Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall And Squirrels

Gill looked out from the cabin porch.  Two weeks of vacation and here he was finally away from all the stupid dumb ass mistakes his tree mates decided to make.  Two-thirds of his time off dealing with dragging one idiot or another to the vets or human doctors to get their injuries taken care of was a piss poor start to his time off.  Poor tree trimmer was too stunned to do more than agree to let he and Melanie cover his medical bills.

“Dumb jackasses had to take on the blue jays over the bird feeder.”  Gill shook his head and propped his feet up on the porch railing.  An acorn beer in one hand and a bowl of honey roasted mixed nuts next to him, Gill decided looking at trees and colorful foliage beat out shinnying trees or separating blue jays and squirrels mobs. 

 He looked down to his bandaged ankle.  Who knew one shake of his foot at a neighborhood newbie were-squirrel would get his ankle chewed on or the piss ant pest up his pant legs?  Thank the squirrel gods or goddesses, Melanie could morph at will and teased the little hell bent demon out of his pants before his family jewels got teeth marks. Gill rolled his eyes as he remembered the comments from the urgent care doctor.

Two birds landed on the porch close to him.  “Oh no you don’t!”  Gill tossed a Brazil nut at them.  They scattered.  He needed more birds like the bunch back home needed holes in their heads.  They had a few thanks to their war with the blue jays.  Melanie kept telling them in squirrel and human to leave the pair alone.  Gill knew where there was one blue jay; a swarm is not far behind.  He’d been dumb enough to take on a few in his early shifting days.

Three birds perched on the railing not far from him.  Gill wished his ankle didn’t throb, but it did.  Getting up to get the Brazil nut to toss at the trio was too much pain and bother.  He swallowed a third of his beer, leaned back and closed his eyes.  Sighing, he spoke his thoughts aloud.  “Horny, alone, and no naked women to help a dude out.  Just my luck!”

“Would we do,” a trio of feminine voices asked in unison.  Gill’s eye flew open.  He glanced to where he’d tossed the Brazil nut earlier.  Three slender curvaceous naked-as-the-day-they–were-born women stood.  Triplets?  Gill blinked and sat up.  No, differing shades of hair color distinctly separated them from each other. 

“If we’re not what you’re looking for we can change,” the one closest to him offered.  Her hair turned copper red and her eyes took on a golden green hue.  “My sisters can change too.”

The one next to the redhead moved forward.  “Yes, sir.  How about this?” Her hair turned black and her eyes twinkled blue matching a night sky.

The third, not to be left out, stepped up.  “And what about me?”  Her hair lengthened and darkened in tone.  As her eyes met Gill’s, he swore they flashed a dark brown wink at him before she looked down.

Gill gulped.  His cock was dripping wet with pre-cum in the mere moments the trio had spoken.  He knew better than to say yes immediately. Damn, what was a squirrel to do?  They weren’t blue jays and if they were witches, he’d negotiate carefully.  After all, he was on vacation and Melanie told him to enjoy himself before he left.  They did have an open relationship, didn’t they?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Sorry for the late post.  First week of month and new quarter at work kept me busy and mindful of time off coming up.  Also had to deal with a visit to the physician myself. Nothing more than a few tests and deciding how to deal with getting older.  As I told a co-worker, if I knew I'd need all these tests and medical stuff when I was younger I'd planned better and gotten a MD as part of the spice family for sure.  Saves on money and getting to know new doctors!

Mean while enjoy the fall colors happening already and the change in weather.  Remember to share a good book or two with your spice and loves as you enjoy a fire in the fire place or the fall foliage.  I'm going to.



Pat C. said...

Poor Gil, can't even get a break on vacation ... or can he?

I imagine he'd be a bit leery of magic, considering how the shifter spell worked out for him.

Honey roasted mixed nuts ... now I'm hungry.

Rebecca Gillan said...

"I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut..." Looks like Gil's R&R just got a little XXX. I bet he's up for it, though!

Savanna Kougar said...

I bet Gil's up for it too. But then, there's Melanie... hmmm... what's a squirrel shifter to do? Especially with magic involved. And who knows what those three are after?

Blessings to ALL. It's been a very ornery day for me.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat, Rebecca, and Savanna! I'm doing ok after seeing doctor myself. Tests to check things out coming up. Never fun. Gill is having more I'm sure!