Friday, August 3, 2012

Script Writing?

I have to say, I adore my muse...but sometimes she confuses me.  Take today for instance.  She insisted that we start this flash as a script.  Wha-ah?  I'm not a screen writer so what the heck?  Anyway, she wouldn't let up and wouldn't agree to anything, here's stab one (dialogue) at script writing.  I wonder if there will be a step two?  LOL


Ziva:  “Go,go,go…”

Penelope:  “Come on, water boy, save some for the end…Mistress Penny has a lot riding on this race.”

Ziva:  “Mistress Penny is it?”

Penelope:  “No, Z, you may not call me that…unless you let me take you over my knee.”

Ziva:  “Ha, Nick’s not quite there yet, Penelope, check back later.”

Penelope:  “Mistress…come on you overgrown guppy, sprint to the finish!  Mama needs a new whip.”

Ziva:  “You know he has to throw some of the races.  Can you imagine all those medals as only gold?  There would be questions.”

Penelope:  “I know…I know, but damn what’s the point of being a shifter in the Olympics if you can’t use the goods?  Especially when I have money riding on them.”

Ziva:  “I’m surprised any of the town’s athletes ever gain permission to participate and now with that weightlifting mule attempting to shift mid-lift…he’s lucky the humans assumed it was a dislocation.”

Penelope:  “That donkey’s gonna have some words with Dash, that’s for sure.”

Ziva:  “He’s gonna be eating hoof…”

Penelope:  “Fucking right he will!  I should lay down some green on that fight now.”

Ziva:  “Who’s your bookie, Pen?”

Penelope:  “Just no on the Pen business and I book with the same person I get the Cuban’s and 30 year old scotch from…Louie.”

Ziva:  “That rat has his nose in everything…”

Penelope:  “Yep…  So, Z, I heard you were one hell of a runner in high school…why don’t you partake of the Olympic Games?”

Ziva:  “I hate to lose.  What about you, Penelope?  What’s your claim to Olympic fame?”

Penelope:  “Ha, my skill cannot be set on the world wide stage…yet!”

May all your dreams be Olympic in size!



Savanna Kougar said...

Geez, if you're a shifter in the Olympics, that's one mean trick to accomplish. But then with the delay button, I suppose they'd just block out any slip into a shift, and convince anyone watching it was just a strange mirage. And with all the mind control devices that might be darn easy.

Cool script writing. I'd like to try one, or simply turn my books into a movie.

Of course, Talbot's Peak would make a great movie/TV series.

Pat C. said...

Nothing wrong with scripts. I love dialogue. If you look at Monday's post, you'll see it's all dialogue except for the bit at the end. You end up having to tell the story through the characters' interaction, but you save all that time and verbiage by not writing descriptions.

Seconding the Talbot's Peak TV show. They've got Grimm and Once Upon a Time on TV, why not us? Wonder how you get an original series on the SyFy Channel?

Pat C. said...

And no, the Winchesters won't be stopping by. I covered that already.

Savanna Kougar said...

At this point, if you had the time, equipment and actors, it would be smarter to simply shoot shows for the web, build up a following and have subscriptions. You probably couldn't go YouTube for very long since they've become bigtime censors of any content THEY don't happen to like, or decide to get rid of for whatever politically correct reason.

Savanna Kougar said...

BTW, TV has lost viewership like crazy and have fudged their statistics. It's all a scam as far as the actual viewing numbers. Especially commercial TV.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, a web show would be Tom Hanks Electric City over on Yahoo. It would be cool to see Talbot's Peak in animated webisodes...

Gee, perhaps my muse is wiser than I was taking her for today and I should be studying up on my script writing! :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm... makes me wish I had a better way than dial-up so I could easily view vids, webisodes. Way back when I took a college class in that sort of thing. I had a natural talent for writing scripts and being on TV, which I've never gotten to use.

Pat C. said...

I was thinking of one of those shows where the human/outsider (female, of course) comes to Talbot's Peak and over the course of the season learns their BIG SECRET (while falling in love with the handsome werewolf, natch). But a webseries would work for me too. If animated, who would be our dream team of voices?

By the way, if anyone else watches Grimm, are we all agreed that Monroe the werewolf is the best character on the show?

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that would be a good show, with some Wolf Lake elements thrown in, but expanded beyond that particular series show.

I'm out of the loop as far as a dream team of voices because I don't know the current crop of actors/actresses or voice over artists.

However, if I could get my voice in shape, I used to have compliments and be told I had a speaking voice for media... however, NOT for singing. It would be cool if we could voice some of the characters.

If we want a deep baritone sexy male voice, John B. Wells, who now hosts Coast to Coast on Saturday nights would be awesome.

I don't have a way to watch Grimm. I've just seen some of the discussion on the Just Another Paranormal Monday loop for authors and readers.

The only other interesting voice I know is Sean David Morton, once of Strange Universe TV, and now he has Strange Universe radio. He does some pretty good impressions, and could do some good voices.

Geez, if we had the resources and time, I bet we could pull this off.

Pat C. said...

Never seen Wolf Lake. I'll take your word for it.

Wish we could afford Ed Asner. He's done voices on practically every cartoon show ever made since the '90s. He'd be great as either of the Vernons (Old Gray Guy or Elly's hubby). Or Michael Dorn, Worf from Star Trek: TNG, another cartoon voice veteran. He's got a nice bass voice too. I can't picture him as Shere Khan, but he'd make a nice cat or wolf.

And Jensen Ackles, just for laughs.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lou Diamond is sexier than hell in Wolf Lake, and the story concept is stellar, imo.

Ed Asner would be perfecto! Yeah, Worf, would be perfect, too. Love him.

Don't know Jensen Ackles?

Serena Shay said...

Ooh Jensen Ackles would be awesome! Savanna, that's Dean from Supernatural Speaking of Supernatural Jim Beaver would make a great Louie perhaps...hehe I love the way he say Idjuts!

Ed Asner and Michael Dorn would be a awesome also. :)

Pat C. said...

Gotta be Danny DeVito for Louie. Maybe Jim could be Vernon MacMahon. Get the woman who played Ellen to do Elly's voice and keep the in-jokes going.

Savanna Kougar said...

Danny DeVito would be perfect for Louie. I can hear it now. ~grinz~