Friday, August 24, 2012

A Bit of Advice...

“Pina Colada, please.”  Karma ordered the umbrella drink, sat back in her chair and waited for Dante to come out to see her.  Ever since she’d started helping Erol step into this century the urge to teach others had grabbed her by the throat and not let go.

“Your drink, sexy lady.”

“Thank you, fine sir…”  She really did like the beauty found in this town.  Everywhere she looked shapeshifter perfection graced the landscape and this bartender had it in spades.  He was tall and lanky, a swimmers body if she’d ever seen one, and was awash in swirling beauty she guessed was more than a simple tattoo.

Talbot’s Peak was like watermelon on a hot day—juicy, delectable and it whet your appetite for more.

“Dante should be right out…word is you’ve fixed Erol.”

“Fixed?”  Now that was a laugh.  Erol wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing, but he was a stubborn cuss who needed to learn the niceties of the twenty-first century.  “Nope, not yet…he’s a work in progress.”

“You think you’ll be able to help him win his lady love?”

“That I can’t say…love is a delicate emotion and cannot be fixed, trained or decided on by anyone other than the owner’s heart—to do so could be quite damaging.”   Karma had learned that lesson the hard way a very long time ago.  “I can, however, give him the tools to show his love in a respectful and positive light.”

 “Could you do that for, say, anyone?”

She sipped her drink, smiling as the delicious coconut and pineapple taste trickled over her taste buds.  The bartender was so earnest in his request and far too young and gorgeous to need her help.  “My help works best with an older crowd.  Shifters who have lived all you know as history.”

“Oh, okay.”

The quick glance down to the waitress at the end of the bar gave him away.  “Let me give you a bit of advice.  The surest way to garner a woman’s interest is through honesty.  Tell her she is beautiful and that it would be an honor to take her out for something she desires…coffee, ice cream or a twirl around the dance floor.  Play no games and she will be impressed.”


“Guaranteed.”  Karma raised her hand in a show of truth and gave him a smile.  “Women can smell out a lie and a player.  We don’t like to be made fools of and we really can see your soul through your eyes.”


Mr. Barman walked away, proving the sight of him leaving was just as lovely as it was coming.  Too bad he was focused on another or she might have engaged him in tutoring of a different kind.

“Soul through the eyes?”

“You doubt me, Dante?”

“Never…have you told Kitty your secrets?”

Karma grinned, sipped more of her drink and gave him a wink.  “Not yet…”

Dante’s relief was palpable and wholly unnecessary.  Kitty knew everything she needed to about the wolf as he did her.  They just had not found the right timing to be together.  “Let’s find you the best room in the place for your class.”  

“Yes, lets.”

May you find an honest lover to fill your nights with everything you desire...



Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, what a beautiful flash scene. Thank you, for writing it.

Yes, that is The Peak. Where dreams meet and become reality for those who persevere.

Pat C. said...

And everybody generally gets along, regardless of species. Do towns like this exist any more, outside of shows on the Family Channel?

I want to see Dante's Facebook page. Dude knows people in other galaxies.

Savanna Kougar said...

~grinz~ Facebook is not part of Dante's reality... although, on the supernatural undernet, yeah, talk about 'interesting' pages.

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, I, too, would love to see his facebook page or his supernatural undernet page...huh, I think The Peak needs its own social networking site, but what to call it? ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Absolutely, The Peak needs it's own supernatural social network... outside the FB/Google/etc. realm.

Darn it, no good ideas spring to mind. PawPlay... only that doesn't cover every paranormal being... Playbook sounds like a sports site... ThePeakbook... Parabook?

Bet one of you could come up with a better name than me.

Pat C. said...


Anything with the word "pack" in it excludes the other species.

Savanna Kougar said...

I wonder if ZooBook is already in use by the zoo community?

Yeah, pack might not work, but then there's that oldie goldie song, Leader of the Pack.