Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My beautiful Immortal Hunter

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Quoted from my blog, Kougar Kisses, here's an update on my writing.

"Last night the Kougar discovered her word count is at about 85,000 words for her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ this was kind of a shock. Okay, right now, there are appr. four more chapters planned.

Yes, the darling MUSE has done it again, tricking the Kougar into writing a much larger and more complicated *Talbot's Peak ~ ShapeShifter Seductions ER* story than she planned. And, yes, there are lots more 'erotic menage romance' scenes.

Thus, all of her other writing projects had been significantly delayed. ~sighs!~

However, one good thing... at this point, the Kougar can't complain about the overall quality of her WIP, and she hopes bigtime, she can sustain it for the last chapters. ~claws crossed~"


And now, for this week's flash scene, obviously inspired by "The Highlander" and Adrian Paul. However, it's not a fanfic piece.

My beautiful Immortal Hunter

Steziah leisurely quaffed her Triple Moon ale. Resting on one elbow, she cast her glance around the crossroads tavern, a relatively high class establishment catering to travelers of every ilk, even the superior warriors of Arrysim called the Ruffians.

Given she was a half breed Ruffian, the leader of the clan raised his stein in a covert salute. After momentarily piercing her with his gaze, he turned toward his warrior pack.

There would be no challenge. Steziah had long ago 'proven her blade', the term for proving her worth as a fearless and to-be-feared fighter.

Simply because she relished it, Steziah continued observing the various breeds of humanoids filling the tavern. The wide variance in appearance always pleased her eye.

In the middle of swallowing, the telltale tone burst inside her ear canal. Steziah dropped her stein, feeling the splash of droplets on her hand as she whirled from her seat on the tall stool.

She dashed madly toward the exit, still a good distance away. What an unexpected turn of events.

But, that was the way of the universe.

With one hand on the hilt of her blade, Steziah leaped over booted legs and hopped over weaponry, from enormous broad blades to slim rapiers. Able to dodge those who unknowingly stepped into her path, she wove between the closely packed tables.

Smack! She bounced off the shield-like chest of a Sasquatch constable who had just entered the tavern. With her nose still intact, Steziah stumbled backward. Before she could gain her feet, the back of her legs crashed into a table.

One of the occupants gave her a helpful shove on the back, only she tripped over the Sasquatch's giant foot -- he'd moved to give her a hand. Steziah landed splat on her stomach, draped over another table.

After a bare instant of gathering her wits, she rolled off the table, hit the floor, and sprinted the short distance to the heavy, wood plank door. Steziah couldn't afford to lose her target now, not with one of his dimensional windows nearby.

The last she'd glimpsed the Troxius Immortal, earlier in the evening, he'd been ensconced in a leather reading chair at the Great Library. His legs had been propped up, and the hearth fire roared pleasantly. In times past that meant he'd settled in for the night, and intended to do some serious studying of the galactic history tome he held.

Steziah gave a quick grateful nod to the smallish, brown-green lizard man who swung the tavern door open for her. The icy winds buffeted her, but with her blood running high, Steziah felt nothing.

She charged for the grayish oblong shape hovering a few feet above the ground, that most would not be able to see. Already the portal faded, her clue Zhamyr had just walked through.

The tone she'd heard had been the window's activation. With no time to psi-sense what type of world she was about to fling herself into, Steziah ran, launching through the closing portal.

With her momentum, she felt as if she flew inside the inter-dimensional void. There was no sound. No sensation of any kind. Darkness with no knowledge of darkness wrapped her, and time vanished.

As Steziah broke through the membranous barrier, glistening illumination surrounded her, and music greeted her ears. The strange, flowing notes held the enchanted and soaring feel of romance.

Yet, she'd certainly never heard its like before on any other world, and Steziah had experienced dozens of realms following Zhamyr on his extensive dimensional travels.

Before Steziah could settle her feet on solid ground, and get her bearings. Before she could ready her blade, strong arms embraced her.

"Care to dance, Stezi?"

"I'm your designated Watcher, not your dance partner. Release me."

"Ah, yes, the proper title now. Watcher not Hunter. My Stezi, there is no one here who will take you to task if you dance in my arms."

"I'm hardly dressed for the occasion. You will release me now."

"It will appear odd if I simply abandon you here in the middle of the dance floor, beautiful Stezi."

"My warrior's attire already makes me appear odd."

Despite herself, Steziah's feet moved with the music as Zhamyr masterfully guided her among the many other couples in what appeared to be this world's version of an elegant dance club.

"Easily taken care of, Stezi. I have selected a gown for you."

"How indecently thoughtful of you."

"Yes, 'indecent' covers my thoughts about you, I will gladly admit. For quite some time now."

Zhamyr's very indecently rasped words were so close to her ear, Steziah felt the heated tease of his breath.

"I can't dance in these boots," she complained, even as her heartbeat elevated, and her breathing threatened to become pants of desire.

How did one refuse the attention of a Troxius Immortal? To her knowledge, it had never been done.

Steziah had been chosen for this assignment because of her warrioress skills, and because it had been believed Zhamyr would have no interest in bedding her.

Wrong! His hands languidly swept over her back, a seduction despite the thick protective leather of her tight-fitting jacket.

"Shall I unlace your boots for you? Place dancing slippers upon your exquisite feet?"

"Where... where are we?" she managed, instead of sighing 'yes, please, yes'.

Pausing in his gliding steps, Zhamyr caressed his fingertips up the back of her neck until he held her head within his large palm. His gaze commanded, devoured, promised, and Steziah yielded to her passions, trembling inside.

"My beautiful Immortal Hunter, we are on a planet called Earth, in an area named Talbot's Peak. More importantly, we are safe from enemies and prying eyes." He stroked his hand from her head, then sensually brushed his thumb along the line of her jaw. "This is the Midnight Stardust Supperclub."


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Pat C. said...

Legacy clocked in at around 87,000 words. You win.

I thought she was hunting a bad guy at first. Doesn't mean he can't be a bad boy...

Mmmm, that photo. I'm sorry now I never watched Highlander.

And what's wrong with fanfic? I'm still milking Supernatural for ideas and it's working out very well. Some of those daydreams ... yow.

Pat C. said...

Bad news: we've lost Mama Skunk. She was crossing the street to the garden plots when a motorist put an end to her nocturnal wanderings. Maybe she'd gotten too slow to dodge cars. RIP.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh no! Yes, may mama skunk RIP. So sad. The death of beautiful creatures IS SO NOT my cup of tea. You should immortalize her as one of your heroines in a published book, in the future. She was great in that one flash. Yeah, I know, we all have so much time to write.

NOTHING wrong with fanfic. I just didn't want anyone who is into Highlander fanfic to be disappointed by the scene. That's all.

IMO, Highlander, the TV series was/is one of the best ever made. Adrian Paul was absolutely so perfect in that role, and his character was allowed to develop. The plots were complex, and the history flashbacks were utterly exquisite. Not to mention the action scenes were heart-racing, and I could feel myself in the scene, fighting.

Of course, I haven't watched any of the recent series on TV.