharp cry of despair, she let herself fall backward, smacking against the mattress. "It's not even my real name," she moaned.

But, she couldn't speak her real name. An enemy could use it to control her, and her magick.

"Stuck with a stupid name. Saturday night, and I'm stuck in my bedroom." Popping her head up, she glared at the mirror. "And stuck with an enchanted mirror who won't help me."

Oh yeah, she'd fantasized a million times about going to the Interspecies Pleasure Club. Disco dancing night in particular. However, without the balancing energies of a man, her powers could act up, or act out with disastrous results.

On pure impulse, Adele shot upwards hurling the pillow at the mirror. With her eyes mere slits, and her breath coming in bursts, she waited for something. Anything.

"Ouch, pretty one."

She waited a beat. "Ouch?" she demanded, her ire rising. Not that the mirror had ever spoken to her before. As in words.

More, it had been thoughts, impressions placed inside her mind. Or images appeared on the mirror's surface rather like looking into a crystal ball.

"How about? Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair," the deeply masculine voice intoned.

"Isn't that supposed to be 'look into the face of the dragon and despair'?" Adele snarked yet spoke in a serious warlock tone.

"Yes, pretty one. Merlin said that line in "Excalibur". What the humans here call a movie."

With no mercy, curiosity tugged at her causing Adele to rise from the bed. Still, she hesitated. "And just who are you? Oh, wait, I know. You're the man in the mirror. Instead of the man in the moon. Although, come to think of it, you could be the man in the moon, but you've switched to my mirror."

A hearty laugh emanated from the mirror. "Ah, yes, I was told your tongue is particularly clever and pointed."

Adele crept closer. She observed no image, and a heightened level of frustration gripped her. "You haven't answered my question, mirror man."

"I'll tell you my name if you tell me your name."

The intensity behind the ultra-deep sexy voice sizzled through her entire body lighting her up like a torch. "Adele," she quickly answered.

"Your real name."

"Your 'real' name first."

"Why don't we discuss it?" the voice gentlemanly seduced.

Adele halted in her tracks. A hypnotizing swirl of light covered the mirror's surface. Brighter and brighter, it gleamed.

She fell forward, a force pulling on her. Oh hell no! She was being sucked inside the mirror.

Disoriented, Adele crazily spiraled through some type of portal. A whirlwind seemed to seize her, and she wondered how her molecules held together.


Not in control of herself, Adele landed face down on a good-sized lap. Like a big doll, she lay across thighs that were masses of muscle.

"Finally, my pretty one, I have you." Huge hands wrapped around her waist, and lifted her upright.

In those moments, her faculties returned somewhat. "Djinn," Adele uttered, as he positioned her on his lap.

"Not only a djinn, my fire elemental, but a shapeshifter. As you are also a shape changer."

Even though, her eyes still felt as if they slowly spun in their sockets, Adele gazed into brilliant blue eyes flecked with silver. "Shapeshifter?"

"Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair."

Shaken to her core, still Adele's resilience asserted itself. "I am not telling you my real name, Djinn Dragon."

"Not even for a night of Saturday Night Fever at the Interspecies Pleasure Club?"

Adele started, but clamped her lips. She wasn't going to ask how he knew. Of course, if he possessed access to her mirror, then...

"Want to see the disco outfits I have purchased for you?" the Djinn Dragon tempted, his voice like devil-red velvet.

When she didn't answer, and shut her eyes against temptation, his hand stroked over her hair. "More beautiful than gazing at you through the looking glass," he rasped. "Your tresses are the color of a fire's heart."

Adele didn't dare open her eyes. Goddess, but he smelled like every pleasurable sin she'd ever thought of indulging in. "Where are we?"

"Where else, my sweet flame? The Pleasure Club, inside my rooms."

Her tongue finally won out over any common sense. "Take me dancing, and I might...might tell you my real name."

"Ah, the wielding of power. So it shall be, pretty one. Your wish is my command"


Have a shapeshifter kind of day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Oh heck yeah, A Djinn dragon living and playing at the pleasure club...~whew~ Adele is in for a night of exquisite fun, to be sure! ;D

Pat C. said...

She's better off with the mirror guy. Princes are always waving their big swords around (overcompensating!) and they don't like supernatural beings. Bunch of elitist ultraconservatives. Stick with the dragon, honey!

My Adele character (from "Best of Breed") says hi.

Pat C. said...

He's not going to wear the white polyester suit, is he?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Nr. Djinn Dragon is going make sure she has disco fun, and other pleasures as well. ~big smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, some of those princes are overblown cocks... hehe...

"Stick with the dragon, honey!" luv it!

My Adele waves 'hi' and sends fiery good wishes to your Adele in BEST OF BREED.

Oh heck absolutely. If she wants him wearing a white suit... well, it won't be polyester.

Savanna Kougar said...

Should be Mr. Djinn Dragon...

Pat C. said...

Somewhere crammed into a closet I still have my ancient Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom calendar with the photo of Harrison Ford in a white suit. (Stares off into space while drool runs down chin)

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I found an autographed pic of Harrison Ford in a white suit on the internet, and pasted it at our loop. Hope you can see it. Shows on my screen.